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     Is Tony Dastra running for mayor? He commented at last night’s city council committee meeting that he is the only “announced candidate” other than Mayor Sorace.
     Mayor Sorace makes $88,883 a year. She gets benefits and also a pension after ten years (I assume her years as a city council member contribute to the number of years she has served). 
      Tony Dastra called in a comment and said:
     “The mayor doesn’t need a raise. She needs a pay cut.”
      He stated her income should be closer to the medium Lancaster City income which is far below what she makes.
—  The pay increase for the city council members was tabled “indefinitely.”
— The pay increase for the mayor was tabled until the next committee meeting when Business Administrator Patrick Hopkins will be available to discuss it.
— OMG! And these council members can get medical and dental coverage through the city. Mayor Sorace said five-part time, elected positions are getting their medical through the city.
     Sorace said there are 10 elected city positions. Herself as Mayor (full-time) and all the rest are part-time – controller, treasurer and the seven council members.


     Ismail Smith-Wade-El was 36 minutes late to last night’s city council committee meeting. He offered no explanation for being late.
     And guess what? Smith-Wade-El wants to follow York. He wants to raise city council member’s pay from $8,000 a year to $10,000 a year like York. And here we’ve all been told repeatedly that Lancaster is so much better than York, Harrisburg or Reading. Oh, and there’s more!
**   The below is from the agenda for last night’s city council committee meeting (click here for the full agenda). You have to be kidding me! 
*    This email just in (thank you!):
     If you didn’t watch last night, you’re gonna wanna. 
     (Click here for the video of last night’s city council committee meeting).
     I’m just working through myself. One hour mark for some juice – but there is an interesting comment from Mayor to Izzy not long before. 
     I did not watch but will try to catch up later today.


     As this site went on holiday break, an alligator was spotted in the Susquehanna River! The media went wild. LNP thought the gator’s name, Oscar, was worthy of being in a headline. But Fox43 lost it. As someone posted on their Facebook page, why don’t they tell us what to do if we see a tiger or a rhino!
     And a LNP headline writer got carried away again about sex at a liquor store! According to the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department, the three people involved denied having “public sex” (click here).
     That is the fun news. Serious news is coming later today.


  1. Pathetic says:


    Heard from a very reliable source 2day that our pathetic county commissioners are going to hire Jacquelyn Pfursich the current elected Clerk of Courts to be the county’s solicitor.

    The current county solicitor is Chris Hausner who only got the job because she was Hempfield GOP committee chair. Jacquelyn Pfursich is the current Hempfield GOP committee chair.

    Jacquelyn Pfursich Is worthless as Clerk of Courts and no one respects or likes her. She’s a nasty do nothing troll whose husband is best friends with Josh Parsons. Josh Parsons used to be Clerk of Courts and he hand picked Jacquelyn Pfursich to take his place. Now Parsons is pushing Ray “no backbone commissioner” to hire worthless Jacquelyn Pfursich to be the county solicitor.

    1st Josh and Ray screw over the constables to give GOP committee man Mike Chance a massive security contract and now Josh and Ray are hiring Jacquelyn Pfursich to be the county solicitor and make double the money.

    Let’s not forget that Josh and Ray give Jacquelyn Pfursich‘s husband‘s law firm lots of public money. This is beyond corruption at the highest of levels.

    These people need to go. Like yesterday.

  2. Earl says:

    I have 2 points and one is off topic.
    1. This is what the DEMS always do ! They talk one thing then do the opposite for themselves. Talk about environment then get on their 747 private jet and fly home! Talk about helping the poor then give yourself a raise !

    2. Rode my bicycle into Elizabeth City and came across the “Andrew Brown Memorial”. After I was done zigzagging around town I rode back to his Memorial and stopped. Laid my hand on his wreath, lowered my head and prayed. The folks watching me waved, smiled and nodded to me. It was nice !

    Sincerely, Earl

  3. Callmejaded says:

    Let’s not forget about Jess King whose salary is $95,000. Plus Benefits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Socialist Jess King!

    • Anonymous says:

      And King’s husband was hired by HDC to do community relations at the same time that City Council was PACKED with people pushing back against the St Joe’s re-zoning. Literally padding pockets from the conflict. You know, kinda like the Mayor’s husband has profited from City-related work… No backroom deals here!

    • Nobody says:

      And don’t forget the mysterious timing of King’s husband
      Chad Martin being hired by HDC…. Nothing to see here because she said so! And of course the Mayor managed to silence all criticism from Lancaster Stands Up by bringing Jess on the team. Suddenly everything the stood for is now taken sitting down on a couch with Mayor and Tait and King and HDC. It’s a family affair!

  4. Disgusted says:

    Unbelievable that 5 of the ten part time elected officials are on city health insurance. Guarantee that grifter Reichenbach is one of them. What does the treasurer and controller even do?

  5. Disgusted says:

    I had heard a rumor via a reliable source that Tony was running for Mayor some time ago, but I have still yet to see some sort of official announcement.

  6. Earl says:

    I wonder if the Mayor is offering Izzy an added Bonus Reward if he shows up on time?


    • Anonymous says:

      What has Mayor Dickina done for Lancaster that she earns anything other than minimum wage? My support is for Tony Dastra.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too stoned maybe? Drug test Izzy-Smith-wade-el

      • Earl says:

        So long as he gets away with it he’ll keep doing it !! Izzy will get his raise and still be late.


  7. nope says:

    and proposed from a guy who showed up late (again).


  8. nope says:

    WOW !

    All the financial distress and the priority of the Council is to give themselves a raise ?!

    You gotta be kidding me.

    • Anonymous says:

      This was one of their priorities last year. I wish I remembered the date of the meeting. The consultant came back with the finding the Mayor was paid similarly to others of same size cities. She then sat there and sulked with a frumpy face.

      Izzy went on a long winded speech about how certain council members do more work than others and how these super council members should receive additional compensation. It was luckily shot down last year. It’s clear Izzy wants a full time salary to be on council so he can get paid by city taxpayers to post his hot takes on facebook and twitter all day.

      I’ll have to watch this years bloviating about how they should be paid more for the shit job they’ve been doing. Maybe if they hadn’t dumped $7 million into MAW for nothing, maybe they would have money for a raise. These people have no shame.

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