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     The Report of the Mayor from last night’s city council meeting is below. As I’ve suspected she’s done in the past, the mayor plagiarizes someone famous in this report. Can you find it? Shame of you, Mayor Sorace! 
     Can you put together a bunch of big fancy words to sound educated and enlightened like Mayor Sorace?
      Good evening councilors. Thanks for the time tonight.
    One year ago George Floyd’s tragic murder catalyzed a shift in the nation’s consciousness surrounding police brutality and the immense efforts needed to advance racial equity. While many of our black and brown neighbors have lived in this awareness, white folks have had much reflection and education to do.
     And this moment calls on institutions like the city of Lancaster to look inward and continue to change policy and practice – and this was part of our conversation tonight and I appreciate that.
     Members of the executive leadership team, to a one, have taken up this work to fulfill our vision of a stronger, more equitable city block by block. And a lot of work has been done. A lot more work is in progress and even more work remains.
     As many of you know, last June the city of Lancaster released a list of equity commitments announcing new changes in summarizing past actions dedicated to equity.
     In December the city released another progress report across all of our departments. For those that are listening in you can take a look at these reports at and we’ll be working on another update later this summer.
     And while this work continues others have also picked up the pace of their efforts in our community and for this I’m really grateful and I believe that collectively we’ll be hearing more about these efforts as the weeks and months roll on. 
     However, I do fear that as the days fade and time grows between the death of George Floyd and the collective consciousness that that very tragic murder raised in our community that the sense of urgency will also fall away. And I guess this is just – you know – as a moment in a point of reflection that I’m reminded that all of the arc of the universe may bend towards justice but it doesn’t bend on its own and I will look forward to continuing to work with all of you in that effort.
     Thank you.
**   During her report last night, Mayor Sorace sent people to the “Equity” page on the city’s website (click here) and where the below video is front and center.

*    Mayor Sorace used the word “equity” repeatedly last night. I decided to look it up (click here):



      The discussion regarding removing seniority points for fire and police promotions was the major discussion at last night’s city council meeting. Interim Police Chief John Bey and Fire Chief Scott Little both spoke in favor of removing the five seniority points.
      It should be noted that this is being pushed by Mayor Sorace to as she stated at the last meeting “promote only the best employees.” She did not speak about it at this meeting but did speak for it at the last meeting.
      Steve Owens who represents the Police Association and Geoff Stone, the Fire Union President both spoke against removing the points and said their unions strongly object to their removal. Stone stated they were open to coming to the bargaining table about the issue.
   Business Administrator Patrick Hopkins spoke for the city and said it doesn’t matter what the unions think because it is a civil service issue not a bargaining issue and city council can change the civil service requirements without the support of the unions.
      The council will vote on the issue at their next meeting.
      In her Mayor’s Report, Mayor Sorace spoke of the murder of George Floyd and racial equity but it was really unintelligible and I hope to have a transcript this afternoon.
Please check back later today.


  1. Courthouse Watcher says:

    OK…I give up…who did she plagerize?

  2. Earl says:

    Breaking News
    I’m back from deer camp and saw Little Davey Pratt got arrested !


  3. Anonymous says:

    Cant hire and promote persons of color (POC) And have them in supervisor positions because the old white patriarchy has the seniority to hold those positions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can’t hire POC if they don’t apply.

      • Anonymous says:

        POC are held back in the promotion process, through a lack of transparency about the process itself and a lack of mentoring relationships and professional development opportunities.

        • Anonymous says:

          If this is the case, the seniority points would be a net benefit. Just would take time.

          • Anonymous says:

            What, another 200 yrs? Time?!

          • Anonymous says:

            No. It would be as soon as the POC (whatever that means to you) employees work there long enough to get their own seniority points.

            What if they make this change and POC employees are passed over more often for promotion than the present situation due to not being the best qualified because of your cited lack of professional development opportunities?

    • Earl says:

      Here goes nothing……………So a family member of mine worked at the courthouse under a white supervisor who retired. A (POC) female replaced him ! He worked with her and brought her “Up To Speed” before he left !! After taking power she sat at her desk everyday and read the paper or played on her phone ! If her workers asked for help she got rude. It took 5 yrs to get rid of her ! This story isn’t racism it’s just the TRUTH.

      Cool Earl

      • Becky says:

        I don’t believe a word of it, Earl! Why don’t you privately send me the POC female’s name and I won’t publish it but I will try to find out if there’s any truth whatsoever to another one of your stories!

      • nope says:

        Right Earl, the story isn’t racist. YOU are racist because you only remember and retell stories about POCs who affirm the sterotypes that you’re most comfortable with.

        • Earl says:

          Dear Nope
          That’s not true ! Countless time I’ve posted comments about my POC friends I’ve had over the years. We’ve car pooled together and eaten at each others homes and met wives and children.
          At no time on this site have I ever personally ATTACKED SOMEONE like I get ATTACKED. Perhaps you should consider the type of person you are ?

          Sincerely, Earl

  4. Anonymous says:

    She has a good Empress look in that video. Get a little princess Lea hair here, some flowing robes with a modern but modestly sexy twist there.

    Empress Sorace, Queen Mother of the Galaxy – has a good ring to it.

  5. anon says:

    The public deserves and needs the smartest detectives. Not just cops that have served the longest as patrolman.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Count towards promotions… 2 equal candidates, one has more seniority, they get bumped up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What exactly do the seniority points do?

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