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  Have a happy and safe Friday. I will come back to former Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser this weekend.


**   Imir Williams, who is known for repeatedly beating his former girlfriend and Amish Mafia star, Esther Schmucker, was arrested again this week (click here for the original of the police press shown above). At some point they need to throw this loser in jail and throw away the key.



     Left – Savannah Thorpe’s Facebook page; Right – quotes from her in Dan Nephin’s article.
*   I have a lot to say about today’s lead story in LNP’s print edition and online titled, “‘A roving nightmare’: Former Lancaster police chief recounts summer protests on podcast,” (click here).
     But from out of nowhere, LNP reporter Dan Nephin (pictured left) throws in protestor Savannah Thorpe. She is the only protester he quotes and he doesn’t say how he “found” her and he never states that she is the Communications Director for Jess King, Mayor Sorace’s Chief of Staff. There is no excuse for this. None!


     If you live in the city, whether Democrat or Republican, your primary ballot will look as below (click here for a sample Lancaster County primary ballot). Former County Commissioner and author of the book, “Pressed,” Molly Henderson, is running to fill a two year term on the School Board of the District of Lancaster. She has cross-filed and there is no one running against her.
     Immediately above Henderson are five candidates for four, four year positions on the school board. Four of the candidates are endorsed by the Democrats; one is not.
Please check back later today.


9 Responses to ** – * PRIMARY ON MAY 18TH

  1. Mike emri k says:

    25 year old man comes to meet mr.17540.

    * Edited to make it a hyperlink! OMG! Mr. 17540 found a 25 year-old Amish guy in a horse and buggy trying to meet a 14-year-old girl! Yikes!

  2. Lar harris says:

    I remember the mayor indicated there was a group of white men (armed) causing all the chaos during the city protests: city should identify these deplorables!!

    • Earl says:

      Yes they should !
      I guess being arrested and charged for assault is funny. What does William Rashon find so funny ? Lar, can you help me with this ??

      Old Earl

  3. Earl says:

    I thought that was a very good article about Berkihiser ! Yesterday I read about the City Council Meeting. So the Council has to vote on how to use $8-$9 million dollars to help low income families and the homeless but City Council President Smith-Wade-El does a NO SHOW ! If I preformed like that at my job I would have been called
    “A LOAD”. He ran on the platform of helping people of color and providing shelter for those in need and then does what !!! What a LOAD !!! This isn’t about race, it’s what’s known as Work Ethics

    Sincerely, Earl

  4. Anonymous says:

    So our police chief shares the values and visions of our mayor. The realty is that thugs now believe it’s ok to drive around at night terrorizing citizens by shooting at stuff. They believe its ok to do anything they want. If they get caught doing anything illegal they know they can turn it around real fast and become the victim. The mayor indicated not to long ago that we residents are basically to take care of gripes ourselves. I don’t think this would be a wise move at this time in history.

    • Earl says:

      In NYC if I rob you but steal less than $250.00 and get caught I get a ticket ! In California if I shop lift less then I believe $450.00 the store employees are told not to stop me or call the cops! So the thugs carry calculators……lol !! And of course cashless bail………..sign here and promise to show up for court.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where do the protestors want the police gobbling money to go?

  6. Anonymous says:

    A more equitable Lancaster for wh0m? Our mayoress needs to pull and read city police dispatch calls for the past two months. If what is going on in Lancaster is your 21st century policing I, as a tax paying resident, want no part of it! And it is because we do talk to our neighbors that we know what is going on despite valiant efforts to suppress knowledge of crime in Lancaster. Many Lancastrians knew our mayor was condoning civil disobedience if not encouraging it y her total lack of leadership. It does not surprise me that our city council president thinks revolution means bloodshed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mayor Dickina needs to do a ride along with officers throughout various shifts. To give the clone a better perspective, have her in a police uniform.

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