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—  Taking a break this afternoon. —


*    What is wrong with the LNP editors? Your article on John Bey linked to below says:
     “A ceremony and gathering is instead set for 4-6 p.m. Monday at the Ware Center…”
     That implies this coming Monday. What else is someone to think?
     It is not this coming Monday. Mayor Sorace and Council President Ismail Smith-Wade-El both clearly stated that his swearing in will be held on Monday, August 2nd. Why haven’t you fixed this?



      A swearing-in ceremony was on Tuesday’s agenda, but Sorace said Bey’s family had a conflict. A ceremony and gathering is instead set for 4-6 p.m. Monday at The Ware Center with members of the public invited.
From the LNP article, “Council approves John Bey as Lancaster city’s new chief of police,” (click here).
     That is not correct. He will be sworn in on Monday, August 2nd at the Ware Center between 4-6 pm. The public is invited to attend. Mark your calendars.
     City council met last night and Mayor Sorace said property taxes are going up and so is her salary!
Please check back later today.


  1. Earl says:

    If I may………
    Dear Taxbird,
    1) This is a good site and take it from me Becky doesn’t allow Racism on her site !
    2) I get a kick how degreed People Like You look down their nose at the working class !
    3) lets see…..my 401k $850k, we winter in the Keys for 2 months on the water, Saturday we leave for 3 wks down Cape May and I just returned from my 20 acre mtn deer camp. Not bad for an uneducated blue collar working slug ! See what can be achieved if you Work Hard !
    LoL Earl
    This was fun and brightened my morning………thanks Becky !

  2. Taxbird says:

    Correction to Earl: “Get a place for free”. Name one. And btw, two of the answers is to quit incentivizing population growth, (having kids you cannot afford), and also, start taxing the wealthiest Americans at the same rate us poor people pay.

  3. Joshua n dawber says:

    Looking at a pic of peg steinman at roughly the same age as sorace (next to the pic of sorace pictures currently on this site next to bey) there looks to be resemblance between the 2, same grey streaks in the hair at the same place, maybe a relative plant of steinman to further the blood lined agenda?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why haven’t they fixed it you ask? C’mon. It’s LNP being LNP.

  5. Earl says:

    Dear Becky
    Old Earl is surprised your not writing about Catalina’s on Orange Street.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Even though this annoys me on face value, what is the amount of increase in both mayor pay and property taxes? Even with good fiscal stewardship (which Sorace most definitely doesn’t do) taxes and salaries need to rise to cover inflation, which as we all know is currently at record levels.

    • Lar harris says:

      With this logic taxes will increase exponentially.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, its why a candy bar is no longer a nickel. That’s how 2%+ year over year inflation works, and is a feature not a bug of US monetary policy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    WTF has the Mayor Dick clone done to deserve a raise?

    • Also Anonymous says:

      Literally nothing. Oh, put in bike lanes like 25 people throughout the whole city want.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why do the supposed party of the people Democrats keep taxing the poor homeowners of the city?

    • Earl says:

      Because that’s what the Dems ALWAYS DO . We have to tax those who work and those who do own a home so others get a place for FREE . Whenever I looked at a city home I was always amazed at the tax rate, especially the school taxes.


      • Taxbird says:

        Earl: School taxes are going up this year in all but three districts in Lancaster County. All but one of the school districts that are hiking property taxes (Manheim Township) are controlled by REPUBLICAN (as in GOP) elected board members. Get your facts straight before you speak. For once. The voters brought this on themselves and every member of the Q party in Lancaster County (formerly known as the GOP) needs to be voted out of office.

      • Taxbird says:

        Define “FREE”. Then name one person who “lives for ‘FREE’ “. No question that homeOWNERS pay for the “free” education of the children of renters, who do not pay property taxes, because they do not own property. But you make it sound like the rich are paying for the poor when, in actuality, the rich get richer by means of increasing property values and equity and the working poor get poorer because salaries do not keep up with inflation. PA’s minimum wage is despicable, but the Republican controlled legislature refuses to raise it. Your outdated (and never true) assertion that everyone else lives “for free” off the dime of taxpayers or the “working class” is rooted in racism and the disparity between rich and poor, which gets wider every year and which, in and of itself, is rooted in racism. Economics 101.

        • George Lawrence says:

          In a real free market there would be no minimum wage one could work for whatever one wanted and if you don’t wanna work for five cents an hour you wouldn’t take the job. Your economy 101 class was taught by communists.

          • anon says:

            Well George, given any company may have almost anything produced overseas in countries without a minimum wage what’s your point?

            When countries like china subsidize their workers yet Americans must compete against them are free market forces in play? Not if you’re being honest.

        • Earl says:

          Dear Taxbird,
          There you go where you people always go ! When someone says something you don’t like you play “The Card” ! How about you explain how a female with 3-5 kids and no husband who hasn’t worked for years is living in a housing unit and eating ? Ever hear of Wic ? Or how about the Pa Housing Authority units on North Prince ? You people………..Oh No! Did I say “You People” ? I didn’t mean “You People”……….I just meant “You People” as in like you people.
          Earl is misunderstood again !!

          Poor Earl

          • Taxbird says:

            “You people”? OMG! My father taught me never to argue with idiots. You, sir, are clearly a racist and, clearly, have nothing more than a high school diploma, if that. I had no idea this was a racist site. One and done.

          • Becky says:

            This is not a racist site. Far from it.

        • anon says:

          Actually the rent charged a tenant includes the amount for the building owner to cover their property taxes so renters do indirectly pay property taxes.

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