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       On the left is an excerpt from LNP’s coverage of the preliminary hearing for Justo Smoker yesterday in the murder of Linda Stoltzfoos (click here). On the right is an excerpt from PennLive’s coverage of the same court proceeding (click here).
     So basically what we have is that Smoker’s DNA was found on the bra and white stockings but Stoltzfoos’ was not. If, as obviously suggested, she was wearing the bra and stockings, how could her DNA not be on them? And what about in his car?
     This is an interesting, interesting case.


  1. Earl says:

    Well it’s Sunday !
    I bet your doing a story on Pet of the Week ? The Goat Trail ? Or maybe the Muñoz Lawsuit ? ???


    • Becky says:

      Oh, Earl! I can’t post today. I am preparing for the Oprah interview! I am popping popcorn, making an ice cream sundae, chips and dip, hot chocolate, cookies and cake and maybe a pecan pie! I can’t wait! The royal family may never be the same again!

      • Becky says:

        Oops. I forgot the Snickers bars. Have to have Snickers for a world changing event like this!

        • Earl says:

          LNP contacted a attorney named Jacob who’s on the Floyd lawsuit team. He’d be surprised if the Muñoz lawsuit made it to trial due to the young mans actions.
          Did you make coffee to go with that pecan pie ?


      • Anonymous says:

        Isn’t rule by royal bloodline the most tyrannical government? The old white queen should work a day in her privileged life, she doesn’t deserve to be propped up because of her heritage.

  2. Earl says:

    When I read this stuff in the paper I new Becky would be all over this ! He purchase alcohol and plastic gloves several timers and was seen wiping out his car numerous times also. His car has a plastic bag rear window and was on camera and creeping around Amish girls walking home. He buried the cloths where he works. One story has him actually being rasied some years back by this family. Plus his cell phone tracking.
    Granted this DNA is going to be a issue.
    What do you think Becky ?

    • Becky says:

      I think it’s extremely “odd” that they are saying her DNA was not on the bra or stockings or in his car.

      I have plastic gloves because of covid. Actually went looking for rubbing alcohol today to hang up Command hooks. I must be guilty of something. 😉

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