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     The front page scary headline in today’s print LNP (click here).
    Shame on you LNP executive editor Tom Murse! Shame on you. The man is 83-years-old and it’s the police who messed up (see below). Why don’t you worry about the 42 killers walking the streets from all the unsolved murders in the county? Why don’t you question why the police can’t solve the brutal murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor? Why haven’t you demanded her killer’s DNA be sent to Parabon? Do your damn job and hold these police accountable!
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  1. Earl says:

    My other post didn’t get posted ? So if I walk into a bank to rob it and my gun accidentally goes off and kills someone should I not be charged with murder ? The point of my 1st post had to do with the Governor. The couple died a slow death and he lets Barnhart out. Regardless of what the cops did people are dead. I believe with my heart the cops went to the address they were given. If those guys didn’t commit a crime they’d be ALIVE……….NO CRIME, NO DEATHS. ,

  2. Earl says:

    How about we get pissed off at our Democratic Gov. for letting this guy out ! They break into a home and tie up a 87 yr old women and her 83 yr old husband. How long do you think it took them to die ? Did they suffer as they lay in their own waste ? So what was it like to lay in your waste, thirsty and starving as you watch the women you love and the mother of your children die ?
    I read the article and saw nothing about a quick tip with police going to the wrong house. So if I accidentally shoot and kill someone while robbing a bank should I get off ? I’m sure Burkhart will now be a good member of society. Behaps he’ll attend night school and get a degree !
    I guess this is where I get bashed by Anonymous !

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