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       This is just ridiculous and pathetic of LNP and executive editor Tom Murse (click here). LIP News will begin a series on recent unsolved murders in the next several weeks. The family and friends of these victims are still awaiting closure and justice and the killers are walking the streets. 
       One exception to this is the horrific arson murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes. Over nine years later they arrested her husband and he is currently scheduled to go on trial in June. One of the prosecution’s main witnesses is Detective Nathan Nickel who is named in a federal lawsuit for excessive force and sexual assault. Did then DA Craig Stedman know the lawsuit was coming and race to charge her husband, Carlos Montalvo-Rivera? That is just one of the cases that will be examined.
        Oh, and I will follow up on that missing $150,000 from the District Attorney’s office!



     Well, DA Heather Adams, I believe the court said you had to release these records (click here for the link in the screenshot above). Now, let’s talk about that missing $150,000 from the drug task force!
Please check back later today.

2 Responses to UPDATED – NOW, WHAT ABOUT THAT MISSING $150,000?

  1. Courthouse Observer says:

    Interesting how the vehicle expenses decreased from $61,234.25 in 2018-2019 to $16,784.51 in 2019-2020. How much of that was Stedman’s lease of the Toyota SUV while he was using it for personal transportation or non-drug related travel? Guess we will never know….Looks like Guttman Energy made out pretty well – did they supply Stedman’s gas too? Also curious is the $1133 paid to Battery Warehouse in 2018-2019 for batteries for investigative expenses/supplies….

  2. Earl says:

    And Then,
    Last night as I watched the news and they ran these $ numbers I was looking for the missing $150k. When I didn’t hear it mentioned I knew Becky would be all over this come morning ! Earl has a crystal ball !


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