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     There is a serious law enforcement communication problem in Lancaster. A number of Lancaster Police Officers, including Captain Todd Umstead, retired as the new year came in. The District Attorney’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, stated this past Friday was his last day.
     Who is keeping the public informed? Is Christopher Bower the man who threw a female from a car in the city (see his docket below)? I’m not sure but his crime is the closest I found and he certainly did something very serious to be charged with a first degree felony.
     I posted this two days ago (the screenshot below was taken this morning):
     There has been nothing official released by the police or DA’s office. How is the victim? If it was Bower, the case is listed as “inactive” and there is no mention of bail which normally means he is/was not in custody. What did Bower do and why don’t we know? Is he on the loose? The public needs answers!


  1. Anon Joe says:

    The Lancaster GOP is corrupt – ALL OF THEM. Is that so hard to understand after the way they rightfully busted Craig Stedman, said what they had to say to make themselves look good and then dropped the ball on any criminal charges when their hand picked Heather Adam’s took over. Much as I hate Trump, I do believe there was election fraud in Lancaster County. Orchestrated by the GOP. But they suck at that, too, and Biden won anyway so…in a nutshell, the LC GOP can suck my duck.

  2. Hi Lisa! Shouldn’t you be working? says:

    Lisa Colon has entered the chat thread. Lisa you create so much drama and turmoil so just own it. You are weird you pretend to be shy and you like to play all sides. You like to forget things. Like how you told your own committee how anyone else could step up to be chair because you were so tired because you felt you did so much but when people did step up you lied about them and turned something that was not personal into something personal. Let’s not forget how you have treated candidates that have asked for your help in the past. You screwed over Louie and you claim you want diversity? Arrogant b*tch you have been to many. You are a snake. Own it because you are. How would the queen butt you’ve been kissing lately feel if she knew how much garbage you have talked about her in the past? Did you forget those FB screen shots you circulated? Did you think we forgot? Maybe someone should tell her before the straw poll so you are exposed for the sham you really are. Since you claim you have great leadership skills why is your committee constantly falling apart? No leadership and you have caused much of the divide that is in the party. Go thank your new masters because they are the only reason this will be a walk in the park for you. Own it, poser.

    • Anonymous says:

      The individual who wrote this is hateful, spiteful, and needs to get a life. If you have something to say to Lisa – say it to her face and not behind her back. Attention seeking hypocrit.

      • Attention Deverting Lisa says:

        If they were seeking attention, they would write their name with their comment, no? Clearly Lisa Colon and her pals are not happy that nicey nice Lisa is being exposed. Lisa likes to say things to people and when they call her on it, Lisa plays dumb. Don’t be like Lisa. Lisa will only be controller because Adam did not run against her. Facts are a pesky thing and Adam would have embarrassed Lisa. Lisa should go thank her powers that be for making sure Lisa was not embarrassed. Like the controller that is there now, bowing down to the right political and corrupt house got you where you wanted to be. I hope the rumors are true and another elected spot was promised to Adam because at least our committee won’t be embarrassed by him. For those of us that know about Lisa, her skeletons would not pass a challenged endorsement process.

        • cowardly keyboard warrior says:

          ha! you don’t know what you think you do. Adam does not have a background or even a degree in accounting. rumor has it jackie was trying to make him run, he was never even interested in it. only reason certain people wanted him to run is because they cant control Lisa. he has a degree as a finance journalist or something like that and sits on school board. he was not a front runner when he never entered the race. sounds like you’re mad cuz you can’t control her either. roblmfbo

  3. Earl says:

    Christopher Bower DOB 1/03/86 . This guy got some issues up in Dauphin County starting in 2012. Check out pa mag site.

  4. Earl says:

    Refresh my memory, who’s Bower ?

    • Becky says:

      Earl, I don’t know who Bower is but I did a docket search by the day this crime happened and his was the only docket with a major crime listed.

  5. Real talk now! says:

    Will you be looking into who each political party is putting up for judge and row officer seats?

    The republicans have a sad line up even for their standards.

    Lisa Colon for county controller without any competition? How is that possible? Who of importance in the party is supporting her to keep anyone from running against her? Lisa is a nice person but she is no leader. I worked with her before and she is no leader and is timid and quiet. Many think she is sneaky because she plays all sides and is hard to read. So who that runs the GOP is pushing her to keep everyone else from running. Something is not adding up.

    Anne Hess is a nightmare. She has so much baggage of her own not to mention the whole Mike Hess saga. There is no way that some are not running a candidate against her for at least political pay back. A deal had to have been made somewhere.

    There is rumblings around the county that Anne Hess’ second in charge whatever they are called In her office disappeared several months ago. He was supposedly fired and no reason was given. Why? What happened? His name is Joe and no one is telling anyone anything. Someone knows something and the public should know if Anne is to get another term. Was she having an affair with him and did they get caught? Why all the secrets?

    And the judge candidates! Omg what a sorry bunch. I am told there is more but here are the two front runners.

    Joanne Murphy
    Todd Brown

    Who is backing each of them and why? How on earth can either one of them be chosen considering they are both members of the GOP committee and judges must be impartial.

    Start talking people!!!!! LNP will never investigate anything and we have a right to know what is going on.

    People used to flock to comment and now everyone is to scared. Why? What happened?

    • Moving parts says:

      1. Some pretty big alliances have changed. People were told things that some said and did once alliance A broke from alliance B. Even some of the anonymous things posted on this website were shared by friends of the poster that once they were no longer friends and wanted to get into the good graces of some political person the poster was ratted out by their ex friend and told to the person being posted about.
      2. Lisa Colon does a lot for the community and is genuine but a casual observer would not believe Lisa is a leader. I am not saying Lisa would not be a good controller but I am told her friendship with Amber Martin in one big district and Ryan Aument in the other big district is what kept anyone from running against her. Adam Aloisi (?) was the front runner for controller but someone got in his ear and got him to step aside. I am told Amber Martin talked him out of it but I am not completely sure of that info since it came from someone who doesn’t like her and who has told me inaccurate things about her before. But that’s the only info on the subject I have. Would appreciate any clarification?
      3. Anne Hess is suspect to me as well. Her husband dug Craig Stedman’s grave with the media and you would think that would mean the Martin camp would be after her. I am told that is not the case and would be very interested if anyone else had any info to share on this topic???? It is common knowledge that the Stedman Martin bond is unbreakable so this is an odd one for me. Was even told by a good source that Scott Martin had $250,000 pledged for Stedman’s Judge primary even if Stedman wasn’t endorsed so that’s a pretty good friend and alliance. I did not know about anyone leaving Anne’s office under questionable circumstances so I would also enjoy some info on that.
      4. Joanne Murphy is backed by some powerful committees. But Todd Brown has some strong support. Tom Jones backs Joanne because of his friendship with Joanne and her husband. Lisa Colon and Terry Christopher have their committees backing Joanne. Word on the street is some in Todd Brown’s camp are trying to toss Terry off the committee so Joanne gets less votes. Kirk who is the chairman of the entire committee is said to not like Joanne Murphy or women leaders in general. I am told Ryan Aument and his people support her and so does Brian Cutler down in the southern end of the county but I am not certain. It would make sense because I’m told that Amber Martin is making deals and raising money so Joanne becomes judge. I do not know the nature of those deals but I do know Amber is strongly supporting Joanne but I have yet to discover why. Todd Brown has support from the Parsons camp because Parsons promised Todd a judge seat if Todd ran against Craig Stedman. Even outside of the Martin influence, old time committee people did not like how they believe Todd Brown treated Craig Stedman so they can’t support Todd. Jacquie Pfursich has gotten Todd some support in Hempfield but there is enough Martin influence on Jacquie’s committee that it won’t be enough to flip votes for Todd Brown. I am told that even Chris Leppler and his supporters are voting for Joanne which is interesting since Chris is viewed as Josh Parson’s do boy. Mary Lynn Lavender does whatever Jacquie tells her to do so Warwick is up in the air at this point. Surprising about that new alliance because Jacquie talked a lot of crap about Mary Lynn and quite often made fun of her accent. But even some of the new Martin alliances shock me so I guess some things have been forgiven. Manheim township is a cluster mess but I would venture more support will be given to Todd because Josh controls a good bit of township. I am told by old Manheim township committee people that women candidates are not well supported by township committee members. Up north committees are divided over almost anything or person at this point so it’s anyone’s game.

      It’s a full time job to keep up with these people but it all does fascinate me. You don’t need to take my synopsis as gospel but I am confident in what I wrote but I am always open to different opinions and conclusions. Sorry for the book and looking forward to different points of view.

      • House of Cards says:

        Sounds accurate enough to me.

        Todd Brown is a stepping stone whore. Many committee people don’t like how Todd runs for everything and yes the Stedman lovers won’t forget what Josh P and Todd B did to Stedman. They both will pay. Todd now and Josh P very soon. Personally I have no problems with Josh P and I like him. His quest to be a king and a king maker is what did him in.

        Josh P tried to bring down some big political houses and he failed to do so. Never a good idea and it won’t be forgotten. Survey says Josh P has zero chance of making amends with Scott Martin or Craig Stedman so for the good of the party, Josh P should try to right any wrongs with Amber Martin who could keep her husband tamed enough for the sake of the party.

        Josh P got DA Adams to hire Todd Brown as her second in command to try and get Todd Brown more exposure to voters. Smart move but it went nowhere. COVID-19 happened so no face time with voters and Todd is a lame duck attorney to start with. Nice guy but no appeal.

        Joanne Murphy is fake but competent. She will kiss any ass to become judge. Her saving grace will be that the Martin’s will want retribution for what was done to Stedman and Joanne is Todd’s only formidable opponent. Todd is stupid because he allowed himself to be used and to piss off people who had no beef with him prior.

        There are others running for endorsement who are quality but no one knows them.

        Lisa Colon excites me about as much as white bread. Nice and quiet person but painful to hold a convo with. Same deal as Heather Adams.

        Adam Aloisi would have been miles better from a number of fronts as the county controller. Amber Martin likes Adam so she must have cut him a deal. My guess is Adam Aloisi wants commissioner or to be treasurer and if he plays nice with Lisa this round he will get one of those positions with no challengers.

        Quick look at the recorder of deeds website and no Chief deputy is listed. I don’t know where her deputy went or why but that is a bit suspect. If we had a real newspaper maybe a reporter would look into it.

        Mary Lynn Lavender thinks she is important. Who cares what Jacquie said about her. Mary Lynn is a clout whore with no clout and she is annoying. Good for Jacquie calling out the obvious. But if I were Jacquie and Jacquie wants to be a judge, Jacquie should try to make as many friends as possible because a big political house is against her.

        Amber Martin likes Ann Hess so that is why no Stedman retribution is being taken out on Ann. I am convinced of it. While we all know that an eye for an eye in politics is almost guaranteed, Scott Martin won’t overstep his wife.

        Lloyd Smucker is going to have some primary trouble and so will Ryan Aument. Neither are seen as strong incumbents any longer and their bases have turned on them. I like Lloyd but his way of dealing with the public by not dealing with them has made me question my own opinions. Lloyd’s staff is pretty terrible and only his staff so they vote for him during straw polls. Ryan Aument has always been a disappointment and now even his base knows he’s weak.

        The powerful Lancaster GOP is destroying itself. Unless the two camps learn to live with one another, the GOP will continue to weaken beyond repair.

        • Anonymous says:

          Last time I checked Lisa Colon does not play “all sides” she is a strong woman and maybe you weren’t holding the conversation enough to speak to her. Second you worked with her you do not know her role of leadership strength if she was never your leader.

    • Anonymous says:


  6. Time for some truth says:

    Becky, the public has no right to know what the police or DA’s office is doing. Just stop it. We do what we want in Lancaster County and that is that. Remember when Commissioner Parsons hammered on DA Stedman for even having a press person? Don’t you think for one second that had anything to do with budget constraints. The commissioners are in agreement with some police chiefs that the public should be kept in the dark. Brett Hambright left Lancaster because he kept being told what he could and could not write. The DA’s office is now run by the Republican commissioners who only allow the public to be informed when it makes them look good. Commissioner Parsons even threatened the Mayor because her police chief attended a commissioner meeting to tell the county commissioners how they lie and mislead the public. The Mayor was scared to lose county cooperation and funding so Chief Berkihiser was forced out of his job because he exposed the county commissioners. Anyone who thinks this had anything to do with social justice or respecting black or brown are delusional. Why would the new city police chief who is black come in and say the police department is wonderful if Berkihiser was such a bad chief? He wasn’t. He was actually a good chief but the racist county commissioners didn’t like him speaking out against them. Heather Adams is a white female who is an airhead and clueless. Which is why she is now the DA. If anyone believes the DA Stedman witch-hunts had anything to do with the public good is sadly mistaken. When LNP and the commissioners have the same target, that’s because the target threatens them in some way. Expect no true and factual info from the DA’s office. We all had our issues with Hambright but he did at least want to do what was right and that is why he left.

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