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Steffen Tidwell for the Friday murder of Jomar Almestica.

4 Responses to A DANGEROUS 24 HOURS

  1. Earl says:

    Oh well,
    According to LNP Steffen was in an argument and repeatedly shot a guy who was just standing there watching. But his defense team seems to have another angle to play. I can’t wait to hear his defense ! This should be good !


  2. Earl says:

    Good Morning Becky,
    Just got done reading some info about Steffen and his gun shooting history. Back in 2017 he snuck into a city bar past the security check point where they search you for guns (lol). Gee……I’ve never gone to a neighbor”hood” bar where they search you for guns. But later they discovered he had a weapon and told him to leave. He gets mad and leaves then shoots his gun at the building from the parking lot !!
    How can anyone be so stupid ? Could you help me understand the thought processes you’d need to justify that ?? I’m serious, help me understand !! He did 2 years for that.


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe he was just letting off steam because his SAT scores weren’t high enough to get into Harvard.

      • anon says:

        I was down in Louisiana years ago at a bar where they searched you at the door and if you didn’t have a knife or gun they gave you one. Thoughtful.

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