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         What a day! Justo Smoker was charged with the six month old murder of 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos whose body has never been found and the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department determined that a horrific stabbing in September was self-inflicted by the victim (shades of Jonathan Luna?). 
        The below is a portion of the updated police release by the NLCRPD (the entire original release is here):

        The NLCRPD has concluded the investigation into this incident after interviews with over a dozen associated persons, collection of over 53 items of evidence, execution of numerous search warrants for a seized vehicle, electronic evidence and medical records, and toxicology reports. The scene of this incident was subject to capture by NLCRPD body worn camera (BWC) images of the initial sweep of the home, blood spatter and trailing to the basement of the home where the male was found semi-nude in a sitting position covered with blood. The victim a male age 36, was struggling to speak and found sitting in a darkened room at the bottom of a stairway. The home contained assorted drug paraphernalia including small amounts of marijuana and methamphetamine. Investigation and interviews determined that following a period of illicit drug ingestion, the victim felt he inflicted the injuries upon himself. 
        This posture adopted by the victim was consistent with the information known to the investigators. This included the home being secure upon arrival of the initial responding officers, the existing forensic , the outcomes of the interviews and other processes associated with the investigation. In addition, other information not subject to disclosure by statutory requirements as non-public information supports this theory of the mechanics of the injuries and forms a secondary basis for the conclusions arrived at by investigators. 
        The NLCRPD the investigation is now concluded with a reasonable degree of certainty with the finding extensive injuries were self-inflicted by the victim within his own course of conduct.

There will be more tomorrow.


     The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (NLCRPD) has updated their press release on the man found on Route 501 (click here). I will follow-up with them today with a second email requesting an update on the horrific September 9th stabbing. 
     I will also follow-up on my email to the PA Attorney General’s Office for an update on their investigation into the stolen $150,000 from the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Drug Task Force.
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering if Smoker is involved with sex traffickers? That she wasn’t killed but handed over to traffickers.

  2. huh? says:

    I wonder if the LNP is even insightful enough to see the similarity in coverage?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The APC on Smoker makes no sense. What’s up with the black hat? Was she wearing one or not? Also good to see strangers stalking women has criminal meaning to police in this sh*thole county when they need it to. The end justifies the means? Amish women have more political value, as well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant detective work on the Linda Stoltzfus case. May she rest in peace. May Justo Smoker burn in hell, for all eternity.

    • Earl Johnson says:

      I like your post. Perhaps come Christmas Justo will give the location of the girls remains. The family will then be able to bury thier daughter and have some closure. This guy was a loser as far back as 2006 up in Chester County. Thank goodness he was stupid and easy to catch.

      Earl Johnson

      • Anonymous says:

        My hope is the same as yours. I did not watch the news conference, but most killers will only confess and give up the location of a body in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. If it’s not a d.p. case and he maintains his innocence all the way to a trial, he will not be cooperating with investigators. Obviously, the D.A.’s office has a lot more information than what is included in the APC. I suspect a confession will be forthcoming as this sociopath sweats it out.

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