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Posted on the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department’s Facebook page under their post with the goat.

**   Exactly!
*    On a far, far more serious note, the video of Mr. 17540 confronting the 25-year-old Amish man who drove his horse and buggy to the Brownstown Sheetz to meet a 14-year-old girl and have sex with her is up to over 86,000 views (click here). Hopefully the police will respond quickly. Share the video. It really is unbelievable and scary!



     I want a goat to show up on my porch! Click here to read the police press release shown above. That is not a picture of the actual goat – that is a google stock photo. Why can’t we see a picture of the actual goat? Who owns the goat? Let’s have a Sunday reunion!

4 Responses to ** – * WE NEED A PICTURE OF THE GOAT!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vah…I vus chust gunna take her for a ride in why wuggy onct. Chew see. Ve Omish see things differently onct. Wesides. Ve bring in da tourists onct, undt dare woney! So our asses get kissed. Come here little English girl. Ah vahnna schtick mah schmekywooky in your buckeybooky!

  2. Earl says:

    Becky, whats the address ? I’ve got that bag of beets I’d don’t need ! The goat would love them ! Lol

    Oh Earl…..

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