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     I am switching up this afternoon because this current LNP series on old and solved murders has me so angry because there are so many unsolved murders in Lancaster County (click here for LNP’s “Here’s a list of unsolved homicides in Lancaster County since 1992;” click here for the LNP story today at left above and here for the CBS 21 video and article when Carlos Movtalvo-Rivera was arrested 10 years after the horrific arson murder of his wife, Olga Sanchez-Reyes). 
     According to the court calendar (see below), he is scheduled to go on trial on June 21st and they have set aside eight days for his trial. There is so much wrong with this case and the police did not lift a finger to solve a previous arson at a property the two owned. The police did not lift a finger to solve that first arson and I can prove it. And how do the police get away with that? Because LNP has never held the police accountable. Never.
     LIP News will cover the trial.


Left: From The Caucus website (click here) and on the right from,”Is LNP’s Caucus a fox guarding the hen house?” (click here).
     …“The state’s death figures from nursing homes — at times inconsistent and incomplete during the pandemic — are also at issue,” Brad Bumsted, bureau chief with The Caucus, an LNP Media Group watchdog publication, reported in Monday’s edition.
From today’s LNP editorial, “Nursing home residents and their loved ones deserve a nonpartisan review of state’s pandemic decisions,” (click here).
     LNP opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy, the Caucus is no longer publishing and hasn’t been for months. How long are you going to continue this lie? And as for it being a “watchdog publication,” please read the article linked to above.



     It was a three hour marathon session of the city council committee meeting last night – but they started late because president Ismail Smith-Wade-El was fourteen minutes late to the meeting and Pete Soto had to begin it. And Smith-Wade-El and Amanda Bakay “disappeared” for long periods of time. I don’t know much about Zoom but their “boxes” were gone and the public had no idea what they were doing. It is not acceptable and as soon as all are vaccinated they need to return to in-person council meetings. 

         Reminder – these council members are paid and they make more than “food money!”  


     Councilman Xavier Garcia-Molina questioned whether it was legal to refuse public comments and Mayor Sorace said because of the length of the agenda she hoped that Tony Dastra did not question every candidate for the planning commission (the agenda is below).  Well, Dastra, a former Independent candidate for Mayor, had a public comment about every single topic and someone needs to tell Garcia-Molina that it is not legal to restrict comments (click here for the very recent ACLU article that begins, “PHILADELPHIA – Two community groups filed suit today against the Board of Education of the School District of Philadelphia, saying that the board’s new policy limiting public comment at meetings violates the state Sunshine Act”).

Tony Dastra

     And Mayor Sorace does not want to be on the Traffic Commission and she couched it as being able to put more members of the public on the commission. Dastra was not amused.     And they discussed money – millions of dollars in public money and Garcia-Molina stated at one point that he had no experience at being a council person but he thought he was doing a good job. Oh, my! 

     Will LNP cover this meeting? They have yet to report on the March 23rd meeting. What an absolute disgrace.
Click here for the video of last night’s meeting and see below for the agenda  and check back later today.


  1. Becky says:

    Thank you very much to the anonymous caller. Wow! Coming tomorrow…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Caucus is most certainly publishing. I read it on Pennlive every week. I think that’s a meme you are using.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Drug test Ismail-Smith-Wade-El. Way to go Tony Dastra! Anyone who can ruffle Mayor Dickina has my vote!

    • Anonymous says:

      Medical marijuana is not a crime!!!!!

      • Earl says:

        When you’re on the job ? Yo. Yo. Yo…..

        • Anonymous says:

          So people shouldn’t use Adderall when they’re on the job? Usually when one makes a claim they should have some type of proof , what is your proof? Oh that’s right , he’s a black male – easy target. Why don’t you call into the council meeting and ask him if he uses marijuana on the job.

        • Anonymous says:

          Keyboard warriors who would never say this to an elected Official’s face, really quite cowardly. But that’s right Earl, you would have it enlisted but…

          • Earl says:

            Smith-Wade is the one who brags about smoking pot ! Are people of Diversity the only ones guaranteed free speech ? So if I point something out I’m a Racist Cracker who is also a coward ?
            You people make me laugh ! Oh no……. I didn’t mean you people I meant you people……you know, I mean……

            Yours Truly, Earl

      • Anonymous says:

        Abusing prescription drugs

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are doing the lord’s work covering these Becky, thank you. It’s encouraging to see Tony re-engaging. It’s just refreshing to see some debate on issues. Interesting to see them apply the same bullying tactics to Tony that councilor Diaz gets whenever she isn’t in lockstep with the empress.

  5. Earl says:

    How in the hell can you be late when you’re doing from your house ? Guess he needed a couple more tokes before the show !

    Hope you had a nice Easter Becky


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