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*   Rowe is being represented by Todd Michael Mosser, an appeals attorney in Philadelphia (his website is here).


       A Post Conviction Collateral Relief hearing has been scheduled for Raymond Rowe on August 26th, 2021 before Judge Dennis E. Reinaker (see below). 
Click here for “ACTIVITY BY ROWE” and please stay tuned for this developing story.



***  I posted the “WRONGLY ACCUSED” below because of people who post comments like the one on the left above. That comment was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the story about the officer being sued for the third time for excessive force. The comment on the right was in response to the comment! How about it?



**   Does anyone remember this (click here)? I do – it happened shortly after I started LIP News. The Talkback forum was active then and people had a field day referencing and posting pictures of the Keystone Cops. But it turned into a tragedy. 



Today’s LNP article and a quote from that article (click here).
*    Why isn’t LNP showing the public Bingham’s body camera footage? What the heck?


The seven council members voted “aye” to approve and uphold the Historical Commission’s denial of the proposed seven condominiums in a historic tobacco warehouse as shown above.

       It was a night of unanimous “ayes” at last night’s city council meeting. And the proposed very expensive seven condos in a historic tobacco warehouse at 437 West Grant Street – that is not going to happen.
Please check back later today.

14 Responses to * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * A NIGHT OF UNANIMOUS “AYES”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Prison guards are the dumbest people in the world. Wanna be cops. Washouts from the police academy deemed too fat or too psycho to be a cop. Ever listen to a prison guard brag “Yeah. I’m a cop”? I have a friend who time at LCP. A guard called him a f*g. He told the guard; you got a job being dominant over men in cages, and I’m the f*g? The FBI needs to investigate this place while they’re at it.

    • Earl says:

      Flip Side……….
      My nephew trains prison guards and has been a guard for years . So let’s talk about inmates who throw piss in a guards face or defecate on the floor of their cell then smear the $hit on their cell walls using their bare hands. Did your friend find out the guards name then internet search for his address and family history ? See that way he can threaten to have his Homie rape and kill the guards children. The above statement is TRUE !
      I’ll stop there………


  2. Galty says:

    The old talkback forum.

    The best forum I have ever been on.

    Such shame they chicken out by taking it down.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I remember the incident very well. He was thrown into the general population to squeeze a confession out of him.

    IIRC, he was awarded a pittance.

    • Anonymous says:

      How is a confession squeezed out of someone in prison?? I too remember this incident all too well. He was id’d by two unrelated people. It was only after the police continued their investigation that they realized the two eyewitnesses were wrong. Its why the police were never sued in that case. His award was low because Eichelman has a problem keeping his mouth shut and still does today. He mouthed off in court, more than once and the judge gave him the minimum award that would still require him to pay back his medical expenses.

  4. Fire him already says:

    Sounds like Department of Justice needs to come in. Why is the officer not being arrested for lying in the charges….. He should have been fired immediately. Then he lied about being hit in the face…. How much more money does this city need to spend before he is fired? Seems like the LPD has an issues with integrity, didn’t one of their officer just go to jail for perjury? Such a liability to the city, FBI needs to review all his arrests, I bet they find more victims.

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