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     Call, email or contact Brett Hambright through Twitter:
MEDIA CONTACT: Brett A. Hambright, 717-295-2041; bhambright@co.lancaster.pa.us; Twitter: @BrettHambright
     Ask him when DA Heather Adams is going to let the public know if these two women have the same killer. The public pays Hambright now.
     Five years ago he worked for LNP and he wrote an article asking if these women have the same killer! Five years later, we still don’t have an answer and he is sitting in the DA’s office!
     Call, email or contact Brett Hambright through Twitter and ask him and DA Heather Adams for the answer.


*    The DA’s office did post this about drug forfeiture monies on their Facebook page this morning (click here for the release and links).



      Will new DA Heather Adams answer this simple but extremely important question (click here for the original with the links to the two LNP stories)?
Please check back later today.


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     The courthouse is closed today so tomorrow let’s see if new District Attorney Heather Adams really means what she says. From her Twitter account:


Inserted into the LNP May 29, 2018 story, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads,” (click here).        

     Where is this occasional series and where is the update on the murders of Juanita A. Chevalier (pictured right above) and Roxanne V. Myers (pictured left above)?
Please check back later today.


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     The actual court filing referenced in the LNP article (pictured left and click here to read) is below. I don’t know how LNP reporter Jeff Hawkes found he was arrested for public drunkenness the night before but I’m guessing the police clued him in.
      It’s good to learn that the Lancaster NAACP President, Blanding Watson, was going to go with him. If you are a regular reader of this site you know I have been critical of him for not doing enough. So this is refreshing to say the least.
      Can you imagine going into Federal Court and testifying against a police officer?


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     One of the first things city council did at Tuesday’s meeting was to quickly and quietly approve the nominations of these three people from the February 3 committee meeting agenda:     So John Spidaliere is now on the Historical Commission for the next three years. Why? No one knows. Click here for “OH, JOHN!” on this site about his past. Unbelievable.
     Another “highlight” of the meeting is when Patrick Hopkins addressed council on the below Resolution:     Hopkins said all of the properties involved are city owned except for the library and the airport. Why the airport? Because in case there is a snow filled, terrible winter the airport will loan the city their huge snow blowers for free! In light of the current winter, the city might want to take a closer look at that.
     But the city did post this charming, old-fashioned Valentine’s message on their Facebook page:
Have a safe and happy Friday and Valentine’s Day!


     Tuesday’s city council meeting will finally be coming later today along with some trial updates.
Enjoy Valentine’s Day and please check back later today.


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*    Just to clarify, the earliest articles I can find about the current troubles of the Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home began in January of this year in LNP. The below lawsuit was filed in Federal Court on November 6, 2019.


    How much more bizarre and horrific can this story get? The LNP article is here. The “Factual Allegations” portion of the lawsuit is below. WARNING – the language is extremely graphic.


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2-13-2020 UPDATE-  It appears the city has put up a valid video of Tuesday’s city council meeting so I will watch it and report back later today.


     Pictured below are city clerk Bernie Harris beginning the livestream of last night’s city council meeting and on the right is how it appears on the city’s YouTube channel.
      The video they have up is worthless. The meeting lasted 35 minutes not 15.29 so over half is missing. The first three minutes of the video are before the meeting begins and the last three minutes are after the meeting ended. And the few minutes that are available are broken and unintelligible.
     There will be more tomorrow. 
**** According to her updated docket, the two most serious charges against Mackenzie Brant for aggravated assault were changed at her preliminary hearing this afternoon. One was withdrawn and one was changed to a lower charge.
***  Mackenzie Brant, who was arrested and charged on November 24th of last year after celebrating her 25th birthday at Tellus 360, is scheduled to have her preliminary hearing today at 2:00 pm before District Judge Robert A Herman, Jr. She has been out of jail since her arrest after a bail bondsman put up her $150,000 cash bail.
     Click here for background and videos of her arrest.
**  They managed to livestream today’s Black History Month Flag Raising at noon (click here).
*    It is unbelievably ridiculous to me that Lancaster can’t depend on the city to do their job. Much smaller cities around the country have someone on staff who knows how to push the on button for streaming.
     They are lying. Pure and simple.
This comment into this site when I published the email from Jess King, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, the last time the city had a fail (click here).



     Yes, it was another livestream fail for city council last night. It was the sound. The sound would be good for four or five seconds and then it would be gone for 10 seconds with the loading circle going around.
     And every now and again it would switch to the screen at the left above stating the livestream was offline with a picture of I believe clerk Bernie Harris originally trying to turn it on. It was impossible to follow or understand.
Please check back later today.


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     City council meets tonight beginning at 7:30 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
     And tomorrow at noon they will raise the African American Flag at City Hall (see below and click here for more information on the city’s Facebook page).


Click here for today’s LNP editorial.

     Of course, I agree with this editorial. Release the records and solve this horrific murder. Let’s see if new District Attorney Heather Adams and new President Judge David Ashworth do the right thing.
Please check back later today.


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     In a statement from Worship Center provided by Dustin Leed, director of digital ministry, around 11:30 a.m., the church said, “This morning at approximately 10 a.m., a firearm was accidentally discharged on Worship Center property inside the church’s security office. Two people were injured and one of them was taken to the hospital. There is no threat to public safety, and we are praying for those injured.”
From a slightly updated LNP report (click here).
     It is very disappointing that Dustin Leed has not put out more information on this shocking incident (and as noted this morning, only one person was injured). Leed was a reporter and digital content manager for LNP. He left to go to the Reading Eagle and left there after they declared bankruptcy and were sold. With his years in the news business he should know that the public has a right and a need to know. But his Twitter account, pictured above, remains silent.

     Even on the police Facebook page and on other social media outlets there are comments that this may be self-defense. And from the CrimeWatch entry there is this (click here):
     Off. J. Caple filed a Criminal Complaint against Feliciano-Fontanez, charging her with (1) Count Aggravated Assault (F1). Feliciano-Fontanez was processed on the complaint and held for arraignment. She was later committed to LCP in lieu of $50, 000 bail. 
     “J. Caple” is Jonathan Caple who had a Protection From Abuse order filed against him! He may not be the best officer to determine what happened in this situation and why is he still on the force?

     On a much lighter note, the Columbia Spy has wonderful pictures every Monday and you always learn something from them (click here). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: He is one of the best photo journalists in Lancaster County.




     This was the “Breaking News” all day yesterday on Lancaster Online and of course it turned out luckily that only one person was injured (click here). And the incorrect information came directly from a former LNP reporter – Dustin Leed – pictured above with his celebratory leaving LNP cake. Imagine that!
Please check back later today.


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The headline from today’s LNP print edition on page A-5 (click here to read the story online).

UPDATE 2-8-20 – Good! What possible reasons can new District Attorney Heather Adams give for keeping these records sealed 16 years after the brutal unsolved murder of a federal prosecutor?


       Have a safe and happy First Friday. The city is sponsoring a Black History Month Celebration this evening from 6 to 9 pm at city hall (see below and click here for more information),



Fox-43 (click here).

Please check back later today.


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     What an amazing find and LNP updated their story to give credit to the man who actually found the records (click here):
      The search was apparently prompted by a Jan. 20 request for the records made by William Buckingham, a York County private detective and former police officer.
     Of course these records need to be released to the press and public. Solve this murder!
Please check back later today.


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     Well, LNP didn’t tell us about John Spidaliere today, but they did go up with this “BREAKING NEWS” (click here):
     Hmmm. There will be more to come.

*    When I was trying to confirm this was the Spidaliere who was a former Lancaster Newspaper reporter, I sent the article to a friend and received this response:
     Thank you VERY much for sending this to me.  Over the past few months, John has become quite active with the Lancaster City Democratic Committee.  I’ve tried to avoid him, but last month he came up to me and complimented all of us on being so correct about the taxpayer-financed hotel and convention center project.  This from a guy who treated me like dirt when he was still a local newspaper reporter.  I simply do not trust him.


Please check back later today.


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     WTH is going on in Lancaster? Ugly public art from Miami FL, a horny child accoster for the historical commission, an unethical faux news person at council meeting, and defiling Long’s Park with an electronic billboard. You may not publish my thoughts on all of this.
     This comment in which sums up everything perfectly! It’s just inexplicable isn’t it? 
    There will be more to come…

—  Speak of the devil – here it is!****  I am still waiting for Chris Courogen’s reporting for LNP on last night’s city council committee meeting and why they want a billboard in Long’s Park! I will come back to that tomorrow after I listen to the video again with earphones. Something fishy is going on. The video is here.

***  This is the correspondent LNP sent to last night’s city council committee meeting (click here for the article on Chris Courogen).

**   According to the York Daily Record, in May Spidaliere made unwanted sexual advances toward a 17-year-old senior at William Penn Senior High School in York, where he worked as an academic consultant for Project GRAD, a program to ensure quality education for students in low-income areas.
     Spidaliere was terminated from his job as a result of the incident, according to the program’s CEO David Ogden.
From the LNP article, “Harassment case results in guilty plea,” (click here).

*    This is the actual email John Spidaliere sent me.


John Spidaliere (far right) meets with city council last night and he was first on the night’s agenda (click here).

     The first few minutes of last night’s city council committee meeting dealt with the fact that Tim Stuhldreher is no longer with LNP but LNP should have a reporter there as it’s important these meetings are covered. And an LNP correspondent was there and spoke up.
     And first on the agenda was John Spidaliere’s appointment to the Historical Commission. And the first thing he said was he used to be an LNP reporter. Oh, John! I remember when you sent me an email asking me to not mention that and to take down my post about your legal troubles in York. I don’t take posts down.
     And for some reason they want to rezone Long’s Park to put in a billboard! I have to re-listen to that long presentation but Patrick Hopkins is involved so you know it’s trouble.
     And President of Council Ismail Smith Wade-El announced they will be holding an Executive Session later in February to discuss a police disability pension.
There will be much more later today.


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     How quickly things change! LNP reporter Gillian McGoldrick a week-and-a-half ago purported to tell the public why Democratic Chair JoAnn Hentz resigned (click here).
     Suddenly today, it all changes and she says Hentz had no choice but to resign and there’s a (gasp!) rift in the party (click here)!


     The Police Community Working Group is holding a Town Hall meeting tonight from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at the Masonic Lodge No. 43, 213 W. Chestnut Street.
     There is also a city council committee meeting tonight from 6 pm to 7 pm.
     This is interesting scheduling because obviously members of city council cannot attend both.


Please check back later today.


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     The Judge has issued an order for a pre-trial conference to be held on March 17th per the below:


     To continue with the lawsuit, the Defendant’s answers to Lopez’s “Statement of Facts” numbered 23 to 34 are immediately below. Below that are Lopez’s “Statement of Facts” in her Complaint which are being answered with the same numbers.




     The “Defendant’s Answer to Plaintiff’s Complaint” from Jessica Lopez’s Federal lawsuit against the City of Lancaster and Detective Nathan Nickel are below. These are responses to Lopez’s Statement of Facts numbered 19-22 which are reprinted below this response (they were previously posted on this site – click here).




Today’s LNP editorial (click here).

     This is a little late and LNP takes credit for what other news outlets first brought to light (the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), but no, Smucker most certainly should not have been given the preferential treatment he received.


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From LNP’s updated story (click here).

     This is all about Detective Nathan Nickel (pictured at left in the above photo of DA Stedman’s press conference announcing the charges in October). There will be much more to come.

***  Please note the obvious that the below DA’s press release by Brett Hambright is extremely one-sided and he does not even mention Philadelphia defense attorney John J. McMahon, Jr.

**   This is the DA’s press release (click here):
     A Lancaster man was ordered Friday to face homicide and related charges in Lancaster County Court regarding a house fire in 2010 that killed Olga Sanchez, who was found dead in a second-floor bedroom of her North Plum Street home.
     Carlos Montalvo-Rivera, Sanchez’s husband at the time, is charged with setting the fire.
     Montalvo-Rivera, 52, is presumed innocent.
     A detective testified during a two-hour preliminary hearing Friday morning that Montalvo-Rivera gave numerous conflicting stories about the fatal fire that killed his wife and caused his three children to escape the burning home through an upstairs window.
     Lancaster city police Detective Nathan Nickel’s testimony focused on Montalvo-Rivera’s claims that he was knocked unconscious and tied up – by unknown intruders – inside the home before he escaped by jumping out a second-floor window.
     Detective Nickel testified that witness statements, medical expert opinions, and what was found at the scene do not match Montalvo-Rivera’s story – which changed as police interviewed him on different days.
      Specifically, Detective Nickel said witness statements led him to conclude that Montalvo-Rivera tied himself up after fleeing the home.
      A neighbor saw Montalvo-Rivera outside the burning home without his hands tied, and assisted Montalvo-Rivera who was trying to reach the upstairs window he claimed to have jumped from.
     Montalvo-Rivera appeared moments later at the front of the house – when several people saw his hands tied.
      Regarding the window, Detective Nickel testified it was found closed after Montalvo-Rivera allegedly jumped out of it. The window would not have shut on its own, the detective testified.
     “(Montalvo-Rivera) was trying to get up there to open that window, so it could match the rest of his stories,” Assistant District Attorney Travis S. Anderson argued at the end of the preliminary hearing.
     Investigators determined Sanchez was “doused” in an accelerant and the fire was deliberately set in the bedroom where Sanchez was found, according to testimony.
     ADA Anderson argued that Montalvo-Rivera somehow escaped the home “unsinged, uninjured, clean.”
      “Stating he got out in a way he couldn’t have possible got out,” ADA Anderson argued.
     Montalvo-Rivera told police he awoke to hear arguing between his wife and an unknown male with a ‘scorpion tattoo” on his neck.
      ADA Anderson directed the detective to findings that conflicted Montalvo-Rivera’s assertions, which also included:

  • Montalvo-Rivera initially told police he and Sanchez had a happy marriage. Police learned and Montalvo-Rivera later admitted there were marital issues. He had moved out for a period of time about a month before the fire.
  • Medical experts contradict Montalvo-Rivera’s claim of being knocked unconscious by a blow to the head. Such a blow would have caused brain and head injury, the experts told police. Yet, no injuries were found in a CT scan or observed by emergency responders who assisted Montalvo-Rivera.
  • Montalvo-Rivera was wearing sweatpants with a drawstring opening – yet the drawstring was removed. The “bindings” Montalvo-Rivera had around his wrists were made of cloth.
  • Several people, including one of Montalvo-Rivera’s daughters, said Montalvo-Rivera’s hands were tied when he appeared at the front of the home. Montalvo-Rivera, in initial interviews with police, said those people were “lying” and that he removed the bindings while inside the home.

      Detective Nickel filed charges, including homicide, arson, and multiple counts of attempted homicide and aggravated assault.
     At the conclusion of the hearing, District Judge Andrew LeFever ordered Montalvo-Rivera be tried in Lancaster County Court on all charges.
       Three counts each of reckless endangerment and endangering welfare were withdrawn before the hearing, due to statute of limitations.


* Updated docket for Carlos Montalvo-Rivera after his preliminary hearing this morning.



     Carlos Montalvo-Rivera has his preliminary hearing this morning at 9:00 am for the horrific arson murder of his wife, Olga Sanchez-Reyes, in December of 2010.  He is pictured above along with very recent Facebook postings by his children, several of whom were injured in the fire.
Please check back later today.


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     I received the below response from the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Jess King, about the city’s livestreaming of their meetings (her link is here). There will be more tomorrow.


**   I have been with my webhost for 15 years. They host thousands and thousands of websites world wide. And, trust me, Steve, they don’t give a damn why google shut down Steve Markle of Leola’s free google blogspot! LOL! Not a damn. I have never read anything this ridiculous in my life (Markle sent the below to my webhost). My address has been on this site for 15 years! Grow up, Markle!
      Becky Holzinger has made a false allegation of harassment in order to put my personal blogger into a 90 day blocked mode. The page is not deleted and this block is being appealed with Blogger. It is being reviewed for 90 days. Becky Holzinger was not threatened on the blog and the illegal reports of harassment/threats are completely fabricated. Allow me to explain. Becky Holzinger posted on your services (www.lipnews.com) she was communicating with Lancaster City Council members and it was clear to me she was doing so under the false pretense that she is a resident of Lancaster. She does not live in Lancaster, she has publicly stated and has her address posted on her blog that she lives in Philadelphia. I then posted on my blogger that I would notify the City Council Member of that information by letting him know of that location. I am not letting them know her exact location, I only told her that she lives in Philadelphia. I informed them they were being tricked, essentially. Which is what she was doing, and it was obviously so. Apparently that ended her conversations with Mr. Xavier Garcia Molina and in retribution, she has made the false allegations that I ‘harassed” her to blogger.



*   And good morning to you too, convicted super serial stalker Steve Markle. I’ll have a little advice for you to show you how to grow up coming later! Stay tuned!


     Let me be clear: The last thing we need is another prognosticating groundhog! Horrors!
Please check back later today.


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*   A comment came in about this ABC-27 story on Debra Slaymaker-Walker.



From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (click here to read the story online).

     What a waste of an hour! It was all fluff and nonsense.
Click here to watch the video of last night’s address by Mayor Sorace and please check back later today. Oh, and who is LNP Correspondent Chris Courogen and what happened to reporter Tim Stuhldreher?


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     A correction to this morning’s post: I believe LNP previously stated they will livestream the Mayor’s “State of the City” address tonight at 6 pm but the city also states they will livestream it. From the event page on the city’s Facebook page (click here):

     The livestream should be on the city’s YouTube channel as should tonight’s city council meeting (click here). 
     Regarding (former?) LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher, his name has been removed from the “Contact Us” tab on Lancaster Online. His Twitter account still reflects LNP. His exact status is currently unknown.


     Mayor Sorace gives her “State of the City” address tonight from 6 to 7 pm at the Ware Center. That is followed by a city council meeting beginning at 7:30 pm.
     LNP will livestream the Mayor’s “State of the City” presentation and the city should livestream the city council meeting.
     I have been told that LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (pictured), who covered city government, is no longer with LNP. Tonight should be interesting.
Please check back later today.


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**   Another excellent first-hand report on the sentencing of David Smucker is here.

*    On a far more serious note, this article about David Smucker and sexual abuse victims by Peter Smith on the front page of today’s LNP print edition is very good. I cannot find it on Lancaster Online so click here for it on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website.


      Do you enjoy a bumpy ride? Does driving to work on a paved motocross track while your car slowly rattles and falls apart entice your adventurous spirit? Well, you’re in luck. 
From a LNP Letter to the Editor, “City street like motocross track,” (click here).   
     Good luck if you are traveling South Prince Street today!
Please check back later today. 


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*     Because the main residence is not wheelchair-accessible, David Stoltzfus Smucker, who on Friday was sentenced in Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, was living in a cottage with couples from his church who were taking turns monitoring him day and night, according to staff.
From the LNP article, “Here’s a closer look into Whispering Hope, other Amish and Plain mental health facilities,” (click here).
     So Whispering Hope couldn’t accommodate Smucker either. Ridiculous and sickening!  


     On Friday, Judge Dennis Reinaker sentenced Smucker to 38 to 76 years in prison.
     He addressed Smucker’s placement at Whispering Hope during the proceeding. He said Smucker’s placement at Whispering Hope was a “completely appropriate decision” because Smucker’s health condition necessitated he stay somewhere other than the county prison.
From the LNP article, “A Lancaster County man was charged with sexually abusing 4 girls. Where he spent the next 10 months raised questions,” (click here).      
      Why hasn’t LNP asked the county prison why they couldn’t accommodate Smucker? It seems to be a selective list who the prison can handle and who they cannot.  
     Supposedly the prison also cannot handle Debra Slaymaker-Walker who killed two teenagers and severely injured a third with her car. She has been at at home on $1 million unsecured bail and posting on Facebook since October of 2018. 


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**    The victims have acted out sexually with relatives, classmates, and customers at a farm where they previously lived. That prompted social services to separate the victims from their families and peers and place them in separate homes where alarms are installed on their bedroom doors and windows.
     The girls essentially live in isolation: they cannot attend church, they are home schooled, and they cannot see each other or other relatives.
     “They don’t want to be doing this,” Caseworker Lauren Grimm testified, “but it’s almost instinct for them.

     “They don’t know how to stop.”
From the DA’s press release immediately below.
     This is absolutely horrific!


*    The DA’s press release (click here):
     An East Earl man will serve at least 38 years in prison for years of sexual abuse of four pre-teenage girls, abuse which has inflicted permanent trauma on the victims who are now struggling with instinctual sexually deviate behaviors.
     David S. Smucker, 75, declined to say anything about the crimes or issue an apology to the victims, as Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker sentenced him to 38 to 76 years in prison.
     Judge Reinaker acknowledged the number of years in the sentence is somewhat symbolic, considering Smucker’s age, but said he had to consider Smucker’s “evil” behavior.
     Assistant District Attorney Fritz Haverstick said Smucker has not shown any remorse since the abuse was disclosed, and the prosecutor accurately predicted Smucker would not change that course at Friday’s sentencing hearing.
     “I think he’s a coward. I don’t think he has a shred of remorse,” ADA Haverstick said in court. “He used (the girls) as sex toys. They existed for his sexual gratification.”
     Smucker previously pleaded no contest to 20 felony charges, including rape of a child.
     ADA Haverstick called a caseworker with Lancaster County Children & Youth Services to provide stirring testimony of her interactions with the four victims.
     The victims have acted out sexually with relatives, classmates, and customers at a farm where they previously lived. That prompted social services to separate the victims from their families and peers and place them in separate homes where alarms are installed on their bedroom doors and windows.
     The girls essentially live in isolation: they cannot attend church, they are home schooled, and they cannot see each other or other relatives.
     “They don’t want to be doing this,” Caseworker Lauren Grimm testified, “but it’s almost instinct for them.
     “They don’t know how to stop.”
     ADA Haverstick said there is no telling how many individuals will be impacted by Smucker’s “depraved” behavior – the caseworker said there are likely too many effected persons to count.
     Judge Reinaker said he has had many sexual abuse cases involving a defendant from the Amish faith.
     “You are the first who has refused” to take responsibility, Judge Reinaker said.
     An admission or showing of remorse, Judge Reinaker said, can assist victims in the healing process.
     “Your refusal… has deprived them of even that small measure of healing,” the judge said.
     Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Nelson Renno filed charges.


      David Smucker is scheduled to be sentenced this morning at 9:00 am by Judge Dennis Reinaker after pleading no contest to 25 felony counts of child sexual abuse including incest. The above from today’s court calendar refers to it as a “Sentencing Hearing.” His docket states he will be sentenced today.
Please check back later today.


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— Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow! —

*    …The same type of DNA analysis used to find Rowe could be used on other cold cases, the district attorney’s office said.
     …Stedman budgeted $10,000 for similar DNA analysis work in 2019, enough to be able to work on two cases, according to the district attorney’s office. DNA and genealogy work costs between $3,000 and $5,000, the office said. 
From the LNP 2019 article, “DA’s office announces new cold case homicide investigation unit in Lancaster County,” (click here).


     “So he improperly spent DA’s office forfeiture account money on an SUV for himself, then when called on it filed a frivolous lawsuit to silence those who called him on it, and now to pay for the lawsuit he proposes to again improperly spend DA office account funds on something for which those funds were not intended. Is your head spinning yet,” Josh Parsons, chairman of the board of commissioners, said in a statement.
From the LNP article, “Stedman submits bill for lawsuit against commissioners, teeing up new legal battle,” (click here).      
     And now, Stedman is a judge! What a mess! $74,000 dollars? That would pay for a lot of DNA tests for all the unsolved murders under Stedman!
Please check back later today.


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—   To the original commenter, part of whose unpublished comment was posted here this morning, please go away!

**  Please see the comment under this post regarding the Scheid Funeral Home that came in this morning that strongly states the first commenter’s claims that were published are false.

*    On a lighter (or cleaner) note, the Manheim Township Police posted the below on their Facebook page (click here for the CrimeWatch entry).



      Here is the skinny on the funeral home: Scheid friends with Scott Martin – went to Lanc Catholic, GOP campaign contributor to Martin and Craig Stedman and others. (Stedman can claim he didn’t know that but Martin was his campaign manager. So …he knew it.) Manor was getting complaints also but Stedman would not let Manor township do anything with their complaints and MTPD chief Todd Graff and Stedman are thick as thieves.
The beginning of a comment into this site yesterday that has not been posted.

     Can you back any of this up? If so, please do.
Please check back later today.


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     David Smucker, who pleaded no contest to 25 felony counts of child sexual abuse including incest, is scheduled to be sentenced this coming Friday at 9:00 am. There will be more tomorrow.


     Now that we have a new District Attorney you could possibly get some relief from this sicko. Starting to appear that Stedman ignored a lot of stuff.
     This comment in last night about my stalker. Yes, apparently Stedman ignored a lot of things. From the LNP article on the Andrew T. Scheid Funeral Home there is this (click here):
     “I think it started when the district attorney in Lancaster dumped me,” Kirchner said of her case. “They didn’t take it for whatever (reason). But I do feel if my stuff would’ve come out, that people would’ve thought twice before going to him,” she added.
     What a shame!
Please check back later today.

*** – ** – * ALWAYS REMEMBER

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—  Back to serious news tomorrow. The East Lampeter Police and the District Attorney’s office will again be notified of the harassment and threats from this extremely sick, deranged and totally obsessed individual.

***  I’m not sure why he likes men in tighty whities (!) but that is me on his new page. LOL! I was in Denver covering the Roseboro trial in the photo of me he photo-shopped in.

**   And he’s posting on Lancaster Online so people go to his Facebook page (the one below is under the LNP story, “McCaskey grad, model appears on ‘Dr. Phil’ to clear her name after transphobic comments,” (click here). LOL!


*    I hate to have to do this on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but for those on the Facebook page “Lancaster, PA,” Curtis Martino is actually my stalker Steven Markle of Leola (see the below entry on this site from 2011(!) and the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above). Google shut down his attack/harassment blogspot against me last week and he has gone even more insane!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Please check back later today.