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     If this man was black he would be in jail on $500,000 cash bail!
     I posted this on December 28th about Ryan Saner and his drug bust where he is free on $500,000 unsecured bail and I titled it “BLATANT WHITE PRIVILEGE” (click here).
     What do you know? Shawn Jones is black and he is in jail on $500,000 cash bail (click here for the LNP article pictured at left).
         This is so easy! This is beyond unacceptable! Why isn’t anything being done about this travesty of justice? Where is LNP?
Please check back later today.

9 Responses to IF THIS MAN WAS BLACK…

  1. Republican Super Bowl updates says:

    Heya Becky,

    The Republican super bowl is going as projected. I will say that Joanne Murphy kicking all the male butts is a welcomed outcome. Manheim Twp. straw poll was last night and in a surprising turn of events Joanne Murphy beat Todd Brown. Interesting given Josh Parson’s do boy Nick Wachinsky (sp?) was said to have been lying all around town about Murphy and boasting Brown up. Nick W has judge aspirations and most report his feelings were hurt last night as he took Brown’s loss as a personal insult because he can’t manipulate his committee any longer on Josh’s behalf. Todd Brown’s deplorable performance is not all his own fault or doing. He is now so closely associated with Josh that the committee is using it against him. Todd took bad advice by trying to divide the committee against Craig Stedman. As I have reported before, a Stedman diss in such a public way will not be forgiven or even forgotten by the actual king makers. Several new alliances have been formed to get Joanne to the bench and those same alliances will make it hard for a 3rd term for some should they seek it. Does anyone else have any info I have not covered or wish to disagree? Not saying I have all the details with all this stuff but I am confident in my on the ground republicans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anybody endorsed by the county GOP wll NOT be getting the Republican’s vote. Craig Stedman must have pee tapes of these traitors.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who are the traitors? If you are talking about the election, your two Republican commissioners Parsons and D’agostino certified the votes for lancaster county. How can you argue a fixed election when each county certified the votes, including Lancaster county! They didn’t even ask any questions. So who are these traitors you refer to? Educate the rest of us please. And if republicans voters don’t plan to vote for endorsed republicans I wish to thank you in advance for our much needed democrat leadership taking over. Best strategy for us Democrat voters is to let the republicans implode on themselves as you all are doing a great job of it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is LNP you ask? Well, maybe working on stories like:
    -Send Us Your Favorite Valentines Day story
    -What Are Your Plans For Easter?
    -What Will You Do With Your $600 Stimulus Check?
    -Area College Students Talk About Where They’ll Go For Virtual Spring Break
    -Unique COVID Masks You Can Make At Home

  3. Earl says:

    Let old Earl toss this out there !
    If a guy buys a home, is paying a mortgage and gets busted as a dealer is he less of a flight risk then a guy who rents an apartment ? Could I be on to something ?

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