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***  This response to my Right to Know request just in:
* Art Morris, a former Lancaster city mayor, repeated his recent criticism of a financial risk to taxpayers, though he said the project itself was worthwhile.
Although the hotel is tax-exempt, Penn Square Partners has been paying the authority $200,000 a year as a base rent payment. Since 2010, the city has used it for convention center marketing and for city administration staff time dedicated to redevelopment.

Under financing for the hotel expansion, base rent payment will go up by $150,000 a year, starting in 2017, and increase by 3 percent each year through 2029.

The agreement Council approved also calls for a share in profits from the new hotel, as with the existing hotel. Those payments and profit sharing more than make up for what the hotel would pay if it were taxable, according to city officials.

Gray said he’s talked to the School District of Lancaster about perhaps splitting the profit sharing. While details haven’t been worked out, he said he was thinking the split would be close to half. Council would have to approve such a deal.

From the October 12, 2016 LNP article, “Lancaster City Council approves $30M Marriott hotel expansion,” (click here).

    Can we expect LNP to report accurately whether these payments have been made? Of course not. That’s why LNP is breaking every journalism code of ethics in this country.

*    The below Right-to-Know request was emailed to the city this morning.


Today’s LNP editorial (click here).
     The LNP “editorial board” has no right to talk about school reform. None. After all, LNP owns the for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel that has received millions of dollars in taxpayer’s money! What a disgrace! What liars! What hypocrites!
Please check back later today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    C’mon Becky. City of Lancaster is too busy digging up streets to spend time and resources manufacturing a viable excuse o deny this request.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t they going to deny the rtk on the technicality that it’s some other entity (penn square partners?) that operates it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    If public schools concentrated on teaching our children usable skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic there wouldn’t even be a charter school issue.

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