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 The below is a portion of the son’s docket. The son is Daniel King Beiler. His father, Daniel Glick Beiler, is shown as paying $75,000 cash bail to get his son out of prison. And the docket states that happened on January 22nd. What took so long for this to be made public?
          OMG! This is just awful (click here). Both of these men are out of prison. A bail bondsman paid the father’s $200,000 bail and according to the son’s docket, his father paid $75,000 cash to get his son out of jail. Who is protecting the children from these men? Why are they free?


     The loan terms will allow the city to take over the fiber network outright should MAW default, Hopkins said. It could then hire another firm to manage it.
     Lancaster also would have liens on MAW’s other assets and LanCity Connect revenues and potentially could recover other MAW revenues in the event the company folded while still owing the city money.
From the above LNP article (click here).
     What happened to those liens and revenues, Patrick Hopkins? MAW defaulted on the loan and you want to pay them another $2.7 million to go away? There was “no risk,” Patrick?




Left to right: LNP executive editor Tom Murse, Lancaster City business administrator Patrick Hopkins and city council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El.
     During last Tuesday’s city council meeting, president Ismail Smith-Wade-El asked the council members, “Anyone else want to give Patrick a hard time?”
      Ah, Patrick Hopkins threw away over $5 million dollars of the public’s money with nothing to show for it! Give him a “hard time?” He should resign or be fired and LNP should be demanding it the way they demanded that then Manheim Township School Board President William  Murry resign! And Murry was a volunteer and Hopkins makes a very hefty salary.
      Why aren’t you demanding his resignation, LNP executive editor Tom Murse? What’s the difference?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am p*ssed off these Amish pieces of sh*t have enough money to put up hundreds of thousands in CASH bail, but on paper, qualify for a public defender WE have to pay for. I don’t care about their so-called “religion”. Pay for your own Goddamn lawyer!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Izzy rails against capitalism on Twitter, while wanting to make revenue for Lancaster city via fiber optic cable! It would be funny if it weren’t for the 5 million the taxpayers are out

  3. Anonymous says:


    Went down the rabbit hole today of they’s post in they is all over the place!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Appears the Amish womenfolk are finally starting to protect their children from the perverted Amish guys. About damn time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why the hell does this city council allow Hopkins to continuously make up these bs budgets to present to the public? Taxes are used for these bs projects that are never done on time. They also pass the amount listed on budget for project. Hopkins is as dumb as Izzy. They got the gift of gab. Well… Um…uh…. Bs lines. Both of them got to go. And why the hell is someone so desperate for Izzy to get tested?! Who cares what choice of drug he choices behind closed doors? How the hell is that suppose to solve anything? And will you be paying for the drug tests out your pocket?

    • Anonymous says:

      Great comment. Stop critiquing Izzy over things that don’t matter. Focus on valid criticisms like why Izzy just gives Hopkins a continual free pass on major screw ups, when residents of the city are struggling to pay property taxes and high rent driven by high property taxes.

    • Anonymous says:

      I care! I am appalled that a person “helping” to run our city is always stoned. I still think his lifestyle of drugs had something to do with Chief Berkheiser retiring. The mayor, city admin and remainder of city council can condone this behavior all they want but it is just wrong.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When is -Ismail-Smith-Wade-El- going to be drug tested?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What ever happened to Murry’s case? The James Bond recording device? The LNP?

    I’d be surprised if Bill dropped the case.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Patrick Hopkins looks like a Proud Boy.

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