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1-23 UPDATE – The $40,000 paid by the city in the federal lawsuit of Sha-ki Staten v. City of Lancaster, Etal is so low I am thinking it may be the city’s deductible and the insurance company paid out more over and above that amount. If you are in jail for 10 months, you lose your job, you lose your house or apartment, you lose your car, you lose your life as you knew it. I can not imagine settling such a strong case for $40,000.
     I will put in a Right-to-Know request to the city for their deductible under their police liability policy and will report back.


Warning: Explicit language.
     This amount seems very low to me. What do you think? Click here for the original article on this site about this federal law suit.

6 Responses to 1-23 UPDATE – AFTERNOON UPDATE – $40,000 FOR 10 MONTHS IN JAIL?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there any reason to believe Patrick Hopkins is telling the truth? Just because he says something, even in writing, doesn’t make it true. I would file a RTK request for a copy of the settlement agreement.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh. Please!!! This dumb *woman should have jusu quit! Give me a break! She actually thought she would win a fight with the owner over the owned’s dumbass son? Matt Weisberg must be desperate for Lancaster County cases after the taser guy he represented o.d.’d before settlement. Everyone in this lawsuit looks like a bunch of losers. Including the lawyers.

    * Edited – please keep it clean.

  3. Earl says:

    Village Comment
    Well that’s just plain wrong. I hope she has a witness !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does he have to pay taxes on that along with attorneys fees? No amount of money will get him his ten months back. But this is a friggin joke.

    • Earl says:

      Well now
      I would have to say an offer was made and the young man signed off on it. Attorney’s usually take a 1/3rd.

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