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    It strikes me that this is extraordinarily stupid and concerning. John T. Bey has been the interim Chief of Police for six days and announces all is well even though his predecessor was let go and his entire focus seems to be on making the job “permanent.”
     The last thing Lancaster needs is another incompetent, uncaring fool as the police chief. Tomorrow I will give him very specific crimes and unsolved murders and name police officers he should examine very closely.
     The city council members need to keep a very sharp eye on this guy. And speaking of city council, they meet tonight at 6:30 pm. You can watch the livestream on the city’s YouTube channel (click here) and tonight’s agenda is below. 
Please check back tomorrow.
     *    Does anyone know anything about this man’s personal life? Mayor Sorace made a point of stating several times that they did an “extensive” background check on Bey. That’s probably because of former Chief Keith Sadler whose ex-wife wrote a book stating he beat her!
    Is this man married? How many children does he have? Where is he living now? There is not one mention in local media about any of this! Why? This is bizarre!


      …While he’s still assessing the department, he said during a 45-minute interview that he’s not aware of any problems [Lancaster’s interim police chief John T. Bey, pictured above] .
      “I want people to know that this is a great police department. I want people to know from the top down – from the mayor all the way down to our community service folks – that this is a professionally run, integrity driven police department who cares about this community. And I’m just part of that,” he said.
From the LNP article by Dan Nephin, “Lancaster city’s interim chief talks policing, makes clear he wants permanent job,” (click here).
      Well, if that is the case, why was Jarrad Berkihiser let go and why were you hired? You better take a closer look, Mr. Bey!


  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    About the snow… when I worked or the County Social Services (2002-2009) I always got a laugh whenever we got one of these “snow emergencies.” After living half of my life in Canada and driving through blizzards and even across frozen rivers, most of the Pennsylvania snow falls were not too much of a challenge. One day I never got a call from my Supervisor that the office was closed and that we were expected to go home, so I completed my previously scheduled home visits. My advice to anyone who gets stuck: use your heavy duty floor mats for added traction. Always keep your deicing washer fluid filled up. Dress warm whenever you’re on the road in winter, and keep a sleeping bag in your trunk, just in case. Kitty litter is also good for walking on icy walks around your house, keep a small shovel in your trunk, and be glad that you don’t have a Canadian polar vortex sweep down with minus forty degree temperatures. There are worse things than snow days, especially if you can work from home. Stay safe!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah. Especially since officials just found out the newly elected sheriff of Broward County, Florida was convicted of murder in Philly…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Relevancy? Well this one place, had this one thing happen once, with this one person, so it could happen here.
      Or he could be the next Andy Taylor. Positivity goes a long way

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure he has a wealth of experience city Council wouldn’t select him if not. And brings diversity!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Berkihiser was fired due to the personal vindictiveness of the Mayor and certain council members, not due to the actions of the police department. Bey is qualified and there should be no surprise to hear him say LCPD is a professional agency. I’m pretty confident if rioters were out front throwing bricks through the police station windows and setting street fires, Chief Bey would arrest them too.

    And his quote is pretty much the opposite of the “defund the police” tripe that Wade-El was pushing…

    “Certainly, 21st century policing strategy, and the foundations of it, lends itself to police departments being integrated into communities and more impactful in communities in ways other than law enforcement, and certainly if were impacting quality of life issues as police officers, that’s going to lend itself to a reduction of crime, theoretically,” he said.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only people pushing defund the police tripe were republicans using it as a slogan to try to defeat democrats. Now, reallocating police resources from too many toys for boys is a whole other proposition I wholeheartedly support. They dont need battering ram humvees to bust into the wrong home for pot. They just don’t!

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