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—  Watching Trump impeachment proceedings again! —


From the LNP story, “Lancaster County prosecutor won’t appeal drug task force records ruling: there’s ‘significant public interest,'” (click here). “Adams” is District Attorney Heather Adams and “Stedman” is former District Attorney and now judge Craig Stedman.

     How many times do we have to ask, “Who stole the money?” Did someone steal $150,000 or did Adams make it up or did she make a mistake? Someone needs to start talking!
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  1. It’s been a minute says:

    I’m coming I’m coming. Sorry I am old and it is cold and got so much going on these days with people dying do to no county health department. I hate living here anymore. Here is some dirt from the street.

    Lancaster City Council = I can’t even stomach to watch their videos. Like a bunch of dumb kids thinking they’re running a sorority instead of a city. I just can’t with them right now.

    There was never no missing money. Heather Adams and Josh Parsons knew it was an accounting error but needed free press and the quickest way to get it at that time was to try and hang Craig Stedman on something. Carter Walker has no ethical leanings so he put that garbage into the public square as they knew Carter would. This is a big black eye for LNP but who reads then anymore anyway. The error originated from Heather Adams not understanding how to read financial reports and why commas and periods in long numbers mean. She is now trying to make this all go away because she fired the head of the DTF based upon a lie she allowed to continue. Not her only misgivings as sources say Heather Adam’s now has the full email thread of Mark Fetterman’s sexual harassment escapades but Heather is trying hard to keep it all hidden because she believes she politically needs Mark. Word is she may even be trying to get people fired who have questioned her integrity over this matter. Dig Becky because I am told those emails exist on the county server. What a glaring error the republicans made for electing such a bimbo. People at the top of the Republican food chain are spending their last days until their super bowl convention trying to knock out Joann Murphy. Leadership is rumored to have picked Todd Brown but the committee is revolting because they are tired of the back door deals. Joann was smart and formed allegiances with solid people to move votes for her even though Todd Brown was rumored the favored one.

    I hear it is getting tense within the Republican ranks and the next election cycle is going to be juicy as I am hearing some solid names that plan to run without party support if need be. I will keep my ear to the ground and report more when I am sure of it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    but, but the cicadas are coming in 2021

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