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— This is so bizarre! There will be more tomorrow. —


     Why is Tim Stuhldreher’s second question pure BS? Because as even he states, the parking issue was discussed at great length. Even Mayor Sorace had discussed it prior to his question and said there were two lots but neither was available for the condominium parking and according to the zoning rules they have to provide parking for residences. And even after his question the developers came on and said again there was no other parking alternative except the basement/first floor of the warehouse.
     Stuhldreher just wanted to feel important and put it out there that he is the editor of One United Lancaster. And why his sudden interest in seven condominiums? Pathetic.
**   At 1:12:32 into Monday’s city council committee meeting, Tim Studhldreher calls in and identifies himself as the editor of One United Lancaster and asks the following regarding the proposal for the historic tobacco warehouse at 437 W. Grant Street (the second part of his question is pure and absolute BS):
     I have a question for Suzanne and then I have a question for the developers.
       Ah – the question for Suzanne is just could she say a little bit more about the building’s historical designation and why it has that designation? Um, is there anything distinctive about it other than it is a traditional tobacco warehouse in the city?
       And then my question for the developers would be, um, you know, a lot of conversation this evening around parking. Um, if somehow the parking were to be solved, um, and that would free up I guess the first floor would that potentially enable the project to be reconfigured  – would that then solve the problem of being able to do this with one added story instead of two added stories?
Left – the current warehouse at 437 W. Grant Street; Right – the proposed addition of two more stories for a total of seven condominiums.
*    I would be thrilled that the United Way of Lancaster County is starting a community news source. The more news sources the better. But the choice of Tim Stuhldredher as editor is startling and a terrible choice/mistake (see the screenshot to the left and click here for the original). He had zero integrity as a long-time reporter for LNP.


     When I’m wrong, I am really, really wrong! The below is the United Way of Lancaster Presided and CEO Kevin Ressler writing about One United Lancaster (OUL).
     Wow! Click here to read his whole piece and there will be much more later today!

4 Responses to ** – * A TERRIBLE CHOICE FOR EDITOR!

  1. Anonymous says:

    No one was as bad a reporter at LNP than Brettt Hambright. Absolutely the WORST so-called reporter EVER.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I find bizarre is the city denying the codos. I owned a condo in a historic building with parking in the basement / underground and it was fabulous! What does the city want to put in an old cigar warehouse? Condo owners pay taxes, vote, etc. The citugh wants a biz in there that they will give all kinds of tax breaks and that will cost the rest of us. Why?

    • Becky says:

      Actually the Historical Commission showed slide after slide where developers maintained the integrity of a warehouse but turned it into another use. I’ll try to post some.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He could be working “under cover” for another entity.

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