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        I am working on transcribing the full comments by Mayor Sorace regarding the project and hope to have them tomorrow (click here and she speaks beginning at 1:34:55 into the video and ends at 1:39:53). I also hope to get to the bottom of exactly who will be paying taxes to the city and school district as a result of this project.
      This is the mayor’s bagel comment regarding the “community benefits” of the proposed project (I do not know the exact spelling of “Zack” and she refers only to “the bagel shop” and I do not know the exact name of the store):
     There will be hundreds of people who will be living in our downtown and that is something that has a significant economic impact. Just the way that council has been briefed on the economic impact of convention center attendees and what that means to small businesses, and hearing, you know, um, Zack from the bagel shop just say he’s never going to complain about convention center guests coming into the city because he knows that his business is going to do very well on those particular days.
     Exactly how many conventions have there been since Covid-19? None?! What an absurd comment by the mayor. If these small businesses can’t survive without convention center attendees they might as well close up shop.
*    At 1:24:09 into the video of Tuesday’s city council meeting, Mr. Swanson of Willow Valley says the proposed project will be a 501c3 – a not-for-profit – corporation (click here). So, how will the city and the School District of Lancaster be paid taxes? By the individual apartment renters?


(Click here) 

      What is missing from this article? Mayor Sorace. As a commenter to this site stated:
      Wow, Is this Willow Valley’s project or is it Mayor Sorace’s project?
     She spoke as an advocate and in support of the project for a longer period of time and with more vigor than Willow Valley’s representative. 
     True! Hmmm….
Please check back later today!


  1. Anonymous says:


    They pay up $31 million in wages per year. They are a revenue generator for their employees who in turn spend the money they make it back into the community. Don’t blame Willow Valley blame the lawyers who made the tax code.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Willow Valley is broken into many different tax entities smuch like LNP/Lancaster online/Staiman foundation. different tax statuses. So while some of Willow Valley we may be 501 C3 that does not apply to all.

    Attached is a link discussing that the Willow Valley residence pay the majority of property tax in Lampeter. I’d love it if the people writing on this post would attach or show some proof about all of the ramblings about not paying taxes. It’s simply not true.

    • Anonymous says:

      East lampeter has a total mileage rate of about 20. So if they are paying $220,000 per year in tax that would equate to a fair market value of their complex of $11,000,000. Hmmm, the pretty clear takeaway is they mostly don’t pay property taxes.

      The mayor said they will pay taxes, but I want to hear numbers. At $90 mil fair market value for their tower and the city’s 39 mileage rate they should be looking at a$3.5 million per year bill to the city and school district. Let’s get confirmation that that is the tax bill they built into their business plans.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are discussing the proposed Lancaster City version of Willow Valley not what goes on in Willow Street.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So the mayor trades much needed tax revenue for a sales tax spent on a bagel. Seems about right for the mighty minds of Lancaster’s leaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea, the primary advantage of bringing well to do people to live in the city is extracting tax from them via property and income taxes. Their dozen bagels and weekly trip to Luca doesn’t add up to much help for the community. They are retired so there will be no income tax. The property tax question isn’t looking good either.

      I know for my household we are blessed to be relatively wealthy and live in downtown Lancaster. I know the income and property tax we spend on a yearly basis blows any annual restaurant and bagel purchasing amount out of the water.

      Yea yea yea private property right, zoning code, they can do what they want. Doesn’t mean I have to like it or think it’s a net benefit to the city versus some other use.

  4. Robert says:

    That’s right. Tax exempt. Residents buy into the “continuum of care” by forking over a healthy lump sum at the onset and then continuing to pay hundreds of thousands a year. Willow Valley owns the entire property.

    Tax. Exempt.

  5. Anonymous says:

    But what if the whites moving in are registered Republican and try to tip the scales in their favor?

  6. Anonymous says:

    If it is being managed the way Willow Valley in Will0w Street is the individual tenants will not be directly paying taxes. I think 501’s are tax exempt. So………………

  7. Idontfront says:

    Now we know where the Mayor’s Husband’s gonna be working next !

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