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*    The “Statement of Facts” from LNP’s lawsuit (appeal of a Right to Know denial) against the city is below (click here for the full suit on the Prothonotary’s Office).






     Christopher Bower’s updated docket is below. The bail amount is listed as 10% of $10,000 or $1,000! How is that possible?
Please check back later today.



     Christopher Bower is the man who threw a woman from a car. He was in custody today. Extremely low bail was set and he is free as a bail bondsman posted his bail. I have the Criminal Complaint from District Judge Bruce Roth’s office but it is barely legible. Is that on purpose?
     According to Roth’s office, someone from court administration called their office yesterday and said they had to release the documents. The fact that he was not in custody and had a warrant against him did not give them a legal reason to withhold public information. No one told me until today! I did call court administration yesterday and followed up with an email regarding the situation.
There will be much more tomorrow. Unbelievable!


     LNP slams Lloyd Smucker and tells him to resign twice (click here)! Do you think Lloyd will listen? LOL!

Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Coach Carter – the (original) lead to the story is that a township manager was abruptly fired after a democrat majority took over after 20 years or so. The manager’s job is to push forth legislative agendas, and implement other policies and procedures, etc. for his bosses, who are elected by the PEOPLE – their bosses. So of course the longtime manager is replaced and of course it is “political”. Would you rather he have been fired for theft, as in Kennett? Why does “political reasons” have such a negative connotation for you? As for your attacks against Mr. Mecum, he is an honest and competent attorney and public servant, from what I can tell. No, I do not know him, live there, care about your local politics, etc. I merely read articles to see what your beef is with that reporter, since you took so much time to dissect his work. I’m still not clear on that, but don’t care about that, any more, either. I have a very short attention span for nonsense. And slander.

  2. Coach Carter says:

    (Carter Walker. This has to be one of the most poorly written articles ever. Let’s examine it.)

    An interim township manager has been hired in Manheim Township, ending a two-month vacancy in the position.
    (Carter previously reported on the firing on October 13, which was THREE months ago)

    Benjamin Marchant, of York County, was hired in the interim capacity on Dec. 28. He takes over, at least temporarily, in place of Sean Molchany, whom the board of commissioners voted to replace last October after the 2019 municipal elections gave Democrats a majority on the township’s board.
    (The strong implication is that politics was a factor in the decision, which is baseless speculation. What’s Marchant’s political affiliation ?)

    “We are pleased to welcome Ben Marchant as our full-time interim township manager,” said Sam Mecum in a news release, who was president of the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners at the time of Marchant’s hiring. “Ben understands municipal government and has a background in it,” he added.
    (Um, ok Sam I’d hope so)

    Mecum, now board vice-president, said Wednesday that Marchant will be paid a yearly salary of $120,000, prorated for the term of his contract. His contract currently runs through the end of February, though there are options to extend it, Mecum said.
    Mecum told LNP that Marchant is a candidate for the full-time job.
    ( I think Walker means “permanent position”. The job is “full-time” all of the time, its just that the assignment is interim and therefore temporary. Penn State has got to work on their English Department)

    The release said Marchant has 20 years of experience in local government, including most recently 12 years serving a municipal manager in Springettsbury Township in York County.
    (Well a 15 second LinkedIn search reveals that he was hired in September of 2016. Now I’m not good at the maths, but I’m pretty sure that’s not 12)

    According to the York Dispatch, Marchant left his position in May in what Springettsbury Township officials said was a mutual parting, although board members did not provide a specific reason.

    “We had an interview with him and went into (his departure from Springettsbury) in great detail, but I do not feel at liberty to discuss it,” Mecum said. “It was nothing which would have caused us alarm or concern. And various reference checks were done by our (human resources), but of course references are those that are given to us.”
    (Wait, what ? Sam is really confident, unless of course it doesn’t work out in which case what are you going to do ? The dude supplied his own references. Sam really shouldn’t talk to like people and stuff)

    Marchant did not immediately return a call seeking comment.
    (What bullshit. What’s immediate? The story HAD to be run today? You couldn’t wait a day for the dude to call you back? Maybe the extra time would have allowed Carter to proof the article for grammar and accuracy.)

    • That’s cute says:

      You must be new here. You are expecting journalistic integrity and accuracy from Carter Walker? You do know LNP got rid of their decent reporters because Carter and his band of skinny jeans will work for much less.

  3. huh? says:

    Regarding Smucker, the LNP has no use for him anymore. So they have no problem chewing him up and spitting him out.

  4. Earl says:

    Let’s see if Bower’s court date gets pushed out. I’ve been following a certain person and his Lancaster Court date has been pushed out like 6 times due to the virus.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone stuck in the system since last January has been going through the same thing since the beginning of last year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of lying to the public for years, the Luna ruling will never withstand appellate scrutiny. Otherwise, police and prosecutors would never release anything – claiming that all cold cases are still under investigation…and guaranteeing no new leads or help from amateur sleuths. Also provides a perfect out to keep people from “watching the detectives”, and ensures cover-ups are worth the time. I expected better from Judge Ashworth. I hope LNP appeals. It is an important case and his ruling cannot be allowed to stand.

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