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     Beginning at 30:00 into the video of Tuesday’s city council meeting the below discussion takes place about a pole attachment fee the city will have to pay PP&L if they “settle” with MAW (click here);
Councilwoman Faith Craig:  Patrick – the pole connection fee – is that a one-time fee or is it re-occurring?
Patrick Hopkins: It’s an annual fee.
Craig: OK. Thank you.
Hopkins: But again, that’s been – we’ve had traffic signals – old fiber – not MAW installed fiber- but old fiber in other attachments up – that’s been an ongoing issue for years and years and years. It’s a standard in the industry.
President Ismail Smith-Wade-El: Is that pole attachment fee standardized, Patrick?
Hopkins: There are, um, the pole attachment issues are under the purview of the Public Utility Commission in Pennsylvania. In some states it’s the FCC, in some states it’s the Public Utility Commission. In our case, it’s the PUC.
Smith-Wade-El: I’m sorry and, ah, how much is it?
Hopkins:  That I don’t know off the top of my head. I mean it’s not – I’m not going to try to throw out a number because I’ll be wrong. Whatever number I give you it will be wrong but we can definitely get you that information.
Smith-Wade-El:  Okay. That is much appreciated.
Hopkins:  Sure.
     This is unbelievable and tomorrow I will transcribe the conversation leading up to this because it needs to be documented and on the permanent record. These council members are like children. The city spent over $5 million dollars and has nothing to show for it! And Patrick Hopkins told council three years ago that “it was not risky.” And now he wants to give MAW $2.7 million dollars to go away and he doesn’t even  know the pole attachment fee!



     Lancaster City business administrator Patrick Hopkins and a comment posted on city council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El ‘s Facebook page about the proposed “settlement” with MAW Communications.
    Actually, the city wants to pay MAW $2.7 million dollars to go away. How in the world did the city get here?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The corrupt county GOP wants to censure Pat Toomey for voting guilty against Trump, but embraces Lloyd Smucker for voting to overturn our votes in the presidential election…even AFTER the insurrection. Tells you everything you need to know about these power grabbing bottom feeders.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG. And we citizens are at their mercy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope the Biden admin doesn’t have this level of absurdity like MAW. Well 2.5$ is a drop in bucket for Lancaster city. When are they going to put HEPA filters in Lancaster city school District?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I live in Canada so I have not much to add to this discussion thread other than to assure each reader that it sounds like business as usual. Even when I was considered a Lancastrian, weak DA’s and corrupt judges looked the other way all of the time when this nonsense would happen.

    Until both lawyers and judges are ousted by their respective disciplinary boards, nothing will change.

    My nephew worked a short time for the new DA and proclaimed her a meek and weak political tool. He commented that the office under Heather Adam’s (I think that is her) has now lost roughly 12 ADA’s during her short tenure because she is comatose and her handlers make work difficult for the unconnected who just want to do their jobs.

    The only part about the above is the using of children. That is a different level of evil and I hope justice is swift. Whether political justice or loss of law licenses. Makes me want to just grab a Mickey.

    Becky, who are the candidates on both sides and what offices are now up?

  5. Low down dirty shame says:

    I spent the weekend in Lancaster and things are even more corrupt then we thought Becky. We have all said for years the DA’s office is corrupt and the Clerk of Courts office shares confidential files with lawyers they are buddies with. No one cared until their dirty happened with a well connected elected official. Word is that several judges will be retiring and there is a consorted effort to keep anyone associated with Jacquie Pfursich off the bench which is why Todd Brown got killed in the straw polls. We had some hope for Todd but turns out he is a dirty little weasel like the people he runs with. I need further confirmation and I will get it tomorrow night as I am going to try and attend the Republican super bowl convention for you Becky and report back. What I have preliminarily is Jacquie was buddies with Wendy Chan and Wendy Chan was giving custody files to Jacquie who shared them with several attorneys and Todd Brown was one of them. This makes a lot of sense because Todd Brown was seen as the favorite going into the straw polls and he got slammed. What is beyond frustrating is this stuff happens all the time. These people are dirty as hell and they share files and evidence and information and destroy lives every damn day. Word is that several of the other attorneys got scared or made deals and they turn coated and told on Jacquie and named Todd Brown as knowing this was all going down and he didn’t report it to the disciplinary board. Now his credibility is done and I am told that payback is a mother and she is angry. But damn they so dirty they even messed with someone’s kids. I will know more tomorrow and I will report back. Let’s just say people like you and me are not in the least surprised. If it takes this happening to the Queen of Republican politics to take these dirty ADA and scumbag lawyers out. I am in favor of it. Many of us that the dirty system screwed over will provide her with the matches.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Biden adm. has oversight. The Lancaster City Council does not. Not a word of that conversation makes sense. And since when does a governing body make such huge expenditures without a competetive bidding process. Was MAW the best choice for such a huge undertaking? Or payout MILLIONS for ANYTHING w/o public hearings. No one in the public asking hard questions is a free pass. Good luck getting vaccines. Oh… and that “annual” fee? Every year for how many years? Forever? Also, …they furloughed city workers while they pay MAW millions? And answer to no one? City’s lawyers must really SUCK. Nice.

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