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       The emails I sent today were:
The PA Attorney General’s Office (press@attorneygeneral.com)
Lancaster DA Heather Adams (districtattorney@co.lancaster.pa.us)
       To the Media:
 Mark Scolforo – Associated Press (mscolforo@ap.org)
 Marc Levy – Associated Press (mlevy@ap,org)
 SpotlightPA (tips@spotlightpa.org)
 Mike Newall – Philadelphia Inquirer (mnewall@inquirer.com)
 Mensah Dean – Philadelphia Inquirer (mdean@inquirer.com)
 Jeremy Roebuck – Philadelphia Inquirer (jroebuck@inquirer.com)
 Vinny Vella – Philadelphia Inquirer (vvella@inquirer.com)
 John Luciew – PennLive (jluciew@pennlive.com)
 Steve Marroni – PennLive (smarroni@pennlive.com)
 Matt Miller – PennLive (mmiller@pennlive.com)
 Becky Metrick – PennLive (bmetrick@pennlive.com
 Within minutes of my sending the below fourth request email to the Attorney General’s Office, I received the below reply. And Josh Shapiro is running for governor? You must be kidding me!
     A complete list of all the emails I sent today is coming and I hope some readers will also send emails. This is truly unbelievable!




     I ran the below email when it was received in January following my third request to the Attorney General’s Office. It’s been six months since then and a year since District Attorney Heather Adams held a press conference and announced that $150,000 was stolen from the Drug Task Force and she was turning the investigation over to Josh Shapiro’s Office.
     It is time the public got some answers!

Please check back later today.


  1. Earl says:

    Ok Becky
    Old Earl just sent off a email ! Hey folks……….. if I can do it so can you !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did you see the news? Peggy Steinman’s Pekinese won the Westminster Dog Show.

    I’d love to put a pic of her and the dog side by side. Her hair vs. the dog’s.

  3. Accountability? Not this election cycle! says:

    Stop it Becky.
    You are making Joshey look bad.
    If Joshey finds the police stole $ he will have to go against the thin blue line. He can’t do that if he wants to be Governor.
    If Joshey found that Adams is a liar that needed publicity, Joshey can’t say that either because then the DA association may get mad.
    Joshey is in a no win situation so he will just continue to investigate until his term is over and then all will be forgotten like the many murders in lancaster.
    Heather Adams wants to run for attorney general so maybe that is creating some problems as well. Joshey needs to play nice with Republicans to become Governor.

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