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     What is going on? How is Porreca permanently and totally disabled? How could she work at Agape Care, Home Care if she is disabled? Where is LNP? 
Please check back later today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    She has something medically wrong with her and it’s not anything to do with the police department, so before you make your own opinions, please learn of the facts. Just because a police officer left a police department from being disabled doesn’t mean it automatically has to do with a job related injury. There are plenty of other illnesses that can occur in someone’s life that can come on and make them not be able to the job that they used to do. So please stop forming all these negative and rude opinions.

  2. They screwed us, now it’s R turn says:

    We have always had friction within the LCCA but it’s on another level now.

    Chance and Griff are all about themselves and will happily screw over their brothers for $$$.

    Nick Wachinski is dirty and was a terrible attorney for the LCCA. Nick only serves himself and thugs like Chance and Griff.

    Josh Parsons currently has Chance and Griff trying to get dirt on President Judge David Ashworth since Josh hates the President judge. They’ve even scoped out his house and boat!

    Josh Parsons had Chance and Griff get the info to bring President judge Denny Reinkaker down for that traffic stop. Josh had Chance give the info to Carter Walker.

    Josh Parsons had Chance and Griff make all the anonymous calls to LNP and anonymous posts on this website to dig up controversy for former DA Craig Stedman.

    Josh Parsons had Chance and Griff do all the same dirty work to Scott Martin when he was a commissioner and now a state senator.

    • ANONYMOUS says:

      Wrong!! I don’t have any idea who Chance and Griff are and I have posted anonymous dirt on Craig Stedman on this site. You act like he’s clean and the shit was put out there by people out to get him. Bull! Craig Stedman is a snake and should be in PRISON and anyone who knows him or has ever worked with him knows that for a FACT. Josh Parsons is a bum, no question, and if he hates Judge Ashworth, Dave is someone to be admired.

      • Whoooaaaaaaa there says:

        Simmer down. My goodness, I didn’t write that post but that person is entitled to write what info they have. Are you claiming to be the only person that ever writes about Craig Stedman? For someone who “doesn’t know Chance or Griff” you got super feisty fast.

        • Anonymous says:

          Whoa… YOU “Simmer down”! The person you are replying to is also entitled to their opinion. You seem to be very up in arms over nothing. I didn’t write any of these posts but I am curious and I ask the op: Why would Josh Parsons “hate” a county judge? How does that even work? Also, what kind of “dirt” could possibly be dug up by stalking him? Are they looking for something specific they are expecting to find…i.e. an affair or something? Doesn’t make any sense. And to what end? Criminal charges? To “make his life a living hell”? What?

  3. They are FILTHY DIRTY says:


    Do I have some info for you!!!! Sorry it’s been a minute but I came down with coronavirus and it is a menace.

    This info came from two extremely reputable sources. Shocking to find out the LNP knows about BOTH incidents and has NOT reported a peep. Couple pissed off constables have told LNP about #2.

    1. Several of my friends that work at the court house were scared when evacuated from the court house because of a suspicious package. Taxpayers also paid ALL court staff for a days work they did NOT end up working due to being evacuated.

    Guess what? Our stupid county commissioners received a nearly identical package with threats SEVERAL days BEFORE the court house received it and the commissioners NEVER told the sheriff or anyone that works in there building.

    A deputy said the SHERIFF was beyond enraged at the commissioners. Jackhats kept it quiet. If something serious would have happened at the court house that blood would have been on our incompetent commissioners hands.

    2. Gets better! Your story on cruddy attorney NICK Wachinski just scratched the surface. Word on the street has it that Wachinski represents the Constable association but was secretly screwing over the constables by helping two quasi career criminal constables start some security business and get CONTRACTS with the COUNTY.

    One of the constables is a Republican committee man with Nick Wachinski and BIG donor to commissioner JOSH PARSONS. This dirt ball Constable is said to have done LOTS of Josh Parson’s dirty political work for him so Josh OWES this Constable to keep him QUIET.

    JOSH had this same Constable anonymously give CARTER WALKER a knowingly FALSE tip that the AG was investigating Craig STEDMAN and Scott MARTIN. Which they all knew was a lie but they were trying to throw Carter Walker off of them. Josh’s Constable accomplice told another Constable this info and that Constable is now spilling his beans because JOSH and his accomplice Constable have screwed over the Constable association.

    Oh it gets better. Same dirty Constable is on the Lampeter Strasburg committee and Commissioner Ray D’agostino is his buddy and CHAIR of the committee.

    And it gets bettttteeeerrrrrr! JOSH and RAY, with the help of NICK Wachinski got these two diiiirrrrtttyyyy but well connected constables’ security CONTRACTS with COUNTY money and Josh and Ray did NOT tell the PUBLIC and did NOT bid out the contracts. They are now scrambling to HIDE their dirty little deeds. ILLEGAL!!!!!!!

    Ps. It is public knowledge that Nick Wachinski is a dirty lawyer lobbyist and would sell his mother to get ahead. Nick’s a SHITTY attorney because his cease and desist letter to you was garbage. Stupid Nick wrote he is not an elected official. Someone should remind Nick that the PUBLIC ELECTS him to be on the Republican committee. IDIOT!


    Becky, if any of these LOSERS send you a cease and desist, use it as toilet paper. They KNOW what they DID and now MANY people KNOW!

    • Becky says:

      Thank you very much! Stay tuned…

    • Anonymous says:

      Wowza! If even a quarter of this is true, there needs to be some jail time handed out. This goes beyond incompetence. This is pure and simple pay to play tactics. It sickens me every time I read Josh Parson’s Facebook page and he pretends to be this messiah of ethics. He has never once responded to any of my replies on his posts because he can’t argue his pathetic points. Any one that has been paying attention knows Parsons is an insecure little worm that threatens people and tries to ruin them for his own personal gain. The fact that he has aligned himself with bottom feeder constables is not surprising one bit. I hope the good constables nail that lawyer to a wall and take out Parsons as well.

      • truth says:

        I know that #1 is 100% facts!
        I work at the courthouse and we found out after the fact that 150 N. Queen at the commissioners office received the same threat before we did and the commissioners ordered to keep it quiet. Quality leadership!

    • Chance and Griff - wannabe thug life! says:

      The dirty constables are –

      Michael Chance
      John Griffith

      They do Commissioner Parsons dirty work and he rewards them with county funded contracts and CARES Act funding. Someone should look into how much covid money Michael Chance’s girlfriend’s bottle shop and bar got.

      We have many quality constables in Lancaster but Michael Chance and John Griffith and their gang of wannabe thugs has ruined the integrity of the Constable’s Association.

      Now these two thugs got county money to provide security to MDJ offices and it’s a secret contract that never went out for bid.

  4. JoJo says:

    I don’t remember who made the comment (and it doesn’t matter) but I appreciated the fact that someone remarked that “white supremacy” and “white privilege” are not the same thing!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That was me. Yes. Two different things.

      • Anonymous says:


        In academic usage, particularly in critical race theory or intersectionality, “white supremacy” can also refer to a social system in which white people enjoy structural advantages (privilege) over other ethnic groups, on both a collective and individual level, despite formal legal equality.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Becky – she may have witnessed something that has left her mentally unable to continue in policing. You don’t know.

    • Idontfront says:

      Well you don’t get to take payment for being totally disabled and go start another job. I

      I’m glad I sent you that picture I just happened to find Becky ÷0) You’ll get to the bottom of it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is a personal story about a single police officer. As I watch the trial of Derek Chauvin, I am far more concerned about the local police chief’s reactions to the murder of George Floyd. Some have publicly denounced the police tactics while other chiefs have reacted by “training” their departments in so-called “excited delirium”. Those reactions speak volumes and have far greater implications for all of us than whether one Officer is or is not receiving benefits she may or may not be entitled to. I think you should stick to what you can prove rather than embarking on a fishing expedition over one ex-cops. Any police chief who thinks Minneapolis police acted properly in the death of George Floyd needs to be removed immediately in the interest of public safety. It is easy to find out exactly where they stand on the issue.

  7. Anonymous says:

    White supremacy is suggesting that there is a diversity card when no such thing exists.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So she is disabled from completing the duties as an officer, doesn’t mean she is unemployable, she just may need accommodations the police department couldn’t make, Doesn’t mean her employer Lancaster city is not liable for damages she occurred while in the line of duty.
    Y’all might not like the policy from the city’s Disability insurance provider however, what I hear is a bunch of people complaining that this woman who is disabled in the line of duty should not be able to TRY and return to work.

  9. Earl says:

    This isn’t right ! I do believe the young lady did suffer some sort of injury and now she’s rolling it into a major pay day ! It’s not something “I” could pull off !! I’m not trying to be mean or racist but she has The Diversity Card and she’s using it .

    Just Saying

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