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Mayor Sorace on her campaign Facebook page.
        Seriously, Mayor Sorace? You were the only person running! And why don’t you be honest and thank LNP?
    Below is the latest in the Sean D. Williams versus Philip Bernot lawsuit. For context click here for the LNP article, “Lawyers for dead man in Taser suit against Lancaster want to substitute child as plaintiff.”



(Click here)
     Janet Diaz (pictured above) will stay on council! Do you see former First Assistant District Attorney Chris Larsen in the above LNP photo?
Please check back later today.


  1. Earl says:

    Dear Becky/Fans and Followers
    Old Earl is heading back up to deer camp tomorrow morning. I’ll be gone a week so you folks take care.
    Becky…….if you don’t want to post my response to “No fan of you “ I understand !!
    The bag broke and the beets rolled everywhere…lol

    I do enjoy this,

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to thank LNP for not asking me about
    the crime rate, homeless people, tax increases, gang activity, number of people living below the poverty line, shootings, stabbings, gentrification, and the no bid building contracts going to hubby’s company in Lancaster. Concentrating instead on the important issues such as me and Lancaster City cops out on our bicycles riding in the designated bicycle lanes. Me eating at a minority owned restaurant with a minority.
    Thanks again!
    Mayor Dickina.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The second problem with the bootstrapping myth is that it ignores the fact that blacks were not even legally entitled to receive a wage for their work at all, let alone equal wages with whites, until anti-discrimination laws were gradually put in place (which only then made it possible to begin fighting systematic racism).

  4. Earl says:

    Earl would like to thank each and everyone of his FANS ! It’s tough when you’re singled out by these Racist just because I’m white!!! I’m reading true life book about a young boy who’s father dies. Little Frank is 15 ! He quits school, gets a job at ship yard and is trained as a welder to support his mom and siblings. This was before WW2 . At 18 he enlists and ends up with General Patton .
    My dad had a 6th grade education and earned more money then our college graduate neighbors. I ran a add in the paper and started cutting lawns at 13. US GUYS WORK and I have no respect what-so-ever for those that sell drugs or rob and commit crime.
    Thanks Again folks……..and you too Becky !

    Cool Earl…lol

    • No fan of you says:

      You just don’t get it….

      There are two major problems with the notion of ‘bootstrapping’. The first is that it’s obviously a fundamentally flawed concept. This is backed up by empirical evidence showing that those born into both the top and bottom tiers of the income index tend to stay where they are from one generation to the next. Furthermore, African Americans are disproportionately likely to be stuck at the bottom and fall from middle incomes across generations

  5. Anonymous says:

    Change the plaintiff to his kid, grammah still wants a flat screen and a new iPhone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Drug test Izzy-Smith-Wade-El

  7. nope says:

    Earl’s regular racist remarks and ignorant commentary detract from the quality of this site. He going to whine about folks being snowflakes and claim that he’s just joking, but in the end he’s really a bigoted jerk that offers little value to the conversation and lessens your credibility.

  8. Earl says:

    Is Izzy handing that guy a joint ?


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