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LIP NEWS is coming back. Thank you for your patience!

12 Responses to DID SOMEONE SAY LIP?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Erma and Donald lived close to each other. I hope the police department is looking into a possible connection. Welcome back Becky. I missed you.

  2. Idontfront says:

    I glad to hear everything is okay with you.

  3. Galty says:

    I third that

    • Becky says:

      Thank you, galty and to everyone else who called or wrote and sorry if I did not get back to you.

      Did Donald Meshey, Jr. also kill Erma Kaylor?

      Staywoke717 has a court date today.

      And there is the absolutely shocking case that took 90 minutes!

      WTH? Please check back later!

      • Becky says:

        And just when you think it might be safe to come out of your igloo and face the world, you see the following posted on a cooking site:

        “Would it be possible to make this without the chives?”

        Back under the covers.

      • Idontfront says:

        I went to watch the court hearing of Jerry Puryear today they just continued it because the Judge has a conflict of interest with JP. He was his lawyer in the past. So continued till October 28th I will be there again! Jerry CRIED like a baby to the bailiff because i was there! He chased me out and recorded me lol does it look like i was stalking lol. I simply want to see Jerry go to jails. It’s that simple! https://www.facebook.com/103287598266911/posts/281990230396646/

        • Earl says:

          Watching Jerry in his U Tube video’s is UNBELIEVABLE!! The man is nothing but a foul mouth bully who looks for issues so he can curse and go after you. Jerry bring disgrace to People of Color.


      • huh? says:

        Your observation about the possibility that Meshey killed Erma hadn’t crossed my mind. Did they live near each other? The reporting said that her murder was brutal.

        He is a long distance trucker. This may not be his first murder.

        Although we’ve never met, like many here, I feel like I’ve known you for sometime. Take care of yourself. We did miss you and am glad to see that there’s activity here once again

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Becky. Hope everything is ok. Definitely missing you too.

  5. huh? says:

    We’ve really missed you, Becky.

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