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      On a much lighter note, I received this text this morning!  Thank you and yay!
     Both Patrick Hopkins and the city’s in-house solicitor, Barry Handwerger, said several times last night that they “chose the wrong partner” in MAW. I spent a little over two hours on the internet one day almost four years ago and realized MAW and its president,  Frank Wiczkowski, were a complete fraud. Click here for “MAW IS TAKING LANCASTER TO THE BANK” and there will be much more tomorrow.
     In December of 2017, I stated that Robert Krasne and Tom Murse should resign for their failure to tell the public the truth about MAW (the original of the below is here):


     Beginning at 1:57:00 into last night’s city council committee meeting, Pete Soto asked if moving an item that was not on the agenda to a full council meeting was legal. He said ( click here):
     “Sometimes you never know. You let it slide and before you know it you read about it.”
     Then Chris Courogen of LNP called in and stated the following (pictured left):
     “Ah counselor Soto, I can assure you you wouldn’t be reading about that one. I’m on the board of the PA Freedom of Information Coalition. You’re not taking any final action you’re just moving it to an agenda. It’s not for me to take Barry’s spot and give you legal advice but you won’t be reading about it. You’re cool by me.”
     This is unethical and unconscionable and I will be contacting the PA Freedom of Information Coalition to let them know.
     The presentation by Patrick Hopkins and in-house city solicitor Barry Handwerger was very long and I need time to review it. There will be much more to come.
     The bottom line – council voted that the proposed settlement agreement to pay MAW 2.7 million to go away will move to the next council meeting on Tuesday, February 9th for a first reading.


     There were so many lies last night. The city’s in-house solicitor, Barry Handwerger, told lie after lie (he is pictured on the top right of the below slide shown last night).


UPDATED – The video is now here.  The video from last night’s city council committee meeting is not on the city’s YouTube channel. Where is it? I will contact the city!


**   There was unacceptable and unethical behavior again by LNP correspondent, Chris Courogen, who is covering the meeting and called in a comment to council about what he would cover and what he would not! OMG!

*     OMG! Coyotes are the wildlife and there was a horrible, graphic video from New York state (see yesterday’s post). City council woman Janet Diaz needs to apologize for this nonsense.




     The city wants to pay MAW $2.7 million more dollars to go away! This is unbelievable! The below slide was shown during tonight’s city council meeting. And Patrick Hopkins lied by millions about how much the city has spent on MAW!



  1. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely unbelievable. Why the hell the city is paying money to a company that they should be suing for their bungling of this whole fiasco. Instead they are GIVIBG them money to go away. Why? Because if the city took them to court, MAW would reveal all the corrupt and insider wheeling and dealing?

    There are SO MANY credible fiber optic companies with certified track records they could have chosen.

    Instead they go with a “company” that in the old politically incorrect days would have been reduced to a Polish joke.

    Lancaster is lost.
    -150,000 missing
    -Millions and millions spent on NOTHING
    -Cases like Erma Kaylor’s that could have been solved perhaps with that money
    -CRIZ money dumped into the convention center instead of local businesses who ended up having to pay professionals to fill out the mandatory paperwork all the while knowing they wouldn’t get a dime
    -A multi-million dollar “retirement community” high-rise to be built in the city that will cast permanent shadows on residential neighborhood homes.
    -Banal retread airport art in Lancaster Square
    -No public information on just what they plan to do with the soon to be former public library building
    -Outright, on the record collusion with the LNP
    -Rogue cops costing tens of thousands in suits brought by citizens – guaranteeing that the city’s insurance premiums will only go up.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Does the city of Lancaster get the MAW fancy headquarter building in Reading?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Misfeasance and malfeasance are both state and federal crimes. Look what happened in Flint. If taxpayers don’t start demanding answers NOW, you are all screwed. Its a shame. The city can’t afford this, the residents can’t afford it, school kids can’t learn from home, and the effects of this mismanagement will trickle down for years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Absent ANY explanation to taxpayers from the mayor or council, there needs to be a criminal investigation into this multi-million dollar debacle. 2.7 mil only cuts your losses when you’re trying to stay out of prison. (And you’re not paying it.)

    • Anonymous says:

      At this point the damage is done and I don’t think council can do anything to limit the damage.

      But if they ho-hum vote to approve this with the same level of interest and debate that they spend on voting to appoint people to the noise commission….

      • Anonymous says:

        They have a noise commission? That’s funny because the noise ordinance looks like it was written by a third grader.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No. We get the “infrastructure”..so “there is no risk to Lancaster”. Remember when Hopkins said that? Interesting that LNP did a feature last week on attorney Neil Albert resuming his career as a mystery writer, referenced his law career as a solo practitioner now, but never asked him about his representation of Lancaster City in litigation with MAW. Guess it didn’t work out for him…or anybody else, huh? (Except the owner of MAW). I want HIS lawyer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    And we have no idea what’s even left of the fiber network after PPL chopped it up. I remember seeing something a while ago about the city having to hire outside contractors to fix the traffic lights that were left in disaster mode by MAW. We have no idea how much that cost.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So it looks like the city agreed to pay its final invoice dated DEc ‘19, which includes paying for all MAW legal fees, and forgive the loan just to get MAW to go away. This is all the result of Patrick Hopkins terrible no-risk agreement. I’m pretty certain I remember him using those words in the paper.

    See pdf page 33. https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10508155951945/_Lancaster%20Motion%20for%20Crossclaim.pdf

    So MAW is effectively walking away with zero consequences.

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