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     At the very end of yesterday’s press conference on the death of baby “Mary Anne” in 2007, a reporter asked the following question:
     Do you know the number of cold cases you are currently working on in your department?
     Lancaster Police Captain Michael Winters answered the question as follows: 
     I believe – I’m giving you an estimate – I think we have somewhere in the ball park of 25 unsolved homicides – and that’s going back in significant history – but about 25 cases I believe.
     So there are 25 killers left on the street and apparently 25 killers who are smarter than anyone on the Lancaster City Police Department.
     Coming tomorrow – what new Lancaster Policy Chief John Bey had to say and what he needs to know about these unsolved murders and Captain Winters.


     Thursday, July 8th:
—  LNP has still not reported on Tuesday’s city council committee meeting.
—  Tony Dastra is back to livestreaming city meetings on his See-Thru City Facebook page.
—  Lancaster Police Captain Michael Winters said at yesterday’s press conference that there are approximately 25 unsolved murders in Lancaster City. I’ve stated before if Winters can’t solve any of these murders then put someone in who can! In the photo above the new Police Chief John Bey is pictured with Winters and I hope to have a transcript of their statements later today.
—  Posted on LNP’s Facebook page yesterday. Yes solve this murder! There are two Safety Coalition cameras where this man was killed. The public has never seen the videos. What is going on?
—  LNP runs this list online every time there’s a murder but it is not being updated as the Editor’s Note states. The last unsolved murder on this list is Pedro Flores, Jr. in October of 2016. Unfortunately there have been many more unsolved murders in the city since his murder at 37 years old.
—  My “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above on this site is out of date and I will update it over the next several days.


  1. Scruffy says:

    What a promotion for Winters to go from a school resource officer to the head of homicides… You must be joking…He is far more fit to help little kids color. If he remembers where he put his car keys he is doing good. Lancaster you need better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would have loved a follow up question:

    Have any of these unsolved murders been submitted to a DNA lab?

    And maybe…

    Have you considered hiring an in-house genetic genealogist to work on solving these cases?

    I realize all of the murders have perpetrator DNA but in Erma Kaylor’s case, there had to be.

    • Becky says:

      I assume you mean all of the murders do not have the killer’s DNA.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Becky for catching that. You are correct.

        I was also thinking about the man who was murdered in his store. I can’t remember his name but IIRC there were signs of a struggle. That’s another “nobody” like Erma and wouldn’t score any PR points.

        Police depts around the US are hiring in-house genetic genealogists to work their unsolved cases.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The majority of them from Mayor’s Dick and his clone error.

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