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      A quick legal update – as reported on this site, Dwain London, Jr., acting as his own attorney, had filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Lancaster and others. London was found guilty of setting fire to city hall. He has withdrawn his suit per the below.
**  The below is from Detective Nathan Nickel’s Brief in Opposition to Lopez’s use of the video. As noted, it has been on YouTube since I put it on the LIP News channel on November 2, 2019.


     Jessica Lopez wants to use the below video of Detective Nathan Nickel in her lawsuit against him.


Gray and Sorace

I will put in a Right-to-Know request to the city to find out how much the CNA Corporation is charging Lancaster for their services. This is really unbelievable! And where is LNP? Willow Valley wants to put in a huge apartment complex for wealthy seniors next door to a poverty neighborhood.  Is there any way to stop this? How much money will the city really make in taxes? Did Mayor Sorace learn to lie from former Mayor Rick Gray?
So many questions! Please check back later today.

     You would think the first thing CNA would tell the city is, “Do not promote a bad cop!” There will be much more tomorrow on all of this.
***   At 2:42:17 into the video of last night’s city council meeting, council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El turns it over to Mayor Sorace for her report. Below is a transcript of the beginning of her report. The remainder will come tomorrow.
       Good evening council. Thank you council president. I have three items for tonight. First, as you are all aware, I and my administration are committed to assuring that the City of Lancaster’s Bureau of Police provide professional public safety services that advance our vision of providing a stronger, more equitable Lancaster block by block and align with the city’s core values of quality, teamwork, respect and integrity.
     Further, we are committed to incorporate best practices consistent with 21st century policing pillars related to policy, training and ongoing operations. As a logical next step in assuring these commitments are realized and as a precursor to seeking accreditation through the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission, the police bureau issued a RFP seeking a qualified individual or entity to undertake an independent, comprehensive review of its policies and procedures.
    In response to that RFP, the City of Lancaster has entered into an agreement with CNA, a non-profit research organization with a strong history of delivering high quality, independent and objective reviews of police policy training, operations and real world instant response to local jurisdictions such as ours. CNA is at the forefront of emerging best practices and policing and is an expert in law enforcement practice, research, reform and community engagement.
         CNA’s work with the city will come in three phases…
**   Below is a screenshot of the website of the CNA Corporation, which Mayor Sorace stated last night in her Report of the Mayor the city has contracted with to review all the policies and procedures of the Lancaster Bureau of Police (click here). I am working on a transcript of the Mayor’s report. She did not state the cost of this.
*     Once again, LNP stands to profit from the Willow Valley proposal. When council woman Janet Diaz asked about parking for the 147 apartments, the representative responded that they will be leasing spaces from the LNP garage. LNP has moved their offices from 8 W. King Street, where the garage is located, to 101 N. Queen Street in the new Lancaster Square.



      Interim police chief John T. Bey told city council last night that police officer Christopher McCormick (pictured left) has been promoted. McCormick is the subject of two federal lawsuits and has been involved in several violent arrests. Not a single council member said a word.
     Further, Mayor Sorace told council the city has hired the CNA company to do a review of all the policies of the Lancaster Bureau of Police. She said an RFP was put out but did not say who bid or how much the city is paying CNA.
        Following a heated discussion, two council members, Janet Diaz and Xavier Garcia-Molina, voted no to approving the Historical Commission’s approval of Willow Valley Communities, owner of 17 West Vine Street, who are proposing the demolition of a former newspaper printing plant and rear annex structures and construction of a new apartment building (pictured above). When council member Pete Soto asked how much affordable housing would be included, the Willow Valley representative said, “We are not developers of affordable housing.”
     And Tony Dastra, (pictured left) who first began livestreaming council meetings, showed up and spoke strongly against the Willow Valley proposal.

Click here to watch the video of last night’s meeting and there will be much more later today.   


  1. Earl says:

    With regards to Dwayne or Dwain
    Earl says “Told Your So” ! He was hoping for some kind of a little quick pay out to buzz off ! Lol

    That Earl !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Becky do you prefer that they build just all low income housing? Developers get Tax breaks everywhere these days to build if they don’t get it they build somewhere else. What would y’all like them to do with this area? Not hearing any other viable solutions but a lot of complaining about our democratically elected mayor and city Council.

    • Anonymous says:

      My position is any use that pays taxes is better than a 1000 story tower that does not. Show me the money!

      If it’s going to be a nonprofit use it may as well be something that helps people. I don’t see how a tax exempt glass tower for rich out of towners where everyone is retired and not even paying income tax is a good thing. How is Luca being busier help the average Lancaster city resident?

  3. Anonymous says:

    City will be making money indirectly through taxes on restaurants, entertainment venues (Fulton, Ware, Village doubtful but you never know), stores , central market, and everything within walking distance. And another plus, this neighborhood will rapidly become the safest neighborhood in Lancaster City. I’m sure CRIZ comes into play somehow.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t even count the number of times Patrick Hopkins has told us that the property tax base does not increase via improved utilization of existing properties, as in the fancy restaurants. There needs to be new property to increase in the base. If that tower isn’t brining in millions of dollars via property taxes to the city and school, it may as well not be there. Literally any actual direct tax producing use is better.

      • Anonymous says:

        With all these rich old folks eating out all the time the fancy restaurants (the ones where it costs two weeks worth of groceries for a meal, you know who I mean) income will increase which will go towards restaurant paying higher taxes I’m thinking. Not that the city will share any added revenue with the poor folk. There will have to be added police presence in the hood so there goes the revenue. I see no benefit for the poor folks.

    • Anonymous says:

      This was the same spin that got us stuck with the Con Center. Tax breaks? Hey! THAT’S SOCIALISM!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good! All these reports, make Mayor Dickina look like she’s actually doing something.

  5. baffled says:

    Wow, Is this Willow Valley’s project or is it Mayor Sorace’s project ?

    She spoke as an advocate and in support of the project for a longer period of time and with more vigor than Willow Valleys representative. And with regard to Diaz she was completely aggressive. Most amazing was her cheerleading for MORE housing for people making over $100K a year. Her premise is that poor people are better served by MORE rich folks moving in. I mean she kind of has a point, a lot of those 147 unit are going to need maids and, as she pointed out, bagels. Gives good insight into how she views working class people. Maybe she can commission a local engineering firm to do another $100,000 study and how to increase valet parking and custodial services.

    The dynamic trio of newly elected officials talked a good game of inclusion and equity on the campaign trail, but when it comes to actually doing something, “equity” is more about the promotion of sexual identity and getting invited to the right parties rather than helping poor people. Garcia-Molina claims to feel “unsafe” any time he leaves the confines of the city, but he’s more than willing to shove poor people and minorities into the dangerous suburbs scrambling for a place to live.

    By the way, did anyone pick up the fact that Willow Valley just hired FORMER CITY COUNCILMAN Chris Ballentine to usher through this project. Ballentine vacated his seat so Garcia-Molina etal could have a place to eat.

    MONEY MONEY MONEY. The irony of course is that none of the income from the 150 units is going to be subject to income tax. When pressed for how much income this will generate Sorace didn’t know. And when the Councilors started losing momentum they switched to process to quiet dissent.

    All that chatter this summer about BLM, police accountability, and taking over the streets all ended after November’s election. The black chief is “interim”, the rouge cop gets promoted, and rich people get their housing.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • Becky says:

      I caught the Chris Ballentine hiring. Amazing! What job did he have before?

      • Anonymous says:

        Ohh wow, direct from his linked in,

        “ As Community Relations Manager, I will primarily develop and manage external relationships with key decision makers, organization leaders, and community influencers to advocate and gain support for implementation of Willow Valley Communities’ downtown Lancaster initiatives (including Southern Market and Mosaic VIA Willow Valley).”

        Don’t hate the player, hate the game… lol

    • Becky says:

      Oh, the bagel comment by the mayor was the best! 😉 I will try to get a transcript of that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea, they owe a better explanation of why this tower is beneficial to Lancaster. No property tax or income tax revenue for city and school? Just some ancillary low end service sector jobs… bagel makers and maids? No thanks.

      But I will admit the glass tower is better than a vacant warehouse. Is there zero alternative interest in the site?

  6. Lar Harris says:

    Just think about all the city taxes from the old rich people they’ll be able to accumulate versus if there was “” affordable housing” which I’m guessing means ‘subsidized by the government’?
    Does Tony D have any qualifications? Any schooling, certificates, diplomas,anything to provide Substance to his claims other than just an opinion?

    • Billy says:

      Willow Valleu is a non-profit and as such, tax exempt.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you are saying senior citizens who live in the building will not be paying city taxes? They don’t pay property tax?

        • Earl says:

          You buy in, then you pay a high monthly fee which includes everything, trash, water,cable electric, taxs, repairs, and food. It’s a retirement community and thats how it works. Willow Valley Corp handles that stuff.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yea I’m curious about that too. If this tower isn’t going to have a very hefty property tax bill, what is the point? Do something else with it.

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