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     “There is simply no room for criticism of law enforcements[sic] efforts in this case” District Attorney Adams said. 
From today’s press release by the District Attorney’s office (the link is immediately below).
     Isn’t that an interesting comment? There my be “no room for criticism” in this case of an Amish teenager missing for 10 months but there certainly is in other cases! This comment in yesterday:
     Any updates on the homicide of Hipolito Gonzalez? Happened recently and wasn’t posted till weeks later. Someone on here heard about police running after the guy and into a home and he supposedly jumped out the window. Could we know how this information came about? Was it on any of the many cameras that were on that block? Person was charged with simple assault but not arrested yet. Any information or updates??
     Interim Lancaster Police Chief John Bey and the District Attorney’s Office need to answer these questions as soon as possible! The public has a right and need to know. Maybe LNP could demand answers? 
**   The updated District Attorney’s press release is here.



     Left: The headline from Fox43 and on the right, “BREAKING” from LNP on
     That’s a big difference! Who is correct? Fox43. Shame on you LNP executive editor Tom Murse!


   District Attorney Heather Adams will hold a press conference today at 11:oo am regarding the human remains found yesterday and connected to the disappearance of Linda Stoltzfoos last June. You can watch the livestream on LNP or your television station of choice.


    According to the below Facebook page, which seems to be closely connected with the family, they have found the body of Linda Stoltzfoos who has been missing since June of last year. Click here for the District Attorney’s press release.
Today has been a crazy day personally. I’m sorry and please check back tomorrow.



     The above comment in from “barryinwinnipeg” yesterday.
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You are black and drive a Mercedes? In Lancaster County? How dare you??? You’re not even allowed here and now you want to show everyone you are smarter and richer than most of these racist losers?!! Sarcasm, for sure, but I KNOW you have video surveillance in that badass car. I’m just a poor white slob and won’t leave home without it. Not here… Good to see today that cops in Philly are finally getting busted for setting people up. And LYING. You will NEVER see that happen here. Larry Krasners are few and far between.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is Adams suggesting the police figured out where Ms. Stoltzfoos’ body was buried? I doubt that. Maybe more like Justo confessed and told them where he buried her.

    • Anonymous says:

      I bet you are right and the possible death penalty that was possibly on the table is possibly off the table as no mention of it now, but planted in LNP a few weeks ago to scare the f*ck out of Smoker. Had police found the body on their own, the d.p. would be almost certainly be pursued because he would not tell them. (Aggravating factor.) Look for a guilty plea very soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but L.E. botched this case. Just because his cell phone didn’t ping near his former place of employment was NOT reason to not concentrate part of the search there. Stupid!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The days of “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” are long gone.

  5. Anonymous says:

    seems to me that the girl with the knife, attempting to stab the other girl, was shot by a cop protecting a life. why is that a problem? Its funny, some of the same people that were complaining when cops didn’t run into the school in FLA to stop and active shooter are the same ones that want to disarm the police. can’t have it both ways

    • Anonymous says:

      Um…well…I’ll tell you why……it’s um….well…he um….

      • Anonymous says:


        • Earl says:

          This will go over like a fart in church lol. Fox News is showing the UNEDITED body cam footage and the UNEDITED 911 call. NBC is catching $hit ! Seems 2 girls were attacking the family including a grandmother.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 6:10
    I wasn’t aware asking questions was now considered a personal attack. Nothing I could say will cause you to rethink your position.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is about racial injustice in our communities and how we are being policed, not a back and forth thread. Stop trolling, people are dying!

      • Anonymous says:

        Questions you don’t like are not “trolling”. Opinions that run counter to yours are not “trolling”.

        • Earl says:

          Very good and yes I agree ! Also……the up state down where my deer camp is located has a Black Panther as their high school mascot . Would 6:37 pm Anonymous paint this a Racist Town ?

          • Earl says:

            40 yrs ago I enter a home to read the meter in the basement. It’s winter so I’m wearing a wool hat, hoodie and sunglasses like Elvis. 2 houses later the police pick me up. The young lady in the other house thought I looked like the guy who picked her up hitchhiking at 1am and attempted to rape her. She was drunk too. They took my pic for a photo line up ! This is how law an order works. I didn’t cruse, fight or run ! Yes I was scared, but I behaved like a man and not a Nit Wit !

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think this would be the perfect moment to submit an FOIA for the body cam footage of the officer who chased a man around the corner and shot him out of sight.

    Also, the officer’s name. The case was closed ages ago so they can’t withhold the records I would imagine.

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t fit the defund the police narrative

      • Anonymous says:

        They didn’t have to respond with a gun wielding white supremacist cop. If they hired people of color to respond to defuse the situation it could’ve been Deescalated. Defund and disarm the blue gang!

        • Anonymous says:

          What police department are you with or are you just an armchair cop?

          • Anonymous says:

            Personal attack…. Angry much? One does not have to work for the police to demand change (who are supposed to protect and serve), it’s about equity.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I still have to be a black man driving to work every day with white cops lurking at every corner who think I’m a thug because I drive a Mercedes. There is no justice just because one white bad cop got convicted.

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