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     As the horrific and tragic Linda Stolzfoos murder case went to the courtroom, LNP stated in a headline (click here):
    “‘We were all Stoltzfooses’: Linda Stoltzfoos case reached beyond her Amish community; killer’s plea called justice.”
     You have pushed this too hard, LNP! I am not a Stoltzfoos and never will be and that is absolutely no offense to her family whatsoever!
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4 Responses to I AM NOT A STOLTZFOOS!

  1. Earl says:

    I was surprised at the big article devoted to Kate Harris who was shot and killed in Tennessee by police. She was wanted on felony warrants, had a gun and tried to back over police during a chase. I feel sorry for her family but come on ! When you break the law and get caught your done!! Pull over and do as the police say, no matter your race.


  2. Becky says:

    Question: Are you a Stoltzfoos?

    • JoJo says:

      NO, I am not a Stoltzfoos by birth, not by marriage, not by any measure except for the labels of humanity! I am a Stoltzfoos in that I can relate to the atrocities endured by this young woman…..I cannot fathom the horror she must have endured…and I have a daughter, too….what these parents have endured is a horror story!

  3. JoJo says:

    I seldom disagree with you, Becky, (well, sometimes I stay quiet!) but, in this instance, I firmly disagree with you.
    Of course, you are a Stoltzfoos, too! You are human and have wants, needs and desires like the rest of us Stoltzfooses! And, yes, in light of your current illness and prognosis, you are one of ALL of us. We all trust too much, trust too many, prefer to live our lives unmarred by the evils of this world, prefer and hope to think kindly of our fellow man and , even given our cultural differences, live in a world of calm, blessed peace.
    Of course, we are all Stoltzfooses……….but we really didn’t need for LNP to tell us that! We are only too, too aware of it!

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