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     Last night on “Live at 5,” Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace had Dr. Damaris Rau, the Superintendent of the School District of Lancaster, as a guest (click here). With 5:24 left on the video, Rau states the following:
    One of the reasons I came to this school district was because I feel that there is an importance in our students, especially our children of color, to see role models – people who look like them who have been successful and often times came from similar backgrounds.
     I bring this up because of the new hire for the Lancaster Police Department (see yesterday’s post). This happens over and over again and no one demands to know why people of color are not being hired. And at the last city council meeting, Sorace stated they have hired the CNA Corporation to tell them how the department is failing people of color.
It is disturbing, expensive and ridiculous and there will be much more to come on this.
*   The below is from (click here). LNP and High Industries (the PSP Partners) actually received almost $10 million public dollars for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel “expansion.” 
     Former Mayor Art Morris took down the website that is linked to in his letter. He has never explained that. But do see the detailed and excellent “Convention Center Series” on NewsLanc (click here) and read the book “Pressed” by former county commissioner Molly Henderson about the incredibly unethical actions of the Lancaster Newspapers and owner Beverly Steinman regarding the original convention center/Marriott Hotel proposal (click here to buy it on Amazon). 
     And send this post to SpotlightPA because that is LNP’s big issue – trying to claim they are ethical and a legitimate news outlet when they are clearly not (click here). Hey, Suzanne Cassidy, why don’t you publish LNP’s code of ethics? 



From today’s LNP editorial, “Beware partisan websites masquerading as news sites. Newspapers such as LNP | LancasterOnline are far more reliable,” (click here).
     That’s an outright lie, LNP opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy. Wow! An outright lie!
Please check back later today.


  1. Investigate the DA! says:


    LNPs playbook is the same as it has always been. Cover, lie and deny. LNP should be talking about the dozens of Assistant DA’s that have left the DA’s office but LNP is 2 busy with their puff pieces for real journalism. Since Heather Adams is a WHITE woman, LNP won’t touch her incompetence. She hides in her office all day and does nothing. Todd Brown runs the show because Heather is clueless. The best ADAs have left and there have been mass numbers leaving. You would think LNP would care given our county has been reduced to having a prosecution that is truly the worse I have ever seen. It is now the ultimate clown show. Criminals of all stripes would do great in Lancaster. Even the judges know it. Heather Adams created a fake story about someone stealing money from the drug task force to give herself some media cover. Where is the $$$ and why have there been no further mention?? Heather then leaves her office to do press conferences about the missing Amish girl and she has no further leads or evidence. Heather was just trying to give Todd Brown some media attention since he was trying to seek endorsement for judge. These people are sick and everyone in the know understands why good attorneys keep leaving the DA’s office in flocks. Maybe LNP should care about that. It has gotten to such a critical level now. We have no real staff left and no one left that can actually win challenging cases. Heather Adams is a complete failure.

    • Beware of county employment says:

      This is sadly accurate.
      It is not just Heather.
      The culture and the morale has never been this bad.
      All the good people are leaving.
      The commissioners are all about themselves and acting like they do anything.
      The chair is an embarrassment. When he is not playing on social media attacking people, he is making enemies because he has no idea how to properly work with people.
      Josh wants so badly to be Trump but Josh lacks both vertical and financial stature.
      Our judges hate him and I mean hate him because he is an arrogant prick with nothing to be arrogant about.
      Judge Ashworth is a very kind and level headed man and Josh’s treatment of him is detestable. Judge Ashworth has more class in his right hand than Josh has in his entire body.
      Why isn’t LNP talking about all the turn over with the commissioners key people. No one will stay in HR!!!!
      The new commissioner is a jerk to women.
      There will be complaints. Trust me on that.
      County employment used to be rewarding but it is no longer.
      Many of us thought the Molly, Dick and Pete days were bad. This is worse and LNP says nothing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I often wonder how Molly is doing. I remember that her biggest paid for detractor Marv Adams was driving cars for some dealership IIRC. After he was all used up by the LNP and then got kicked to the curb. Everyone saw that coming. I wonder if he did as well.

    • Becky says:

      I have a story about Marv’s wife – Helen Colwell Adams. A college student called me to interview me for a college paper he was doing on “citizen journalism.” Anyway, I remembered this… So Helen wrote a political column something like “political animals.” And at one time during the height of their anti-Molly Henderson fury – she wrote a column using “unnamed sources” and “anonymous sources” to say that Democrats didn’t even like Molly. It was an unbelievable hatchet piece not using a single person’s name. And I wrote about that and used the AP code of ethics on when reporters can use “unnamed sources.”

      And of course there was Marv who is famous to me for stating this:

      Now, $40 million is nothing to sneeze at, if, “big if,’’ this project tanks. No conventions, no guests. Short of a huge volcano erupting in Pequea Township, that is not going to happen.


  3. baffled says:

    The only reasons the paper would print and editorial like this is that they know their product is so diluted and ineffective that they’re now threatened by one-person websites.

    When the newspaper no longer puts out quality content, when it no longer acts in the interest of the public, and when it no longer prints the news, then everyone and anyone is the newspaper.

    If they want to quell the noise, then they should print less editorials and print more news.

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