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1 Response to HALLELUJIAH!

  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Last night I had the best uninterrupted sleep in months. God be with all who now work to heal our country with a servant’s heart. A lot of western Canadians are miffed at President Biden’s plan to cancel the Keystone energy pipeline, but if we promise to pump maple syrup through it instead of dirty oil, can we still be friends? And for all those militia wannabees out there, want to try that stunt on the capital of North Korea? I’m sure they would treat you with kid gloves and the rule of law when you’re apprehended! Or, maybe we should all just get together and try to defeat our real common enemies, like Covid, racism, and a broken economy. As a parish pastor, I recommend that we all get together in prayer to ask God’s blessing on us all. You cannot hate someone you’ve prayed with, or prayed for. As for the Romanovs now down in Florida, I wish you no ill. But get good lawyers: you all are going to need them.

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