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     Taking a break this election day. Please vote!


     Immediately below – a comment into this site. Below that – an “update” from the West Hempfield Township Police Department on lake Grubb (click here).
     The basis I have is the fact that the police are here to protect and serve! I hope you aren’t who I think you are.
     And what kind of update is that from the police?
Please vote and check back later today.

5 Responses to & VOTE TODAY!

  1. James says:

    I certainly don’t understand your: “I think I know who you are” statement. I’m not hiding my identity. You have my email which identifies me, and if you can’t figure out my name from that, send me an email. I’m certainly not hiding my identity. Meanwhile, why don’t you stop making baseless assertions, or make a direct and comprehensive response to my questions? Your assertions are simply incorrect. If you can support them, please do so. If you cannot, I respectfully suggest that you should do the right thing and retract them.

  2. James says:

    I agree that law enforcement has a duty to protect and serve. But I do not see how that duty includes the disclosure of information. What is the link? Protecting and serving certainly could include withholding information during an investigation, do you agree with that?

  3. Earl says:

    Spoke with some people in the parking lot, but no one knew anything.

  4. Earl says:

    Hey Becky……
    I do think James and Bo are definitely missing something (lol). I agree with you that the police should have released information by now. A women’s clothing was found by a lake, so something bad happened. Perhaps I’ll ride down there on bike and ask around !
    Also we voted today !
    PS….. I was wondering today how your Blog buddy was doing ?

    Sincerely Earl

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