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     Please see the excellent comments under this post by “baffled” and “Bill.” Thank you very much. 
     Apparently LNP executive editor Tom Murse thinks this whole thing will quietly go away and be swept under the rug. It’s not going away, Murse, and your failure to report on this incredible waste of taxpayer’s money is beyond shocking. You’re a journalism fraud, Murse! There will be more in the next few days.
     As a strange aside to the whole disability application, there was the below post by the Lancaster City Police Department involving officer Brittany Porreca. Shaki Staten is the former McCaskey sports star who recently sued the Lancaster Police Department and was awarded $40,000 because he was arrested and incarcerated for 10 months for no reason!
*** If you want to listen to council’s brief discussion and approval of [former] Lancaster Police Officer Brittany Porreca’s  disability pension application click here and go to 22:44 into the video when the discussion begins. I will put in several Right-to-Know requests regarding this including requesting a copy of her separation agreement with the City of Lancaster.
**   I forgot city councilwoman Amanda Bakay worked for a bank. The below is from her LinkedIn Account (click here). It’s not clear what exactly she did for the bank, but she sure should have known that MAW Communications did not qualify for a $1.5 million dollar loan from her bank or any bank. That’s why they had to come to the city! And this woman is backing Patrick Hopkins? Vote her out!
*     Amanda Bakay may be the biggest disappointment in the new council members. If I recall correctly, when she was interviewed by LNP she said she was a money person and would follow every dollar. Oh, she didn’t do that with MAW. 
     And I should have done this before, but a quick search finds her husband on Twitter! Oh, my!


     The opening sentences from the March 9th, 2017 article on this site titled “SPECIAL REPORT FROM LIP NEWS: MAW IS TAKING LANCASTER TO THE BANK” are above (click here for the original).
       It turns out MAW lied and they had never “rolled out” anywhere before! And yet, the city’s business administrator, Patrick Hopkins, did no research on MAW and said it wasn’t risky to loan them $1.5 million dollars! How is that possible?
       There needs to be a full investigation and all of the council members need to be voted out and replaced! There will be much more later today.
     Also, what happened to Lancaster City police officer Brittany Porreca (click here)? Following an executive session, council voted last night to give her disability coverage effective this coming March 1st. What happened to this young woman?
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like she’s busy drinking and eating hoagies

  2. baffled says:

    and another thing !

    The Mayor, Council and Hopkins have a way of glossing over money like its imaginary, but here’s the real world impact of their folly.

    Lancaster City
    12,000 families with a home income of $34,000. Median home value of $133,000 or average rent of $1000.

    Lancaster City property taxes on $133,000 house are $4852
    That’s $404 a month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Mayor constantly cries about “affordable housing” and tries to blame landlords and “rich” people, developers and poor planning, meanwhile MUNICIPAL TAXES are 40% of someone’s mortgage or rent.

    If you compare to the surrounding municipalities the City is 10.5 mills higher and the school district is 5 mills higher. That means that average rent for the same exact apartment is costing city residents $171 a month more. It also means its driving the average home sale price down by over $20,000. That’s what the poor management is doing to real people.

    Now lets look specifically at MAW. It cost the city
    $4.2 million dollars – that’s $350 a household. That’s right, every home has paid $350 for this failed project on average.

    With the median wage earner making $24,000 a year ($12 an hour), that means a single mother is going to work the next 3 1/2 days to pay for this mistake. That’s not abstract, that’s real. The average family in the city is going to commit the next $350 they earn to this “error”. That mother is going to get $0 today, tomorrow, Friday, and half of next Monday as a direct result of these decisions.

    And each of these things most directly impacts the lowest wage earners. If the Council was REALLY committed to EQUITY, INCLUSSION, FAIRNESS, and DIVERSITY, then this is where they should start. Economic prosperity provides the greatest opportunities. You can’t feed your family or buy you kids sneakers with diversity studies or gender neutral pronouns.

    • Anonymous says:

      In Socialism we all need to chip in those 2 1/2 days is nothing for the greater good.

    • Bill says:

      Great analysis. The $4.2 mil number is a straight city lie that can easily be checked. The actual publicly documented minimum cost is much closer to $6 million. And that doesn’t even touch the real property shell game that was played with transferring pre-existing city and safety coalition assets to MAW to help get them started.

      • Anonymous says:

        If safety coalition assets were transferred to MAW, there is a crime in there. I think there are reasons why Craig Stedman did not prosecute this OR Worley Obitz, to name a few. Looking forward to the new records dump that’s coming.

  3. baffled says:

    If this had worked as proposed..
    4000 base customers at 2% growth would mean that this payback for this system would have taken 13.5 years. As an infrastructure project of this type that’s bad, for a technology project that laughable.

    For comparison. 14 years ago would be February 2007:
    – The Iphone had not yet been released
    – Window Vista was the operating system being used.
    – 3G was fast, average internet speed was 7500 B
    – Twitter was just being launched

    The City’s “investment” is into a fiber system at the same time the rest of world is moving to wireless technology.

    And then there’s the unanswered question of ” WHY DID YOU DO A DEAL WITH A COMPANY THAT YOU NEEDED TO LEND MONEY TO ?” Shouldn’t that have been your first red flag ?

    Century Link, Verizon (In Harrisburg), Frontier, Kinetic, Hughes, RCN (In Allentown), Atlantic and Armstrong all do fiber in Pennsylvania. And Comcast would have been a natural partner for the cities needs. NONE of them require a loan. How many of them were sought as partners ( I’ll give you a clue, it rhymes with Nero)

  4. smh says:

    I had high hopes for Faith, Xavier and Jamie, but alas, they appear to follow the others. It would be so nice to have a city council that was truly working for the entire city of Lancaster not their own little areas and and personal agendas. They are just another group of rubber stampers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I determined after the riots that she was a disappointment, however, that is not the phrase that I use.

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