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        Rahmir Hopkins was three weeks shy of his 15th birthday when police say he shot Luis A. Perez, 25, in the back as Perez was trying to get up off a sidewalk as two other people were kicking him (click here for the LNP article, “Case of Lancaster boy charged with fatally shooting man in back to stay in adult court”).

     LNP didn’t care that Rahmir Hopkins was being charged as an adult. They didn’t follow his case or report that his attorney’s request that his case be moved to juvenile court was denied. They only finally reported on it when another juvenile, Claire Miller, allegedly killed her sister.
   Claire Miller, a white, 14-year-old girl attending private and pricey Lancaster Country Day School stabbed her sister to death and they write an editorial stating society needs to “rethink” how juvenile cases are handled (click here).
     Stabbing your sister to death in the neck is personal and up-close and is an extremely violent murder. Shooting someone is less personal although just as deadly. 
     But from the scratches on Claire’s neck, it would appear that her disabled 19-year-old sister, Helen Miller, fought for her life. I’m not at all sure that five years in the juvenile system is adequate treatment for such a horrific murder. 
     Maybe we should rethink juvenile cases but we need more than five years of supervision and we have to take race out of the equation and do it now!


       Did Claire Miller’s 19-year-old, disabled sister fight for her life as she was being stabbed?
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     This comment in about ex-officer Christopher Young (click here).
     LNP was full of white privilege this morning. 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    …WHERE are all the ‘BIOHAZARD’ bins for used masks and gloves?

    I think this is a fair and serious question.

    I go to my grocery store and, on the way to the doors, I see a bunch of masks just littering the parking lot.
    I go inside…pass the cart corral and see an overflowing trash can full of used masks, gloves and wipes…with groceries and shoppers just feet away, inside.
    I’ve even seen old masks inside shopping carts.
    It’s this way in every store.

    These used things (gloves and masks) are potentially infected with a deadly virus that has killed around half a million Americans in just over a year…Am I right?

    So why aren’t these masks and gloves being mandated to be disposed of in Biohazard bins…as these same items are disposed of in hospitals and in doctor’s offices?

    Shouldn’t this be happening EVERYWHERE…if the China Virus really IS so deadly and contagious?

    • Earl says:

      You are correct ! Went to Hobby Lobby and saw the same thing. The “Hazard” bag cost money and has to be stored in a separate container marked BioHazad and buried in a different land fill. The stores ain’t gonna pay. Bottom line is it’s our fault ! We’re dealing with people today who throw a $hity diapers out thier car windows. During trout season you should see the fishing trash along the streams. Old worm containers and fishing lure packages, plus beer cans and caffeine drinks.
      I’m a guy who would grab a bag and pick up other peoples trash ! But not today. The stores need to do better.

  2. Earl says:

    Well Now,
    As messed up as it is there is a difference between Miller and Hopkins besides race. Miller showed remorse. She called the police turning herself in and met them out front of her home crying.
    Hopkins shoots a guy in the back who’s on the ground being attacked buy other guys. If someone breaks into your home you can’t shoot them in the back. Same goes for a burglar laying on your floor. Then while being evaluated in jail he’s hostile and angry. He’s told that in J.V he’ll get counseling and therapy for anger but states he’ll refuse to attend therapy. All he had to do was keep his dumb a$$ mouth shut and play along.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another factor that comes into play is the class (socio economic) distinction. City kid, school district of Lancaster, School Lane Hills kid, Country Day. Class distinction in the Lancaster area is still thriving.

      • Anonymous says:

        School lane hillers aren’t supposed to be doing anything that can’t be covered up, hidden, disappeared.

  3. Earl says:

    I would say yes, at least as best she could and most likely horrified at what was happening . Then there would be the intense pain and trouble breathing before death.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the police deserve some credit for taking this gentleman in without incident. Although it says the gentleman surrendered at his home, one has to believe that every incident like this could escalate to A Munoz type incident.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is a tiktok Miller posted of her father.

    There is something seriously strange. You can see her sister seated in the background.

    • Earl says:

      Yes, that is weird ! But I act like that sometimes too……….till my wife yells at me for acting stupid !
      I’ll be interested to here if they did a tox screen on her ?

    • baffled says:

      What’s strange ? Its a Dad of teenage girls being ridiculous.
      Don’t be a tw*t.

      • Earl says:

        Dear baffled,
        I have grandchildren and I behave like that with them so I understand. What I fail to understand is why you read my post then chose to go on a personal attack on someone’s blog.
        I’d rather be a “Tw*t” then a “Coward” ! If you get point !
        Sincerely, Earl

  6. Anonymous says:

    This little girl isn’t sugar and spice or anything nice!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Us whites don’t want him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Caucasian who murdered here sister posted the bloody aftermath all over Tik Tok.

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