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Forbes, June 4, 2020, “Nearly $150,000 Missing From Police Safe Shows Why Civil Forfeiture Is Fundamentally Flawed,” (click here).
       This week I will double my efforts to find out where this stands! The Attorney General’s office has had over six months to find and charge the thief. What is taking so long?


  1. Anonymous says:

    John Burkhart who was the former head of the drug task force went to a commissioner meeting and blasted the commissioners for being liars. Next thing you know is Heather Adams is firing John and she told John it was because he was openly against the commissioners. Awfully suspicious that the DTF had no audit issues or any money missing until the head of DTF publicly challenged the honesty of Josh Parsons. Who by the way also threatened the mayor and others because some of her guys attended that same meeting. Josh Parsons is an evil little pecker and many of us can’t wait to vote for anyone who runs against that scumbag. A lot of cops have not forgotten Josh and his bag of lies. This wasn’t just a hit against Stedman it was a hit against everyone who spoke out against the commissioners and their piss poor handling of the drug task force.

    • Anonymous says:

      Burkhart did no such thing. He managed the money and told the comissioners the truth. The commissioners then blasted Craig Stedman for being a liar and a thief completely lacking in credibility. I know. I was at that meeting.

  2. Stupid Heather says:

    Heather Adam’s jumped on the attack Craig Stedman band wagon because she was trying to suck up to Josh Parsons who made her think he was some king maker. Hahahahahhahahahahahahaha

    There never was any money stolen just an evil dictator and a stupid blonde that can’t count.

    If you need further evidence of how Josh leads Heather by her nose, just look at her glowing endorsement of Todd Brown who is equally disliked by his peers and any jurors that met him years ago.

    Nice that you thought committee people were stupid and you presented yourself as someone who didn’t know anyone and you just cared about law and justice.

    How quickly you hopped on the destroy Craig Stedman at all costs train.

    Only for the Democrat AG to come back and tell you that he can’t back your political theatrics because there is zeerrrrrrooooo proof of any stealing.

    Oh the lives our new DA tried to help destroy

    Check the scoreboard Heather. Take a hard look at how Todd is doing in the straw polls.

    It will soon be your reality as well.

    The committee has awoken

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Craig Stedman was not thoroughly “destroyed”, as he should have been. Regardless of what you may think about Josh Parsons, Stedman’s crimes go way beyond stealing the use of a Toyota Highlander and he and other officials know that. Instead, he was elevated to judge. That should scare the shit out of every single person in Lancaster County.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She’ll probably have the records sealed. It’s Lancaster…

  4. Too Smart for My Own Good says:

    She is an unethical Republican. Republicans like to sow doubt, appear to favor “institutionalism”, project “law and order”, feign honesty, ethics and “fairness”, and manipulate the news media while feigning “transparency”. (Think: police radio encryption, for e.g.) It never happened. Therefore, you will never hear another word about it. The “report” of the (fake) “news” served its purpose, in their minds. You will consistently be told, “We can’t talk about it”. “Ongoing investigation” (think Luna), etc. Do you really think that if it was an “inside job”, that person would still be working there? It made for juicy news when she planted the story (upon the urging of others) – and made her and other County GOP members look good (honest). But it never happened. End of story. (They hope). Any money “stolen” belongs to taxpayers. So ask the county commission about it (lol).

    • show me the money says:

      they have had alot of turnover there. the first assistant, then a guy who was with the drug task force and several since. that money in the safe wouldn’t be taxpayers money but someone caught in a crime awaiting trial. so if the moneys gone and the person isnt found guilty they have to get their money back…so whose was it? are they still in jail?

      • Anonymous says:

        It is still, technically, taxpayer money. Read the link Becky provided to other stories about it. If defendants get it back, it comes out of County budget. If confiscated and kept, goes to d.a. budget – funded by county. I.e. US. Any way you look at it. Still think Stedman should be in jail.

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