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—  When will LNP report on Tuesday night’s city council meeting? Does anyone have an idea? Please check back tomorrow.


     Click here and go to 31:52 into the video of last night’s city council meeting and listen to Janet Diaz say the following:
     I found it a little bit disturbing listening to the words of Mrs. Torres, if that’s correct, and I just want to say that as leaders we need to model behavior that we want to uphold in the community. It is our priority to engage our community with respect and integrity. We should not lose sight of what our core values are as government officials and it really angers me that something transpired that may have been – probably something that we could have resolved by just a simple conversation. 
     I have seen leaders lose their trust and respect for our community when others have over-stepped their boundaries – not only their value statements but when they have failed to display trust, honesty and transparency. We should not be using our titles or any type of behavior of intimidation or using others to intimidate. It is extremely profound for us to engage our community with respect.
     I’m very simple minded and people do trust me and I hope that everyone else can trust our council members and be able to come and speak to them whether it’s in our chambers or outside without having to fear them in any way.
     That’s all I have to say, counselor.
**   The empty chair at the table is for Amanda Bakay. She was absent last night and Smith-Wade-El said her absence was “excused.”
*    I don’t want to forget about Vladimir and I did not catch his last name. He spoke during the first public comment session during last night’s city council meeting. He politely complained about the new beer garden and the noise from the DJs and bands. He requested a zoning officer check out the situation and move the speakers and tone down the sound (click here for LNP’s, “Wyndridge Farm opens beer garden in Lancaster city, adds bar at nearby taproom”).


     This is unbelievable. The lead story on the front page of today’s LNP print edition is titled “Making the Cut” about the Cutting Edge Barber Academy.     
      Immediately below that is this headline:
     So LNP Executive Editor Tom Murse had correspondent Rebecca Logan research and write a story ahead of last night’s city council meeting and in the five minutes it took to pass it, Murse ran the story as if that was their coverage of the whole meeting. Just resign, Murse! You are so transparent and an absolute disgrace to journalism.
         Coming later today:
 —  It was council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El’s phone that rang twice during last night’s meeting. Turn it off!
—  I hope to have transcripts of Nellie Torres who addressed council about meeting Smith-Wade-El at Tellus 360.
—  A transcript of council person Janet Diaz’s closing remarks regarding Smith-Wade-El. 
—  You are running a city, Smith-Wade-El – grow the hell up and show some respect and professionalism! 




     What a night! It was a short session of city council but it was intense. Tony Dastra went after Mayor Sorace. A member of the public went big time after council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El as did council member Janet Diaz! And someone’s phone kept going off and I think that was also Smith-Wade-El. Wow!
Please check back later.


  1. Anonymous says:

    If you’re unhappy with your city council members, vote them out. Nov. 2, 2021!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There may appear to be a clique but the Steinman et al crowd holds the marionette strings.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Drug test the Iz-meister

  4. Camp Izzy says:

    Janet cannot name names though she keeps it very vague as to not point fingers. If you got something to say, say it Miss Diaz.

    • Becky says:

      Oh, there is no question about who she is talking about!

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not one to infer who she may be talking about if she has integrity she would just flat out say who she’s talking about. Is she talking about Pete Soto?

        • Becky says:

          Um…Did you miss the “Mrs.Torres” in her speech? Ms. Torres spoke to city council about apparently a surprise meeting she had with Smith-Wade-El at Tellus 360. I believe it is she who came on this site and told us what happened although I have no way of knowing for absolutely sure that it is her.

    • Becky says:

      You better join a different camp!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ms Diaz said it, person Camp Izzy. She used diplomacy and tact verbalizing it. If you don’t know what she was talking about then you haven’t been paying attention. So unlike what Izzy is showing himself to be, a pompous ass, egotistical politician. Janet, you are a class act.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Uh oh, Izzy showing his true colors to the wrong people.

  6. Izzy Not My Council Prez says:

    has to be one of the worst encounters I’ve experienced as a female, as a constituent, a resident. He was just incredibly disrespectful and I found it inappropriate for a city councilor to behave in such a manner. I felt like I was in survival mode and I definitely stood up for myself, right or wrong, because I don’t think anyone should be spoken to like that, especially a female. And people need to be accountable for their actions and inactions and he is not exempt. My jaw dropped many times from his tone and behavior and things he said that evening, especially shooing me away as an elitist or someone who felt they are more important than me. I was really hoping that he would’ve approached this differently and acknowledge my feelings, minimally, as an elected officer and official. The hope was for understanding and accountability and I was met with sarcasm, disrespect, and mannerisms like he was trying to intimidate me

  7. Izzy Not My Council Prez says:

    ….I asked to have a conversation and spoke from the place, minimally, as a concerned constituent. I was met with sarcasm, a weird hyper energy that I haven’t seen from him previously, hostility and blatant disrespect. I asked why he was sending his friends to myself and to the newly elected City Democratic Chair, Tene Darby. During this conversation not only did he use expletives, elevate his tone, and dismiss me.. he was caught more than few times being dishonest, contradicting himself and actually shooed me away like I was nothing, nobody-like I was a peasant and he did this 4-5xs, at least. When I tried to express why I was publicly silent about my concerns around his behavior and his role in the clique; that it was out of knowing him as a child (while I was a student at Millersville) and the respect I have for his mom-I was interrupted roughly and told to keep his mother’s name out my mouth. He also mentioned that he knew, that he was told by someone in the state level, that I tried to get him fired-at this point, he was shouting and very energetic. ….

  8. Anonymous says:


    The barbers dad. Connected cop in Lancaster.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It can’t be true that people were picking on Izzy. Everyone loves him, ask him he’ll tell you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fake hair tattooing, I can’t even

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please. What did Tony Dastra hit Mayor Dickina with?

  12. Earl says:

    Gee Wiz ! First time poor Izzy makes it on time and he gets his a$$ handed to him ! Then……if that’s not bad enough he gets calls from his Home Boys ! Hey Yo……where’s our weed ?


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