** – * & THEY NEED THAT $6,000?

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**     This comment just in under yesterday’s post:
     I saw the coroners office out and about last week and has anyone else realized that they now carry guns? Gotta make sure the people they deal with don’t turn into zombies!!
     Is this true? Are they carrying guns?


*   Remember Andrew and Lisa Makrides (pictured below). They were arrested on October 30th of 2020 and charged with hosting multiple underage drinking parties in Manheim Township. They were finally scheduled to have their preliminary hearings yesterday before District Judge David P. Miller. I called his office today for an update and the woman who answered the phone said they were continued again at a defense attorney’s request. She stated no new date has been scheduled.
     I realize we are in a pandemic but this has been five months with no preliminary hearing. This has to be fixed!




     A front page headline in today’s LNP print edition and District Attorney Heather Adams (click here to read the article).
     DA Heather Adams better find that missing $150,000 before she “eyes” the death penalty! You do realize, DA Adams, that if you lied or made a mistake that you have not corrected, that when it becomes public information you will no longer be the District Attorney? I will focus on an answer to that all next week.
     And did the city save $6,000 a month by bringing attorney Barry Handwerger “in-house” (see yesterday’s post)? No. Apparently the law firm of Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort & Albert didn’t want to lose that $6,000!
Please check back later today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You do realize that if the defense asks for the continuance they usually get it and there is really nothing the DA’s office can do about it. It is ultimately up to the MDJ or the Common Pleas Judge. There are numerous cases in the system right now that have been there for close to 2 years because the defense is stalling, claiming they are not ready to proceed to court.

    • Becky says:

      When I said it needs to be fixed I meant the incredible backlog created by Covid and I think that’s part of the delay with this case. When my laptop is working I will go into more detail.

      But maybe you could help us understand why the husband and wife in this case have separate private attorneys? What is the advantage in that?

  2. Becky says:

    Sigh. I am having internet connection problems. Please be patient.

  3. Willie says:

    I saw the people in the coroners office carrying guns as well. I thought they were cops because they had badges and vests and the whole works

  4. Anonymous says:

    Off topic. Unless I’m mistaken, it looks like the LNP has dumped commenting under their articles.

    • Earl says:

      I saw that too.

    • Becky says:

      That’s correct. Tom Murse said in an article about their new website that there would no longer be comments directly under the articles on Lancaster Online.

      I was going to have some fun with their new website today but I cannot get the internet on my laptop. 🙁

    • Idontfront says:

      I also was looking for comments. The only place I found to comment was on Facebook or other media not on their website.

  5. Idontfront says:

    Anyone know anything about the incident on Manor street where someone jumped out a 3rd story window, running from the police? It was little more than a week ago the coroner had Manor Street blocked. I didn’t hear anything about it not a word.

    • Becky says:

      Are you talking about the arrest of Shane McCraken, Jr. several days ago? According to the police report he tried to flee through a 3rd floor window. He is charged with attempted homicide for a Christmas day shooting. I wish I could link but computer problems – try Lanc police Facebook page.

      • Idontfront says:

        I Will double check my records see when I recorded a video of the Coroner’s car Blocking Manor st. I stopped and people on scene said someone jumped and died. I didn’t see it happen either.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorace’s endorsements popped up on my Facebook feed. Notably absent was Janet Diaz. I remember seeing several weeks ago that Kevin Ressler endorsed Janet Diaz. Maybe there are some battle lines forming heading into democratic primary. I haven’t heard anyone else officially running for mayor, but I did hear some rumors from people who know these kind of things.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. Mayor Dickina doesn’t like that Janet Diaz thinks for herself, cares about her constituents and doesn’t follow the party line like a, well, like a Mayor Dickina.

  7. Earl says:

    A case I’ve been watching for over a year involves Barry K Urian Jr born 1/27/65. He harasses women both mentally and physically ! He’ll also vandalize their property even after court orders of protection. He has DUI and drug arrests. Mr Urian will get drunk, come to your home in a car with expired tags and broken tail lights and start a fight with his ex girlfriends . The last time was like 2/2/2020. He was arrested in his car that night and spent a day or two in jail before posting bail. He pleaded not guilty and is awaiting court. His court dates have been pushed out 10 or 11 times now ! He lives in Quarryville and also had some issues years back in York County with under age girls !

    • Idontfront says:

      Wow that sounds a lot like Predator Puryear! Jerry Puryear! He was arrested for Harrassment again on 2-18-21 that’s like his 4th in the last year! He was recently arrested for not having Auto Insurance Child safety seatbelts/seat violations too!! He also has history of rape, videotaping underage homeless girls! with many burglaries and robberies!
      Shame that such menaces to society, who owe thousands in fines and restitution walk and Harass with no fear of consequences!

      • Earl says:

        Looks like Jerry will be back in court in April. I remember last year or so he was recording himself driving to McDonalds in Gap to pick a fight with the MFers who had disrespected him the night before. Why would you want to fight someone the next day who most likely only did something like making “eye contact” ? Plus you give the police evidence on your phone.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Makrides situation is in the process of being fixed. Coroners carrying guns, overkill in my opinion.

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