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     City council meets virtually tonight beginning at 6:30 pm and you can watch the livestream on the city’s YouTube channel (click here). The agenda is below and also available in a larger format here.

Tony Dastra

   Please note Administration Bill No. 09-2021 amending the Traffic Commission. Mayor Sorace no longer wants to be on it which leaves an opening for another member. And Tony Dastra wants to be appointed and deserves to be appointed. He ran as an independent in the last mayoral election and he livestreamed city council meetings by himself, at his own expense, for over a year. He is also an active commenter during the meetings.
  Which city council member will have the courage to nominate Tony Dastra for the Traffic Commission?




*   To the commenter asking if the man shown in the LNP article, “Man used fake money for purchases at Manheim Township Walmart: police,” is Jerry Puryear of the Facebook page “Staywoke717” (click here): I have met Jerry in person several times and I definitely do not believe that is him.
     Also, I believe the police are familiar enough with him that if it were Jerry he would have been arrested by now! On to more serious news! Oh, and if you recognize the man shown above please call the Manheim Township police.



     A sharp commenter and an emailer caught the fact that the mayor’s bagel shop is closing – right after she gave them a shout-out at a city council meeting! Say it ain’t so!
     Do you remember when then Mayor Gray used to compare Lancaster very favorably to York, Reading and Harrisburg at least once a month? Here’s some breaking news for you, Dick and Mayor Sorace: Neither York, Reading or Harrisburg have a huge, empty convention center sitting in the heart of their downtowns and putting their public at financial risk for years.
     I’m hearing all sorts of things about House of Representatives Mike Sturla and his “replacement” when he retires. Can you say Ismail Smith-Wade-El? Nooooooo!
  And speaking of Smith-Wade-El, city council meets tonight. Will that lapdog, LNP executive editor Tom Murse, have a reporter cover it? Will he use a correspondent who reports on it four days later? Will he report when they break the Sunshine Act or does he save that only for the volunteer Manheim Township School Board? Has Mayor Sorace already given LNP her “Mayor’s Report” for tonight? Have they approved it?
It’s a busy day. Please check back later.


  1. Earl says:

    This is for 2:52pm Anonymous
    If you are truly that oppressed in this country then leave, get out ! Show us you’ve got a set and move back to the Homeland of your people. Take your insults with you.

    I’m taking a breath now Becky……

    • Anonymous says:

      So this country is “your” homeland? Some kinda birth right or something. You didn’t build this. The borders are drawn on a map; thank Yakub.

      • Earl says:

        Your Wrong !
        My ancestors are Irish and were enslaved by the British! Read your history. They emigrated to this country in the 1800’s and were met by racism ! We were depicted as drunken monkeys and not given good jobs. But we worked as labors, we built the railroads and the cities like New York. Later we became police. The Irish helped build this country and make it great! We didn’t sit around and cry, blame others. My ancestors were embarrassed to take a handout !!! So now we are RESPECTED !

      • Anonymous says:

        Yakub? Just a hotep internet troll.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lmao what experience does Dastra have with anything traffic related???
    He deserves it because he hit record on a camera and makes comments at meetings?! Seriously???? Would rather have a flagger from flagger force appointed.
    Btw, why would they appoint a political rival to their team?!

    • Becky says:

      That is ridiculous! He lives in the city and knows the streets. A political rival on the traffic commission? Horrors! Lol! A fresh, young voice is needed!

      Oh, and why don’t you try livestreaming a two hour meeting with good audio? The city couldn’t manage it for over a year!

    • Anonymous says:

      This isn’t a paid professional position. He’s as qualified as any other citizen. His proven engagement does make him more qualified.

      Granted, as much as I like to Tony, the reality is many of us still need a car to get to work. I hope he respects that and isn’t too anti driving/parking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of course that ain’t Jerry, just the old racist joker insinuating all African Americans look the same.

    There are also longstanding issues that are often called the “root causes” of immigration. We are looking at the issue of poverty and the lack, therefore, of economic opportunities; the issue of extreme weather conditions and the lack of climate adaptation; as well as corruption and the lack of good governance; and violence against women, Indigenous people, LGBTQ people, and Afro-descendants.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mayor Dick, and his clone Mayor Dickina. Frankly, Lancaster doesn’t suck as much as York, Reading, Lebanon and Harrisburg. Book me a room at the Con!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What are the real jobs, the day jobs, of the council members? Anyone know?
    Does Tony Dystra live in at/with his parents’ house? Does Tony have a job?
    I’m curious what these people day jobs are that give them any type of expertise with anything related to government and spending. Or do they just like to give their opinions? Do any of these council members have any type of degrees?
    Would it matter if one of the councilmembers was a janitor… How can one fail at life but win at running government?

  6. Lar harris says:

    Could it be that old Caucasian boomers are scared to death to have a black man represent them in government ?

    • Becky says:

      Have you watched Smith-Wade-El at city council meetings? Tonight is your chance. Go for it!

      • Lar harris says:

        He is simply Implementing the Democratic/socialist agenda. Just because he doesn’t speak like a Whitey and because he does not dress with a necktie, doesn’t mean that President councilman is not a good leader of people. Sociolinguistics is a real thing and to expect everyone to act like Whitey is supremacy.

          • Earl says:

            I agree with you Becky !lol
            Dear Lar,
            This guy is President Councilman and can’t show up on time ! A true “Leader” would get there early and make sure things are ready to go !!! Then he’d greet attendees as they arrived and he wouldn’t have blood shot glassy eyes either. If you support him and want us to look up to him you need him to clean up his act and do his job as he promised !!!
            Or you could just accuse me of whitey supremacy…….lol

            Sincerely, Earl

        • Becky says:

          Actually, the problem with Smith-Wade-El is that he does speak like Whitey. And he loves LNP and wrote for them and he is too blockheaded and star-struck to realize that LNP has been discriminating in their hiring for years and are a major reason for all the inequalities in the county – especially in the justice system.

          • Anonymous says:

            The will of the people voted him in – If the will of the people are against him they will vote him out. It sounds like you, Becky, and a few others on this website are the ones who are haters. Hate the game , not the player.
            Lancaster city wouldnt be as vibrant as it is if it wasn’t for the watt and shand building being sold and renovated and no one wanted to do it so this steinmans stepped up, big deal. Are you going to get mad at the Hilton‘s and the Sheratons as well?

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t you just sound a little racist.

          • Anonymous says:

            The ‘reverse racism’ card is often pulled by white people when people of color call out racism and discrimination, or create spaces for themselves … that white people aren’t a part of. The impulse behind the reverse racism argument seems to be a desire to prove that people of color don’t have it that bad, they’re not the only ones that are put at a disadvantage or targeted because of their race. It’s like the Racism Olympics. And it’s patently untrue” (Blay, 2015).


            I’m minority in this country and oppressed. I cannot be racist. Whitey is a term of endearment. I really think y’all are pink devils and translucent swine.

          • Anonymous says:

            It will take some serious introspection on your part, but maybe you should entertain the thought that you have a shitty life because you are a terrible person, not because of a 6000 year old experiment gone haywire.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, the old Caucasian boomers don’t get scared.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh good. You brought race into it.

  7. Lar harris says:

    Could it be that Lancaster isn’t really that bad? Could it be that there’s a lot of other worse off places? Could it be that that Lancaster is really better off than Harrisburg , Reading, and York?

    Not making any claims here , just asking questions. If the empty of convention center during a pandemic is evidence that Lancaster is behind the other cities… Well I guess I would question that rhetoric.

    • Earl says:

      I do agree here ! We have far less shootings and crime then those other 3 cities.

      • Anonymous says:

        Acc. to WHO? You do realize people in power and police fudge those numbers, right? This is a so-called “tourist destination”! You do realize that just because something isn’t “in the news” does not mean it didn’t happen. Right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lancaster. This year. Why not make it a Lancaster City vacation? We don’t suck as much as York, Harrisburg, Lebanon & Reading.

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