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—  UPDATE 3-26-20 – My wonderful laptop died last night so I am using an old Chrome Book I have not used in years. Sigh. Please be patient.
*   On October 11, 2019, I published here that LNP sued Gearty for $9,723.50 in unpaid advertising (click here). There are quite a few comments under it. I will leave it at that for today.


       Lancaster Attorney Justin Gearty committed suicide Monday night. His daughter’s GoFundMe account is here. There will be much more to come.



(Click here for the LNP article)

     From the West Lampeter Police Department press release (click here):
     Tyler STOLTZFUS and Joseph DUIGNAN were arraigned before MDJ William BENNER Jr and were both released on $25,000.00 unsecured bail.
      Also from the same press release there is this:

     The West Lampeter Township Police Department investigated multiple criminal mischiefs occurring during the overnight hours between 01/26/20 – 03/05/20 in which the windows of vehicles and residences were shot out.  The damages of the criminal mischiefs occurring in West Lampeter Township exceeded $11,000.00.
     Charges were filed against Tyler STOLTZFUS and Joseph DUIGNAN before MDJ William BENNER Jr for Criminal Mischief (19 counts) with the grading ranging from summary to felony of the 3rd degree), Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Mischief and Possessing Instruments of Crime.
     So, for over a month, these two 19-year-olds were destroying property and endangering lives and they got unsecured bail?
     President Judge David Ashworth recently told LNP there are two reasons for bail:
1. To make sure the defendant shows up for their court proceedings.
2. To protect the public from possible future actions of the defendant.
     These were violent crimes committed over a period of a month and the public does not need protection? Were they just being good ole white boys?
Please check back later today.


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UPDATE 3-24-20

     This comment in from barryinwinnipeg:
     OMG, your president states that he now wants the economy open for business by Easter! I am flabbergasted beyond words! As seniors, my wife and I are living in virtual house arrest, which is okay, and it’s the earliest I’ve ever filed my Canadian and US tax returns, Tand my Daughter and Son-in-law are working from home, while my Son, an essential City of Winnipeg employee, is trying to get an upgraded computer so that he can work from home (he is immuno compromised), all to help flatten the curve on this outbreak, and here in Manitoba we have, so far, had only twenty confirmed cases! And your Dear Leader wants to get everyone back in the line of fire within two or three weeks, just as this outbreak is starting to surge! As a retired clergyman, I’m not given to profanity on posts, but…if I were… (fill it in here)!


         Um, to the person who sent in the below comment: If you have paid attention to the news at all for the last week, the medical professionals are stating that if you don’t have current symptoms or respiratory distress, they recommend you do not get tested. Others need it and it uses masks and other medical devices that are desperately needed by the medical community.
     I have not left my house for 10 days and do not plan to leave it for another five days. I very much doubt I have “infected hundreds  of other people.” Find something real to complain about.
     “I see no reason to get tested at this point”. Um because the virus can live up to two weeks. If you really did/do have it, you could have infected hundreds if other people. But what the hell. As long as you’re feeling better that’s all that matters.


     LNP has had this at the top of their home page for a week now. Maybe they should change this to “What’s Open?” Not much.
Please check back later today.


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UPDATE 3-22-20

     I feel much better today – my strength is coming back. No, I have not been tested.
     About ten days ago I noticed my strength was diminishing suddenly. Carrying groceries into the house  became harder. I took the steps slower. I got sharp pains in my back and stomach. I did not feel good.
     The strength issue became so severe that walking from my living room to the kitchen became difficult. I felt awful and spent most of my time sleeping or sitting on the sofa. I did not have flu symptoms.
     When I began to read about these symptoms in others with Covid-19,
I wondered. I see no reason to get tested at this point. Others need it far more.
     Anyway,  I am on my way to recovery and will come back to the news tomorrow.


*    It’s already here and spreading. Over the past 10 days my wife and I (healthy and fit 28 year olds) have suffered from fever, sharp body pains, fatigue, dry cough, and shortness of breath. We couldn’t drive ourselves to urgent care and have struggling to even get around the house without getting faint and needing to lay down and recover our breaths.
This is part of a comment posted on Lancaster Online under the story about the first diagnosed case in Lancaster County.


     So, apparently I spoke to soon when several days ago I posted that I felt lousy but it wasn’t Covid-19. It appears it is and it is absolutely awful.
     More to follow if I can get the strength!


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(Click here)

UPDATE – 3-18-20

     Who could have ever imagined this? The only “real” news for the next several days or weeks is Covid-19. I wish I could add to that conversation but I know as little as you.
     This site will publish sporadically over the next several days. Anyone with any suggestions, information or ways to help one another please comment.
     Stay safe!


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3-17-20 – LIP News will return tomorrow.


Today’s front page headline in the LNP print edition.

     LNP gets something right!
Please check back later today.



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       This email just in with the subject “MAW GONE?”:
       Heard from a VERIZON employee the other day that Verizon is putting 5G wireless all over Lancaster City.  Asked what that means for MAW…he laughed.  City got screwed to the tune of??? since with 5G no one will even worry about old style internet.  AT&T also doing same.  Someone should find out what the hell has happened, how much the city has paid in direct fees to MAW and legal fees, and who is responsible for this fiasco.
      I’m not sure they are completely gone. From things said at various city council meetings, I believe MAW is still involved with the Lancaster Safety Coalition Cameras and the water reading meters. Other than that, there has not been a word about them in months and months.
      The city has spent millions and millions of dollars on MAW and you are right – the public needs answers! And with this horrible ongoing health crisis, children in Lancaster need good internet service to do school work from home. What an absolute disaster!


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     These have been two of the most extraordinary days in my life and probably yours. We are down to grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies.
       Hang in there. Love one another.

*    My informant tells me that the county of lancaster government has a confirmed case of an employee at 150 N Queen with Coronavirus and the commissioners are not telling the public nor are they shutting anything down.
This just in.
       I am not trying to spread fear but the public has a right to know if this is accurate.



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*   It is cancelled (click here).


(Click here)



(Click here to read)


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     At 8:30 pm last night, an hour after the city council meeting began, city hall clerk Bernie Harris (pictured left) walked over to the livestreaming equipment, pushed a button and suddenly there was audio.
     I kid you not. Another livestream failure. And to be truthful, I did not feel good last night and I turned it off and went to bed (it is not COVID-!9!).
     I’m still not feeling up to par so please check back tomorrow.


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—  Tonight’s city council meeting should be livestreamed on their YouTube channel (click here). I will come back to LNP and why they have never mentioned the city’s failure to adequately livestream their meetings for well over a year. Do they believe in transparency or do they want you to only get the news from them?

*    As council approved the expansion of the Lancaster County Convention Center at a meeting in October 2016, power cut out in council chambers and a video projector failed.
     Dastra said it confused the presentation on an already complicated issue, and to top it off, there was no audio-visual record.
     So he committed to getting involved, attending as many meetings as possible equipped with his iPhone 6 and a basic tripod. He put council in his sights and began livestreaming their public meetings on Facebook starting Feb. 14, 2017.
    …Dastra also declared himself an independent candidate for mayor last March, with a campaign centered around the concept of government transparency.
     “We all need to have faith in our government,” Dastra says. “But when things happen like the council blackout — the record destroyed, and it’s a controversial decision — it allows skepticism to creep in.”
From the February 2018 LNP article, “For the sake of transparency, former mayoral candidate Tony Dastra livestreams City Council, school board meetings,” (click here).    


     Lancaster city council meets tonight with a long agenda (click here). Will LNP cover it? Will the city manage to livestream it?
Please check back later today.


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—   Several cashiers were wearing gloves. Several were not. One customer was wearing a mask but she had it down around her neck which is good or I would have been spooked. Traffic seemed lighter than usual. All this fear and what an absolutely gorgeous day.


     That’s a new term for me. Is anyone going to self-isolate?
Please check back later today.


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     Randolph Carney: A remarkably kind, caring, intelligent man. May you rest in peace.


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     This is a deceptive headline and an incorrect article (click here). If you read the article, his minimum sentence is only 1-1/2 years. Further, in this rewrite of the DA’s press release, his docket (see below) states his maximum sentence is seven years. And all of the prison time given on the other charges are listed as “Confinement is Concurrent with Confinement.” So his maximum is not 10 years it is seven.
     The article doesn’t list the Judge who is elected by the public (Howard F. Knisely) who sentenced this man who has been in constant trouble for years.
     This is a deceptive headline and a dreadful example of journalism.




                        Juanita Chevalier                        Erma Kaylor

     And the LPD? Solve some murders and I’ll have some respect for you. Spend less time beating up immigrants and mocking their dialects and tasering seated citizens. Spend more time demanding DNA be run through Parabon. They solved Mirack’s murder. You don’t need to have a fancy “what they might look like” poster or anything else. Just submit the DNA to Parabon.
Part of a comment into this site yesterday.
     Submit the DNA! Solve these murders.
Please check back later today.


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—     So, the head of the Drug Task Force, John Burkhart, who oversaw the spending of thousands of dollars in drug forfeiture cash sitting in a safe in the DA’s office, was suddenly fired on Monday and the public has not been given a clue as to why? Unbelievable.

*    It’s funny then that LNP’s astute editorial team penned an attack on municipalities that are currently withholding money from the drug task force just yesterday. I assume to report on the same day that same drug task force is in shambles wouldn’t be a good look.
This comment in yesterday under the post immediately below.
     How true!


     John Burkhart, a retired Lancaster city detective who since 2011 led the drug task force, confirmed to LNP|LancasterOnline that he was fired on Monday. He declined to elaborate, other than to say he is seeking a lawyer.
From the LNP article pictured left (click here).
     There are lots of lawyers in Lancaster! If you are one and you want to represent John Burkhart – contact him!
    This story confirms a comment into this site yesterday alerting us that Burkhart had been fired (thank you!). We need to know why he was suddenly fired.
     The DA’s office issued a press release yesterday titled, “Drug Task Force, Selective Enforcement Unit to Work in Tandem on Temporary Basis,” which tells us almost nothing (click here).
     Under the announcement on the DA’s Facebook page there is the below exchange. Please note I have no idea of the commenters’ relationships to John Burkhart – if in fact they are related at all.
     If anyone has more information on this very strange turn of events please let us know. Why was Burkhart fired in the first place?
Please check back later today.


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     I will try to get to the bottom of John Burkhart’s status with the DA’s office tomorrow (pictured left). Please see below and the comments into this site under this post. Where is LNP?
     Also, Lancaster City Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser gave an important “2019 Year in Review” about his department to city council on Monday. I will also come back to that tomorrow. Once again, where is LNP?
**    Speaking of John Burkhart, do you remember the below (click here for the original)? This still amazes me. Have those records been released and has the public seen them? The link to the LNP story in the screenshot is here.

*    Becky, the rumblings around the court house today are that the head of the drug task force [John Burkhart] was fired two weeks ago. Word is he was even escorted out by his brothers in blue.
Part of a comment into this site today.
     Can anyone verify this information?


From the Lancaster Police Facebook page (click here to read more about the Cadet program).

     Wonderful! Congratulations to him!
      Please check back later today!


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    At approximately 6:44 pm last night, the livestream of the city council committee meeting suddenly appeared. That means that everyone who wanted to watch it missed most of the important items on the agenda. It appears they have the full video up this morning so please be patient as I find the time to watch it. When will the city finally get this right? This is beyond ridiculous! And where is LNP and their coverage?
     Well, their editorial board was busy meeting and livestreaming an interview with new President Judge David Ashworth last evening at the same time as the city council committee meeting (click here for the above article).
     And Judge Ashworth made an important decision regarding the Jonathan Luna records but why does only LNP (the news organization) get to request the documents (click here for the above article)? Public records are public records.
Please check back later today.


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    On September 27th, 2019, Ana Brito was caught on video punching her 22-year-old son who has developmental delays when he apparently refused to leave the car (the video is below in this post). A wide number of people saw the video on social media and called the police.
    She was arrested and charged with one count of simple assault which is a  second degree misdemeanor. Over five months later she is scheduled to have a status conference on March 19th, 2020. The prosecutor in the case is Samantha Mary Laverty. Brito is being represented by public defender Samuel Encarnacion. The judge scheduled is Dennis Reinaker.
Below are some of the events in this case from her docket. How long should a case like this take? Luckily she received unsecured bail in the amount of $1,000 or she might have been sitting in jail this whole time. And what do you think her ultimate punishment should be?

     LIP News will follow her case.

                                                                                  ******     There is a city council committee meeting tonight beginning at 6:00 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here). Let’s see if they can get the audio and visual to both work!
     Among many other important items the below two items are on tonight’s agenda (click here for the full agenda):


*    From today’s Lancaster City Police log (click here). What in the world?
Reporting Person / Victim came into the Lancaster City Police Station to report a theft. Victim reported she received a Facebook notification stating someone logged into her account from an unusual device location and logged out two minutes later.  Victim then received a Facebook message from a person she did not know stating one of the cards she gave them did not work. Victim then discovered an unauthorized sum of money was transferred from her bank account.  Victim filed a complaint with her bank.



     Remember the below from September 29th, 2019 on this site (click here for the original)? Ana Brito punched her 22-year-old son with developmental delays. Where does this stand? How fast does justice work in Lancaster County? How much is it costing you?


*    The below video was posted on “Must See Pics an Vids” yesterday afternoon and the police report they received numerous phone calls and made an arrest (click here for the police press release).

breaking news…. lancaster city woman caught on video beating her mentally disabled son who is autistic… please call city police demand her arrest….prayers for this young man….

Posted by Must See Pics an Vids on Friday, September 27, 2019


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    The below comment just in and the IP information is below that. The usual: Normally there would be a city and state listed. Steven Markle is using a tor-proxy so it shows a question mark for location. And the East Lampeter Township police and Lancaster DA’s office: It’s the same computer information as most of his over 3,000 comments into this site.
     Why hasn’t his family demanded he get mental help? Why isn’t he in jail?


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     The obsession and jealousy of convicted serial stalker and harasser, Steven Markle, reaches new heights with a YouTube video. Oh, I think the police will be investigating you!
     The sound is awful so a transcript is below the video.

     This is the crow. Becky Holzinger has abused the internet. She has worked in conjunction with a convicted felon. She was pictured in front of LNP offices with another convicted felon. She has attempted to manipulate stories in LNP. She has attempted to manipulate the city council of Lancaster by emailing them. She demanded DNA testing for an entire police force and a detective in Lancaster because of a single social media post. There needs to be an immediate police investigation into the conduct of Becky Holzinger.


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     Federal Judge Henry S. Perkin has ordered a hearing on whether Sean William’s trial against Lancaster Police Officer Philip Bernot should continue. Williams was a no-show for the first day of the scheduled trial and the defendant’s attorneys filed a Request to Dismiss.
     The hearing will be held on March 24th in the Federal Courthouse in Allentown (see below).



     From the LNP article pictured left (click here):
     …The prosecutor’s office, in a court filing Thursday, wrote “the release of the coroner records and papers of Jonathan Luna poses a threat of substantially hindering or jeopardizing the ongoing investigation.”
     What “ongoing investigation?” Is that a joke? Also from the article:
     …They were in archives housed in the basement of the government building on North Queen Street.  
     It’s unclear how long the records had been there. The archives manager has said as far as he know [sic], no one had asked for them in the ten-plus years he’s been there until a deputy coroner sought them.
     So, again I ask: what investigation? Ten years? Release these records! 
Please check back later today.


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**     Something went very wrong. The attorney’s motion to withdraw from Jessica Lopez’s lawsuit is below. Click here for “Rule 1.16: Declining or Terminating Representation.”


*    The video, shown to a LNP|LancasterOnline reporter Thursday at the police station, shows Lopez sitting in the rear passenger side and Nickel driving.
From the LNP article, “Lawyers for woman accusing Lancaster officer of groping want out of suit; city refutes claims in recent court filing,” (click here).
     If the police showed the video to a LNP reporter, then why haven’t they released it to the public? Why didn’t LNP demand it?


The above pictures are from the Lancaster City Police Instagram page.

     What in the world? How much is this public relations project costing the city? If they want to improve their image, maybe the police shouldn’t taser a man sitting on the sidewalk!
Please check back later today.


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— It’s been a busy day. LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


     I had a problem with the sound during last night’s livestreaming of the city council meeting (click here). There was an echo and at times a very low volume that would not allow me to be absolutely sure what was said and thus to report on it. My old laptop and its sound system may be partly responsible so I will try another computer with headphones and check the clarity.
     The one thing I am sure of is they spent a huge amount of time on the proposed billboard for Long’s Park. Someone is going to make huge bucks off this billboard and it’s not the city.
Please check back later today.


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    There is a city council meeting tonight beginning at 7:30 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
     Who will LNP send to cover it? Will LNP cover it at all?
     When will LNP do an in-depth piece on all of the unsolved murders? Will they ask DA Heather Adams whether Roxanne Myers and Juanita Chevalier were killed by the same man? Why haven’t they asked?
     And this comment just in about Steven Markle:
     He needs to be put away for a long time.
      Yes, he most certainly does!


2-25-20 UPDATE – Yikes! Running late this morning! Please check back later today.


    I owe the family of Juanita Chevalier an apology (see yesterday’s post). A comment came in with a link to a new Twitter account for her to help solve her murder. I approved the comment and moved the link to the home page. After an hour or so the link no longer worked so I got the new one and changed the link.
     In the meantime, my convicted serial stalker, Steve Markle, somehow hacked the old Twitter account and started posting nonsense including my name. I did not catch any screenshots except for the final one which is below. Today, the account no longer exists. The link to their valid Twitter page is here.
     It was out of my control but I apologize to the family for the actions of this very sick serial stalker. Can you imagine doing that to a family who are distressed and in pain and looking for help?

     You really want to be convicted of stalking and harassment again, don’t you Steve? The below blog was put up about him in 2010 by another victim (click here). Also see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above on this site.

     There will be much more to come…


*UPDATED TO ADD HER MOTHER WHO WAS ALSO KILLED. The coroner has officially identified them. According to county records the home is owned by Sabine and Paulin Labarriere. Sabine Labarriere died in the fire.

Sabine Labarriere (left) and her mother, Marie Dorcena/Facebook


     In 19 hours, as of 8:30 am, a neighbor has raised $27,345 in a GoFundMe account for this family that suffered a horrific fire that killed two family members (click here).
     From the page:
     Wanted to thank everyone for your kind generosity! This community is absolutely amazing and has shown such support in such a short time! The 18 year old daughters size is Medium. Please drop off donations at the West Hempfield Fire Department at 3476 Marietta Ave, Lancaster , PA. Drop off at doors around back. There will be a big Tupperware container there that you can place any gift cards in (just put lid back on top), if nobody is there. Again, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and keep the prayers coming!
     At 11:53pm on 2/22/20, our next door neighbors, the LaBarriere’s, had a devastatingly life changing fire. Their 18 year old daughter made it out but she has been transported to Crozer burn center in Chester. The 12 year old twins (boy and girl) made it out ok. Sadly, their loving mother and grandmother did not make it out of the fire. The house is a complete loss, therefore the kids and Dad need anything and everything.
     I am asking for anyone that finds it in their heart to help, to please donate what you can to this cause. I will personally make sure that the money gets to the family and helps them in their time of need. 

Feel free to drop donations off on my deck at 3129 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601.
Size 7 girls shoes
Size 10/12 girls clothing
Size 8 boys shoes
Size 10/12 boys clothing
Size Large clothing for Dad
     Will update this post with size of the 18 year old once I find out.
    And please, please PRAY so hard for this family. They are completely devastated! 


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*   The link to Twitter is now here.   


The below comment just in. The Twitter link is here.


   You work for the DA’s office now, Brett! There have been huge advances in DNA in the five years since you wrote the above article for LNP (click here to read it). Answer your own question and tell the public if these two women have the same killer!
    It is absolutely absurd and deeply, deeply disturbing that the DA’s office will not release this basic information to the public.


— Editor’s Note: I took down the video of President Trump but you can view it on YouTube (click here).  This man’s stupidity just amazes me and I think his comments about Brad Pitt may cost him the election! 🙂


   Pictured left, a headline from today’s front page of LNP’s print edition (click here to read the article online).
     Hey, DA Spokesman Brett Hambright, why am I blocked from your Twitter account? I’ve never even commented on your Twitter account!
Please check back later today.

*** – ** – * 2-20-20 UPDATE – SOMEONE ASKED ME…

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***   Free on $50,000 bond, Lyons [Jeffrey B. Lyons, Worley & Obetz’s former CEO] was scheduled for sentencing on Feb. 18.
From the LNP article, “Ex-CEO of Worley & Obetz pleads guilty to fraud, to pay $55 million restitution,” (click here).
     Wondering why there was nothing in the news about his sentencing, I spoke with Assistant U.S. Attorney Tiwana Wright today by phone. She said his sentencing has been continued at the defense’s request until April 21st at 10:00 am in Reading before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl.


**   What Hambright doesn’t state in his press release (and therefore neither does LNP) is that this man was originally given ARD for these crimes by now President Judge David Ashworth. That was withdrawn after he was subsequently charged with rape and this was actually his “re-sentencing” by Judge Howard Knisely.
     I wrote the below in October of 2019 about this case (the original is here and the link to the LNP article is here):


*    An Elizabethtown man who is charged with raping a woman last summer must register under Megan’s Law and will be on probation for 15 years for groping two other women three years ago.
The opening sentence to the LNP article shown above (click here).
     This is just wrong and LNP has not corrected their incorrect rewrite of the DA’s press release. When I read 15 years probation I thought to myself that is just ridiculous and a total waste of taxpayer’s money.
     There are a lot of “strange” things going on with this man and the justice system but according to the DA’s press release and Burke’s docket he will be on probation for two years and he has to register under Megan’s Law for the next 15 years (click here).
     That is sloppy and unacceptable, LNP!

 2-20-20 – UPDATE – To be continued later today. 


      In April of 2017, I sent a Right To Know request to the county for DA spokesman Brett Hambright’s annual salary. I received the below in response.
Please check back later today.