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     The city’s YouTube channel is here. If you want to read the below Facebook post in Spanish click here.

UPDATE 1-19 – Thank you very much to the commenters keeping us informed on what is going on with the Republican Party and their candidates! It is so important.
Please see the comments under this post and check back later today.



LNP Executive Editor Tom Murse and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy

     Did you see how the LNP is trying to quote Martin Luther King JR and act all high and mighty about racial and economic justice? ROTFL! I called them out on it because I can not think of an even worse company that does the opposite of everything they say. 
Part of a comment into this site today.
     They are absolute hypocrites and liars and I will prove that in the upcoming weeks and in a book. I am making phone calls this afternoon. Please check back tomorrow.

     Brandon is the younger brother of Sgt. Chris McCormick.
From the Lancaster City Police Facebook page when Brandon McCormick was hired (click here). He is the subject of the below federal lawsuit.
     This is simply unbelievable. From the police website there is this (click here):
     The Training department is headed by Sgt. Christopher McCormick and is an integral part of the department hiring process. Sgt. McCormick arranges all training for officers and civilians in the department. Training can vary from simple classroom instruction to hands on firearm, first aid / CPR training, and use of force training.
     Chris McCormick was also named in a federal lawsuit (click here) and also involved in the two violent arrests pictured above (click here). How is this possible? He is in charge of all training? Who watches the police in Lancaster?


     On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day do you remember the below lawsuit (the original is here)? This settled in December. I will put in a Right-to-Know request with the city to see how much they paid. Can you imagine everything this man lost being in Lancaster County prison for 10 months? What has happened to the officer?
Please check black later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I would worry if my attorney did not know that a person is “dragged” down a hallway and not “drug down a hallway”. Just saying.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The State of the City

    It’s a pothole laden crime ridden sh*t hole with extremely high property taxes, and a mayor who’s more interested in quality of life issues of the buyers of gentrified condos.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brandon McCormick and disgraced police chief Berkihiser are the subject of another federal lawsuit filed months ago, alleging they trumped up false charges against a VA man who was held in LC prison until the judge threw out the case. The victim is represented by attorney Eva Zelson. Both cops should have been fired long ago.

    • Becky says:

      That is the lawsuit I’m talking about – Sha-ki Staten v. City of Lancaster, etal. It settled FAST! I have a request into the city to find out how much they paid.

      • Anonymous says:

        How much WE paid.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d call Zelson. You will get the truth from her on WHY it settled so fast. She’s in MD.

        • Becky says:

          I did call her and she said the suit settled favorably for her client. She could not state an amount and that is fairly common in these settlements. That’s why I put a Right-to-Know request into the city this morning by email (their offices were closed today).

  4. The Gays laugh at the LNP says:


    Did you see how the LNP is trying to quote Martin Luther King JR and act all high and mighty about racial and economic justice? ROTFL! I called them out on it because I can not think of an even worse company that does the opposite of everything they say. I am sorry to interrupt the Republican intel thread but my goodness gracious, the LNP is a hot and hypocritical mess! Their reporters are terrrrriiiiibbbblllleeee and scared of the gays! I should know because anytime I have tried to tell their reporters about important issues in our community, they get all white bread clammy and look afraid. Hello! I am gay and trust me, I am not trying to hit on any of you. Ps. Tom Murse looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. Someone help him!

  5. Republican Olympic updates says:

    Morning Becky, happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! I am counting the minutes until that orange buffoon is gone. Saw your convo with Earl and I know that depressed state all to well and just want that man gone. Let’s celebrate Dr. King while we wait out these last few gut wrenching days. Here is your report from the ground on what is happening locally with the republican Olympics or what they call their straw polls.
    Review of the Republican website shows that the two women that are running unopposed for row offices are doing well with no one so far objecting their candidacies. Spoke to a few friends and they said it was troubling to see Ann Hess and Lisa Colon as the best the republicans could do. Friends said their committee presentations were pretty vanilla and neither of them could climb to any higher political positions so it is clear republicans put them in row offices more as a thank you for party service. Others said the commissioners want them because they won’t have to worry about them wanting to be commissioners or actually being able to win since the Republican commissioners are going for third terms. Their only challenge so far will be Amber Martin and her recruits should she decide to run. I have not been able to get a clear confirmation on this one yet but our repulsiveness for the two mental peons currently called commissioners would even make us overlook that Amber married Scott Martin and hope she has no further smart decision making lapses as she is a very smart human.
    (Please remove his name) said Amber is looking extremely good these days so she is either on the prowl for a new husband which would make for a great scandal or she is getting prepared for a campaign. Guess we will all see. It will bring fireworks either way!
    Judge race is different as friends are claiming that Joanne Murphy is leading and she is actually putting on a decent showing. You would not know it from the vote totals but Ted Kennett is really blowing people away. No one knows him so that makes it impossible for him to get the endorsement. I am told that Ted will be a judge another way as he is close friends with the Martin’s, Bryan Cutler and Ryan Aument. All of them told Ted it is just not his turn but it will be soon. All have promised their support to Joanne and appear to be honoring it which is odd in politics. I don’t know of any other ways to become a judge but I guess we will watch this play out. That is just based on appearances not actual facts at this point. We will dig deeper. (Please remove his name) said Jackie Pfursich and her husband did not attend the straw polls because they have the coronavirus. This was confirmed by a Republican area chair. Once again the LNP has failed to let people know who may have come in contact with either one of them. Todd Brown is their horse so maybe they have buyers remorse over picking Todd Brown and would rather claim to have coronavirus then to vote for him. Todd Brown was rumored to be the favorite because of his help with trying to further tarnish Craig Stedman’s reputation. Appears Stedman may be getting the last laugh because Todd is doing horribly with the committee. I am told that is largely due to Todd being viewed as Josh Parsons hand selected and that is not playing out well with committee members who have their own minds and no longer want to be toyed with by Josh. According to many such a small man is very manipulative and arrogant which I have seen from prison board meetings. New ground reports are coming in that the Mark Fetterman scandal will be back in the media very soon. I have no other details at this point but I hear further embarrassment will rain down on many. That’s all I got for you Becky but I will make sure to keep the ground reports coming. There is await time for me to get them but I am slowly.

    • Adams not fit as DA! says:

      Surprisingly very accurate.

      I will add,

      Todd did himself no favors by having Heather Adams endorse him.

      The committee did not even want Heather as District attorney but felt they needed an outsider after Mark Fetterman was proven to be a pervert.

      Heather Adams endorsing Todd Brown for judge was a horrible move on her part as she has made a second DA term very hard for herself.

      Someone gave Heather terrible political advice. Did Heather forget that she will need to come up against Todd if he is a judge and every defense attorney would use her endorsement of Todd to get their cases kicked to another judge or out of county?

      Heather Adams may not be an idiot but her endorsement of Todd Brown is something only an idiot with no political sense would do because someone told them to do it.


      • Anonymous says:

        I had high hopes for her and am disappointed to see she is every bit as corrupt as Craig Stedman, if not more. The entire Lancaster County GOP should just resign. Smucker and every single one of those smacked asses who don’t care about our vote. Unless, of course, it’s for them.

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