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**   The transcript of the conversation regarding wildlife killing contests from last night’s city council meeting is below. Let me be extremely clear: the video that was shown last week at their committee meeting involved coyotes. There was not a mention of foxes. It was a bloody video full of dead coyotes from New York state. Suddenly, counselor Janet Diaz is only referring to foxes and I have no idea where that is coming from.
    Also, when Diaz talks about killing reptiles, she laughs for several seconds and the rest of the council members look uncomfortable. You can watch the video of last night’s meeting here.
Council President Smith-Wade-El: So council resolution #5 as discussed at the previous committee was opposing wildlife killing contests. Mr. Harris would you read the title for us – I’m all out of order tonight.
Clerk Bernard Harris: Yes, Mr. President. “The resolution of the Council of the City of Lancaster opposing the indiscriminate killing of wildlife in the form of wildlife killing contests.”
Pause – Smith-Wade-El: Oh, alright. I’m sorry I’m used to those being slightly longer. I’ll hear a motion to approve.
Counselor Janet Diaz: So move.
Smith-Wade-El: We have a motion.
Counselor Amanda Bakay: Second.
Smith-Wade-El: Okay, we have a motion and a second. Counselor Diaz.
Counselor Janet Diaz: Well, it looks like I don’t have anybody on line unless – I’m not sure. But in regards to this particular ordinance it seems that we have a lot of wildlife killing and we did have a video that was very graphic of how many foxes and different types of wildlife that has been killed like a contest – which obviously I’m very passionate about keeping our wildlife and you know the fact that this is their land. They can live on it and it’s, um, it’s not right to kill any living thing other than maybe a reptile but [she laughs for several seconds] so this is one thing the Humane of Pennsylvania is really fighting for. I think there are two other states that have a practice of doing that. But if we eliminate all these wonderful species that we enjoy whether it’s a bird or whether it’s a small fox, we’re not going to have anything to enjoy so this is why we’re working on passing this resolution and hopefully in the future we can fight it and lobby in Harrisburg as well which sometimes I do. I’ll go out there and lobby for that.
Smith-Wade-El: Thank you counselor Diaz. Are there any other council comments on the resolution? Are there comments from the public on the resolution? Okay, hearing none, Mr. Harris would you please…
Harris questions all the council members and there are six “ayes” (Pete Soto was absent).
Smith-Wade-El: Alright. Thank you Counselor Diaz for bringing that forward.
 *    And not a single council person asked how much Courtney Schultz of Saul Ewing will charge an hour in her role as “special counsel for PUC matters,” (she is pictured left and click here for her attorney page). Let’s make sure someone asks at the next meeting! Can you imagine?
      And Patrick Hopkins said he and in-house counsel Barry Handwerger interviewed one other firm but didn’t think they had enough knowledge! He never named the firm. Unbelievable!



     Patrick Hopkins stated at last night’s city council meeting that they will have to pay PP&L a fee after the “settlement” for each time a pole was used for fiber and obviously that is MAW installed fiber. When asked by a councilperson the nature of the fee he stated it is annual. Council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El finally asked how much the fee is and Hopkins stated he did not know. 
     Unbelievably this is true and there will be a word for word transcription of the discussion later today.

     City councilwoman Janet Diaz is worried about wildlife killing contests but she doesn’t like reptiles and apparently killing them is just okay with her. And not one city council member had the courage and common sense to say this is ridiculous and stop wasting our time (Pete Soto was absent from the meeting). There will also be a transcription of this – and she changed coyotes to foxes apparently to make it slightly more believable.
     And a new LNP correspondent, Donna, called into the meeting to ask why recognizing Black History Month had been removed from the night’s agenda. And council president Smith-Wade-El stated he has written draft after draft and apparently is still working on it and that’s why. Please! Just write the damn thing (hint: pot and alcohol are not helpful to the writing process). Oh, and there will be more on the spelling of his name to come.
Please check back later today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When will Smith-Wade-El get p*ss tested?

  2. Galty says:

    Hi Becky am still following your blog.

    Do you know about this case? very interesting about an unsolved murder in Lancaster.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These council members are in waaaayyyy over their heads.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bad regulation is better than no regulation said the bureaucrats.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lancaster has cock fights but chickens aren’t wildlife so I guess that’s ok.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has there ever been a wildlife killing contest in Lancaster city? Are we really paying these people for this nonsense?

  7. Anonymous says:

    She is discriminating against reptiles.

  8. Anonymous says:

    OMG! A city council person obsessed with wild animals, the city council president suffering writer’s block due to being perpetually under the influence, city administrators not knowing what things cost, new ordinances that no one will pay any attention to. City council meetings are the best comedy shows available. Stay tuned.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do you create a budget when you don’t know how much stuff costs?

  10. Anonymous says:

    “changed coyotes to foxes” Lmao

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