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     City council meets tonight beginning at 6:30 pm. The agenda is below and you can watch the livestream of the virtual meeting on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).


     Very briefly, I still don’t know why LNP is running these old, solved murders (click here).  But Marian Baker’s murder is famous and the LNP article fails to mention that part of the reason it is so famous is that Richard Gehman wrote a brilliant book about the crime titled, “A Murder in Paradise.” There are now a lot of books and movies with that title but Gehman was the first. The ending of the book still brings tears to my eyes. It is a lesson in how to write.



3-23-2021 UPDATE

        How is this possible? What news organization in this country would allow this to go unanswered? What news outlet would not hold the police and DA’s office accountable and demand answers? Unbelievable!

— To be continued tomorrow.  —


     From today’s LNP editorial, “This week’s good things: A treasure hunt, a cozy cabin and crime-solving,” (click here).
       What exactly are the Lancaster county police departments and the District Attorney’s office doing with DNA to solve all the unsolved murders? As a commenter to this site said, if they recovered the $150,000 allegedly stolen from the DA’s office, they could send DNA to Parabon in many of these cases! And why aren’t they consulting with Eric Schubert (click here for the LNP story)?
Please check back later today.

6 Responses to AFTERNOON UPDATE – * 3-23 UPDATE – WHERE IS THAT $150,000?

  1. Idontfront says:

    Becky, I was wondering how do you feel about Eating during the meeting? ( Council President was eating seemed very unprofessional in my opinion ) Also did you hear how much they paying for homeless wow it’s mighty expensive. I believe I heard the Mayor saying 1 million already and expecting to spend another 800k this year! ( I’m Not sure where the money came from)

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the same sickness. LNP only reports what benefits them. The people that were murdered can do nothing for LNP and they are not enuf of a public interest story to benefit LNP. The fact that the chair of the county commissioner board is a closet racist should matter but it doesn’t to LNP.

    I fight with Commissioner Parsons on nearly a weekly basis on his Facebook page. I have never seen someone so full of themselves. His narcissistic rants and his applause for himself are beyond anything normal people could comprehend. He is literally celebrating his greatness but all he has done is managed to screw up using tens of millions of dollars that the state and feds have given to him. I have no idea how people believe his bull crap.

    I have little respect for our Republican electeds but I have respected the way that 90% of them have handled themselves over the past year. Sadly I can not say the same for the chairman of the commissioners. I believe he is very dangerous because he is so unstable. Guy even threatened the police chiefs and no one really batted an eye. It is fascinating to me that Commissioner Parsons always talks negatively about LNP but LNP has covered for him on so many things.

  3. Paywall killed the news says:

    Becky, hate to change the subject but how on earth can LNP not allow people to submit questions to the county commissioners without going thru a paywall? LNP will be hosting commissioner Josh Parsons tomorrow at their studio and are asking for questions from the public. Why hasn’t LNP asked Commissioner Parsons why he an Representative Dave Zimmerman hosted the white nationalist group under the guise of “patriots” on March 9 at the Blue Ball firehall. The same people who created that online newspaper who were caught having a self identified white nationalist as their editor hosted Parsons and Zimmerman. Lots of white racists attended with no masks in sight. How about a real question for Fuhrer Parsons?

    • Anonymous says:

      What meeting of White Nationalists? In defense of the big P, they were probably rolling up their shirt sleeves researching the big best cheesesteak’s in Lancaster County piece.

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