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     From the LNP editorial linked to in yesterday’s post. 
     That is just ridiculous. The below is a screenshot of page 493 of former county commissioner Molly Henderson’s book “Pressed.” The huge “GET OUT” headline is about the commissioners who opposed LNP’s convention center/hotel and one of the bylines on the story is Tom Murse!
**   The Lancaster Police announced the July 2020 retirement of Philip Bernot on their Facebook page today (see below). His name will forever remind me of when he tased Sean Williams in the back in a video that went viral worldwide.





*     Speaking of the DA’s office, what in the world went on in this case (click here for the LNP article pictured above)? Google Boyette L. Graham Jr. I was surprised! Are you?



     This comment in under the post below (thank you!):
     LNPs playbook is the same as it has always been. Cover, lie and deny. LNP should be talking about the dozens of Assistant DA’s that have left the DA’s office but LNP is 2 busy with their puff pieces for real journalism. Since Heather Adams is a WHITE woman, LNP won’t touch her incompetence. She hides in her office all day and does nothing. Todd Brown runs the show because Heather is clueless. The best ADAs have left and there have been mass numbers leaving. You would think LNP would care given our county has been reduced to having a prosecution that is truly the worse I have ever seen. It is now the ultimate clown show. Criminals of all stripes would do great in Lancaster. Even the judges know it. Heather Adams created a fake story about someone stealing money from the drug task force to give herself some media cover. Where is the $$$ and why have there been no further mention?? Heather then leaves her office to do press conferences about the missing Amish girl and she has no further leads or evidence. Heather was just trying to give Todd Brown some media attention since he was trying to seek endorsement for judge. These people are sick and everyone in the know understands why good attorneys keep leaving the DA’s office in flocks. Maybe LNP should care about that. It has gotten to such a critical level now. We have no real staff left and no one left that can actually win challenging cases. Heather Adams is a complete failure.

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  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    If you become a County Employee (I was a Caseworker II for seven years) you are by virtue of the Federal Hatch Act forbidden from participating in any partisan activity, including posting an election yard sign. Of course, none of that mattered if you were the previous president or one of his minions. But my Agency Director once criticized me for asking a fellow employee about how voters in Lebanon County could have refreshments served at their polling place! Then again, at a general staff meeting, our then Administrator stood up and told how the present County Commissioners at least had done a good job for our agency! Go figure!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I just missed it, but did the non-partisan LNP ever review Molly Henderson’s book “Pressed”? Like they do for other books who’s author is from Lancaster County.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sean Williams. Wasn’t he the guy who was high as a kite, wouldn’t comply with the officers orders, and was given several warnings he’d be tased if he didn’t comply? He missed how many court dates on this matter related to his drug use. Maybe if he hadn’t have died from a drug overdose he could tell his side of the story.

    • Becky says:

      Watch the video. There was no reason to tase him. Even then DA Stedman said that. He did not die from an overdose. His lawyers say he was beaten.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey was told he’d get tased if he didn’t comply. Stedman was running for office and pandering to get minority support. As for his lawyers saying he was beaten. Lawyers always tell the truth right?

        • Becky says:

          He did comply. He had two officers yelling conflicting orders at him. Stedman had to say that because millions saw it and the reason it went viral is because it was WRONG! I believe the lawyers and I believe the Philly police backed them up.

        • baffled says:

          That incident occurred because the cops were dopes. They kept telling him to “cross his legs”, when the proper instruction was “cross your ankles”, and then didn’t understand why he wouldn’t “comply”.

          Poorly trained officers allowed their inexperience and adrenaline to overwhelm their judgement. Anything about the suspect is irrelevant. (but the commenter, who is obviously a cop, already knows this)

  4. Help 4 A Newbie? says:

    I just moved to Lancaster about 6 months ago. There are some open positions at the county and I was interested in applying. But I keep hearing how I shouldn’t work there and it is a horrible place to work. My question since it seems people only provide honest feedback here, are there any good places to work in county government? I am finishing up my degree in political science and I have an associates in accounting and I want to get active with a political party and campaigns but it all seems so messy. Who can I discuss getting politically active with? My views are more right of center on fiscal policies but more left of center on social policies. Feeling a bit disenfranchised because I really do not know many people here.

    • Welcome to Lancaster! says:

      I work in the non-profit sector and though I work with the county sometimes, I have no direct experience as a county employee. I do agree that the county commissioners leave something to be desired as they are not friendly nor open to anything beyond their own viewpoints.

      Full disclosure. I am a Democrat and did serve as a Democrat committee woman for a very long time. I am prefacing my comments so you know that up front. I loved my time as a committee woman interacting with volunteers and voters. But I came to despise the back biting and bitterness that became of our committee. So I freed myself from it. But if you want to get in there and try to make some changes, they need new and young energy. I am too old to change the culture at this point. Our local committee is half socialists and half old school union Dems.

      If you are leaning Blue, you should talk to Mayor Sorace, Ismail Smith Wade El or Janet Diaz. Each bring some level of in-the-know and can give you some background. A more balanced person to speak with would be James Reichenbach but I am unsure how much time he devotes to party politics. James was always reasonable and the party will eventually beat the life out of reasonable people. If you can get on his calendar you should do so. Sally Lyall was a long time party boss and a wonderful woman but she is now over the nonsense as well. Many of our seasoned troops have moved on.

      I obviously know more about the Dems than I do about the Republicans but hands down if you are leaning Red, find a Martin. When Scott Martin was a county commissioner and I served as an elected official elsewhere, I despised him. But I will say that he is moons better as a Senator and more open to different perspectives and even our Mayor has said he works really well with her and others and does not make it partisan. I would prefer new and energetic blood filtering into our local democrat party but if that is not your route, Scott or Amber Martin should be the first doors you knock on. May not be a well liked suggestion here but it’s where republicans that want to do anything should start. Since I don’t know where you live in lancaster, I can only give you A few other Republican mentions to speak with. Their former looong time chair is Dave Dumyer (sp?) and Dave was a nice man. Ethan Demme left the RCLC but would be a good middle of the aisle person to connect with.

      Again it has been years since I was in the weeds of committee work but those are the names I remember the most. Good luck to you on both your job and political endeavors.

      • huh? says:

        Compliments to you “Welcome to Lancaster.” There is a lot of good newcomer information in your post.

  5. Earl says:

    Double Dog Dang !
    Once again all he had to do was pull over ! Now we’re gonna see an avalanche of this !!
    At least this guy didn’t injure anyone and we didn’t see his family on the news holding up his picture from the 3rd grade ! Lol

    Yours Truly,

  6. Anonymous says:

    Whomever wrote that must have worked there because it is 1000% accurate.
    My husband left the DA’s office and he once loved working there. Chris Larsen was the biggest causality. He was the best prosecutor in Lancaster and the political cesspool section of the RCLC did him in. Chris took the time to teach younger ADA’s and show them the ropes. We lost the best and now Chris works in the private sector. Heaven help us if Chris ever goes to the dark side of defense work. County will never win another case. You can’t come down too hard on Heather Adam’s tho. She’s an idiot politically and took bad political advice. She hired Todd Brown to try and give him exposure so he could become judge. That backfired badly on her and Todd. I find myself being more of a moderate and the republicans need to put forth better candidates or they will continue to see upsets. It is hard to understand why LNP wrote about the sheriff losing workers and all they really do is guard the courthouse. You’d think LNP would think it’s a serious issue that the prosecuting arm of the courts have no qualified people left and would want to ask the exited quality people what happened and why they left. This is dangerous.

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