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     The meeting took place on Monday but LNP executive editor, Tom Murse, decided to wait until Saturday, the least read day of the week, to run the above story (click here). And get your tissues ready because there’s a “breakup.” There is also a flat out lie in the story about how much the city has spent and paid MAW so far and no mention that MAW took the city to the bank for millions of dollars! LIP News published the fact that the city had the wrong partner almost four years ago!
     This is a disgusting spin on a seven year waste of millions of dollars and the public needs to know the truth. Murse needs to resign!


  1. Bill says:

    I’ll try to provide a more accurate accounting of dollars spent. This is based off of reporting by LNP and a Right To Know response from P. Hopkins in August of 2018 (Both of which I would now consider unreliable sources).

    As of August 2018 RTK
    Legal Fees related to PPL dispute ~$200,000
    Direct network establishment payments to MAW ~$2,460,000
    Payments for Residential Connections (from initial $1.5 mil set aside) ~$400,000

    Now they are reporting another $1.2 million payment and $1.5 million loan forgiveness. That would leave the bill for at least $5.8 million vs P. Hopkins quote of $4.3.

    More items that are known;
    1.There would have been another 2.5 years of third party legal fees.
    2. The RTK request did not report the city solicitors time since they had moved to hire them “full time”, nor did it account for billable hours devoted to this project by city staff. This is time they could have been doing things more productive than work on a failed project. These things all have cost.
    3. The full costs of the third party payments to keep the traffic lights working, after MAW screwed them up.
    4. A huge portion of the MAW network network came from the Safety Coalition Camera Network. The safety coalition transferred ownership of their network in exchange for access to promised upgrades. But the safety coalition is a private entity so none of these costs, or real property value ever get reported. So in a way we are buying something back that was already paid for.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh how I find your complaining about Murse and the reporting on the MAW scandal so delicious. What’s that, someone is manipulating the news? A story spun in such a way to make it look good for certain political officials? Yep, that’s sure what you have in this story, much like when the media manipulated and spun the news on election irregularities. Folks, we all need to wake up and hold the media accountable for honest and fair reporting. If you think you are safe because you are “on the right side of history”, you better think again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well they brought the big gun, neckbeard hypocrite to write the story.

    Once again a fiasco of the highest order. Google providers of this internet service and there are so many with great track records.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Even Verizon has enough sense to not have FIOS in Lancaster. Oh, maybe Lancaster city is in a competition with Verizon to see whose can get it here first.

  5. smh says:

    By the time Lancaster has a fiber optic system ready to go it will be obsolete.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You told Lanc city at the get go they didn’t have the right partner! I forget that our NEW FREE water meters were tied into this fiasco. I wonder if MAW told the city they would wipe out the water meter system if they (the city) didn’t play ball with them regarding the pending “divorce”. Who is the dude from MN and how much is Lancaster paying him for his commentary?

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