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    Posted on LNP’s Facebook page under their cheesesteak story (click here).
     You, sir, are correct and that is one nasty looking pizza steak. And it’s an embarrassment and a shame that LNP ran this as their top story all day until Josh Parsons exploded on them!
     I don’t care if you like Josh Parsons or agree or disagree with his politics – he gave an incredible performance today. He actually looked like he was totally in charge and absolutely enjoying himself the whole time. He gave the LNP reporters asking the questions a very hard time and called them out on multiple items.
    And I agree with him about one thing – LNP’s coverage of a county health department has been relentless and one-sided. They are using it to try to “show” that they are working on behalf of the public – not for Peggy Steinman’s pocketbook as per their usual.
—  He accused LNP of trying to “trick people” regarding a county health department! LOL!
—  Oh, Parsons is slick! He’s insulted LNP numerous times. LOL!
**  I realize the focus of this will be Covid, but will LNP also ask him about the missing $150,000 from the District Attorney’s office and what is being done about it (click here)? 
**    Speaking of Willow Valley, at the last city council meeting their representative said their companies are 501(c)(3) corporations which means they are tax exempt. But Mayor Sorace specifically stated they will pay city and school taxes. So which is it? The public needs to know!
*     I don’t understand why anyone thinks the mayor makes sense. At the last council meeting she announced the city was hiring the CNA Corporation (at $82,000 according to LNP) to review the police department and make them more racially sensitive. At the same meeting, interim police chief John Bey announced a bad cop was promoted and two weeks later the police announced their hiring of a white male from California! Um…do you see a problem, Mayor Sorace?
          Watch out! On top of Willow Valley and their ballroom and pool and fitness center for wealthy seniors, she announced last night that April and May will be affordable housing months! What consultant will the city hire?



        Mayor Sorace droned on at last night’s city council meeting. Oops! I mean there was a discussion about drones in city parks (hint: not allowed!). You read that correctly!
Please check back later today.


  1. Distraught in 8th ward says:

    The state is requiring me to renew my license and need to get a photo for this. I am not vaccine eligible however the state is making me travel to license Center to congregate around other people Takeoff my mask to have a picture taken , seems like the risk is not worth reward and may catch Covid just to get a new picture idea. Why doesn’t any of this makes sense?

    • Becky says:

      I just renewed my license and because of Covid they said I did not need to get a new picture and they sent me a new license using my “old” photo. Are you sure? I was surprised but pleased.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So you think elected officials should abuse reporters? Nice.

  3. baffled says:

    The drone regulation is the shiny object that is supposed to distract.

    This Democratic, progressive, tolerant, inclusive, defund the police board just passed an anti-protest ordinance. The foundation of the ordinance change is to prohibit groups from congregating in public places without the expressed, written permission of the City.

    This ordinance is to gives law enforcement another tool in the toolbox of a police state. And its to ensure that the Council and Mayor currently in office are able to strengthen their grip on power and control.

    As for that smarmy asshole of a Mayor and her treatment of the caller, I DID read the ordinance. And when she says this came from community engagement and the DPW, she’s a f*cking liar. This is coming from the police. Let me share some of the highlights;

    – 10. a. make is illegal to “harass” law enforcement. Notice they made this priority A.
    – 10. b. Illegal to use obscene language. Really ?!
    – 10. i. Engage in any conduct which may distract vehicle drivers, or which may
    impede or interrupt the flow of traffic. You mean like during BLM?
    – 10. j. Urination. This would seem reasonable, until Xavier Garcia Molina starts talking about “protecting children”. WTF does that imply, that people who piss molest children ? WTF

    But the big whopper, and the entire purpose of this ordinance is Section 7. Section 7 says that people cannot congregate. People cannot gather in groups of more than 25. And section 9 follows with permission required to use
    b. the use of voice and musical and sound amplification devises, such as `
    public address systems, loudspeakers and amplifiers; and
    c. organized instruction, exhibitions, competitions, demonstrations or
    special events open to the general public;

    No Republican would ever be able to get away with something this obvious, but this group is gobbling up your civil liberties because we’ve been tricked into trusting people because they use she/her in their twitter profiles ( which, remarkably, is addressed in section one of the ordinance)

    One last point. The Mayor shows her ass whenever she gets argumentative. She sat silent until the caller talked about Binns. And then she went out of her way to talk about upcoming homelessness initiatives. ALL of the that has to do with her serving her masters a 101NQ. Absolutely this ordinance is going to be used to drive the homeless out of Binns park in favor of these campaign donors. I’m not saying that’s all bad, I’m just saying it shines light on how bought the Mayor is, and how hypocritical these so-called liberal are.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just where are city kids supposed to play with their drones? This damn city city has crossed the idiot line.

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