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**   And yesterday this happened (click here for the original of the police press release):
     NLCRPD patrols were dispatched to the intersection of Route 501 and East Newport Road for a report of a man down on the roadway, subject was reported to be unresponsive. NLCPRD patrols arrived in less than one minute and found a male suffering from lacerations and extensive bleeding. The subject was unable to be interviewed due to the level of consciousness and medical conditions requiring immediate emergency treatment. The subject was transported by EMS for hospital based emergency medical care. No further information concerning the victim or his condition is available at this time. 
     Officer Brayden Brandt is the investigating officer with the continuing investigations since It is undetermined if the injuries were sustained as a result of a hit and run crash involving this pedestrian or by other means.
      Anyone with further information or persons who may have witnessed this incident are requested to contact the NLCRPD at NLCRPD Police Dispatch: (717) 664-1180 or (800) 957-2677. Other information may be submitted at the tips portion of nlcrpd.org at Crimewatch


 *   Arriving NLCRPD patrols found the rear door of the residence unlocked and made several announcements prior to entering the residence. After entry the officers observed blood smears and blood trailing on various residential surfaces. The officers then checked the homes basement where they located a blood soaked and unresponsive adult male victim suffering from multiple stab wounds. NLCRPD requested EMS assistance with the transport of the victim to an undisclosed medical treatment facility for treatment of life-threatening injuries.
From the police press release on September 9th of this year and linked to below.

     I don’t know who you think you are, Police Chief David Steffen, but this is unacceptable. Your job is to serve and protect the public and you are not doing so. 


     Thank you for continuing to follow up and post about the September attempted murder/murder. I can’t believe something like this happened in Lititz and it barely got any attention. Doesn’t seem like anyone’s been arrested, but yet they also don’t seem to be seeking info or tips from the public either. I understand not being able to release sensitive information in an active case, but this one seems to have been kept bizarrely quiet.
This comment in yesterday.
     Exactly! I simply cannot believe it either! We are talking about the below article from this site based on this press release from the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (the original of the below article is here):
Please check back later today.

6 Responses to ** – * DID HE LIVE OR DID HE DIE?

  1. Earl Johnson says:

    Hey Becky,
    Go to http://www.nlcrpd.org for an update. The victim is 54 yr old male who is being interviewed by the police. It was a hit and run. They have video footage and perhaps 2 witnesses.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If Bey thinks the only thing that needs to be fixed in the Lancaster City police is the “hiring”, and that there are no “problems” with the department, he is the wrong man for the job. Also, lots of holes in his resume.

  3. Earl Johnson says:

    Well that was 7 am in the morning and I would think that big Sheetz on the corner would have some camera’s . Let’s see what happens by Monday.

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